A Look At Angie Harmon's Low-Key Love Life

If you're a fan of law and order, and "Law & Order," Angie Harmon is a familiar face. From her first acting gig as a private investigator on "Baywatch Nights," to her breakout role as lawyer Abbie on the Dick Wolf series, to detective Jane on "Rizzoli & Isles," Harmon has been a law-abiding, law-enforcing character on your television screen. And that's normally the only place you'll regularly see the star lip-locked and holding on tight to the men in her life.

The Texas native started her career in the limelight at an early age, winning a modeling contest at age 15 and embarking on a career that would take her around the globe. On a flight to Orlando, David Hasselhoff offered the brunette beauty her first acting gig in his spin-off "Baywatch" series, and Harmon's Hollywood career sprang from there. She keeps popping up in front of the cameras but still manages to keep her personal life mostly to herself.

Throughout the years, there have really only been two romantic relationships the star has shared with the public, and even then, only offering the smallest of details or disclosing the biggest events, like engagements. While Harmon prefers to keep her affairs on the quiet side, she has had her share of love-life limelight, including one very public proposal. 

Her one big splashy romance moment

"I don't talk about my personal life," Angie Harmon responded when asked about her dating life on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in March 2000. "But yes, I'm dating." The talk-show host kept asking about her beau, and Harmon kept deferring. Leno then invited her boyfriend to come out from backstage, introducing him as Jason Sehorn, an NFL player for the New York Giants. Seehorn dropped to one knee with a ring and proposed. The "Rizzoli & Isles" star worked her way through the shock enough to say yes, and television audiences around the world celebrated with her. 

The couple were married in June 2001 in Harmon's hometown in Texas, a private affair in keeping with her desire to keep her personal life personal. They settled in Dallas, then in Los Angeles, and eventually moved to North Carolina to raise their three daughters. In addition to suiting her family, Harmon also appreciated the Southern vibe. "I'm more grounded and centered in North Carolina because it's a slower way of life," she admitted to Good Housekeeping.

After 13 years of marriage, it came as a surprise when the usually quiet couple confirmed they were splitting in November 2014. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they asked for privacy during their separation.

It took four years before Harmon shared another love match

Angie Harmon has no trouble sharing various adventures on social media, but all her photos and posts were missing one thing: a romantic partner. That all changed when she revealed she was dating actor Greg Vaughan. The two actually grew up minutes apart in Texas, modeled together as teens, and crossed paths over the years. Their friendship eventually evolved, and the couple started dating sometime in 2017.

Always keeping things on the down-low, it wasn't until a year later that Harmon shared a pic of herself with the "Days of Our Lives" star and their families on Twitter (now X) during a Fourth of July celebration. It was the first time in years she alluded to being in a relationship. On Christmas Eve in 2019, they got engaged while snapping a family holiday photo. 

But it appears love between the two actors was not everlasting. While there hasn't been any public announcements of a break-up, both Harmon and Vaughan have removed almost all photos of each other on their Instagram pages, including the one announcing their betrothal. And in March 2022, the "Law & Order" actor showed off a manicure sans a ring on her left hand. Now there's only one man in Harmon's life: a rambunctious squirrel named Thomas. "Totally nuts about this guy," she wrote on Instagram. "I haven't slept in two weeks but I've never been happier!"