A Glimpse Into Mariah Carey's Relationship With Her Daughter Monroe Cannon

For decades, Mariah Carey has captured the hearts of fans around the world with her amazing singing skills, unmatchable vocal range, and timeless songs that will never go out of style. If her music career weren't impressive enough, the Queen of Christmas also manages to be an excellent mom on top of being a skilled musician. Carey shares twins, Moroccan and Monroe Cannon, with her ex-husband, actor Nick Cannon. Although Carey and Cannon separated in 2016, they continue to coparent their twins.

While the twins take after each of their parents in different ways, it's clear that Carey's daughter Monroe is growing up to be her mom's twin. Born in April 2011, Monroe, aka "Roe," is already expressing interest in some of her mom's favorite talents. These shared bonds are obvious in Carey and Monroe's deeply adorable and meaningful parent-child relationship. Even though Monroe lives a lavish life as the child of a superstar singer, her relationship with her mom is surprisingly down-to-earth. Carey has a very sweet friendship with her daughter that will bring a smile to your face. 

Carey loves bringing her daughter to work

Mariah Carey's talent as a singer has won her multiple awards and landed her music at the top of the charts again and again over the years. It's no wonder that her daughter Monroe Cannon would also be impressed and want to follow in her famous mom's footsteps. As Cannon grows in age, she is showing more and more interest in singing. Her and her mom's love for music seems to be one of their deepest bonds.

Cannon has even had the chance to perform live onstage with her mom. In December 2022, Carey and her daughter took the stage together for the first time to perform at Carey's Christmas concert in Toronto. Both were dressed in dazzling white dresses with poufy skirts that made them look like twins. Carey's utter adoration of her daughter was on full display as she called Cannon her "baby girl" and introduced her to the crowd as her "gorgeous daughter, Miss Monroe." The mother and daughter then went on to perform a sweet duet of "Away in a Manger."

In an interview with "Good Morning America," Carey praised her daughter's singing abilities as amazing, especially for her young age. She even noted that Cannon was well on her way to mastering those iconic "octave whistles" Carey is famous for. "I think my daughter is rehearsing more than me so I think she might have it together a little more than I do," a smiling Carey told the "GMA" host.

They have the best time hanging out together

Besides having the same passion for singing, there's another reason why Monroe Cannon is known as Mariah Carey's "mini-me" — they have fun together. The two share a ton of similarities, from their flamboyant personalities to their passion for fashion. It's no wonder why Carey and Cannon always seem to have fun hanging out. Just scrolling through Carey's social media timeline reveals adorable moments of the mommy-daughter duo spending time together. In one Instagram photo, they can be seen chilling in bed wearing their pajamas. Carey is brushing her daughter's hair while Cannon listens to music. It's a sweet moment that looks like a fun slumber party.

Carey and her daughter even collaborate on social media videos, which any parent will tell you is a testament that your kiddo thinks you're a cool parent (and with a mom like Mariah Carey, who wouldn't?). In one particularly heartwarming Instagram video, Cannon can be seen lip-singing her heart out to Carey's "It's A Wrap." As she's getting into the music, her mom sneaks into the room and takes over the song, playfully snatching the microphone from her daughter to steal the show. The caption on the video reads, "POV: every time I try to practice some vocals."

It's clear that Carey and her daughter share a close mother-daughter bond, and we can't wait to see more moments of these two being best glam pals.