Details About The First Time Kristen Stewart Told Dylan Meyer She Loved Her

In 2023, we all moved on from Team Edward and Team Jacob to Team Dylan Meyer after seeing how perfect she and Kristen Stewart looked together. It seems even the couple themselves knew they were meant for each other because admitting their love early on in the relationship wasn't an intimidating idea. However, it wasn't exactly love at first sight because Stewart and Meyer first met in 2013 on a film set. 

Speaking on "The Howard Stern Show" in November 2019, Stewart shared that she lost touch with Meyer after that first meeting until their paths crossed at a friend's birthday party earlier in the year. The "Spencer" star couldn't believe she hadn't known Meyer for years because their connection felt instantaneous. Stewart also marveled at how fate took their time in bringing them together because they lived in the same city and led similar lives for six years but never ran into each other. 

She gushed about the similarities in their personalities, saying, "We really love L.A. We're both kind of like scumbags. We both felt like trolls as kids. We're so similar but different. She's a brilliant writer." At the time of the interview, it had only been a few months since they'd gone public with their relationship, but Stewart seemed certain she had found the one and expressed her desire to lock things down with Meyer. In fact, they were so certain of their relationship that saying "I love you" for the first time was no big deal — in fact, it was completely casual. 

Dylan Meyer and Kristin Stewart knew they were in love before admitting it

Two weeks after Kristen Stewart started dating Dylan Meyer, the couple had a date night that took their relationship to the next level. During her appearance on "The Howard Stern Show," she explained, "The first time I told her I loved her it was really late and we were in some s**** bar." She continued by sharing that when Meyer's friends left them alone for a moment, she jumped at the opportunity to share her true feelings, "I was just like, 'Oh, man, I'm so f******* in love with you.' Like, done," she recalled. "It wasn't like 'a thing,' and it also was so obvious." 

Stewart also mentioned that although she already knew how she would propose to Meyer, she wanted to wait a bit to ensure it wasn't too soon. So, when the "Twilight" star appeared on "The Howard Stern Show" again two years later, in 2021, the host couldn't help but ask for an update, and Stewart was pleased to share that they were engaged, but things hadn't gone according to her original plan because Meyer had popped the question instead. 

Per Stewart's account, she had jokingly suggested that Meyer propose because she had already admitted her feelings during her previous appearance on the show, and Meyers took her seriously and followed through. While we don't know when the lovebirds got engaged, it's interesting that Stewart and Meyer sparked engagement rumors in July 2021 after the "Personal Shopper" star was spotted with a band on her ring finger.

The couple wants an unconventional wedding

During her 2021 appearance on "The Howard Stern Show," Kristen Stewart shared that she wouldn't have a traditional wedding. She explained that she'd ditch the ceremonial white dress for something like a washed-out tuxedo t-shirt because she wanted her fiancé to laugh. Stewart added that she wanted her wedding to be an extremely laidback affair where she and Dylan Meyer could have fun with their dearest ones without any formal pressures bogging them down. 

Interestingly, she believed they might opt out of having an officiant for their wedding unless they could get Guy Fieri on board to do the job. When the "Twilight" star appeared on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" in October 2023, a fan asked for an update on the Fieri situation. Stewart answered that while the esteemed TV personality's team reached out to her, she thought she would be unable to organize everything in time. While their wedding might not be graced by Fieri's presence, they plan to call him up after the ceremony to get his blessing. 

She also revealed that they hadn't set a date for their wedding because they wanted it to be a surprise for each other. Speaking on CBS' "Sunday Morning," Stewart shared that they'd get married when the time was right, and she wasn't planning things down to a T, but she also didn't want to hold off on it for too long. The "Panic Room" star also told "Live With Kelly & Ryan" they celebrated their engagement with a party.