Inside Elizabeth Lail And Neiku Manshadi's Relationship

You probably know Elizabeth Lail from her iconic role as Guinevere Beck in Netflix's series, "You," as Anna in "Once Upon a Time," or as Vanessa Monroe in the "Five Nights at Freddy's" movie adaptation. No matter how you know her, though, Lail is a familiar face to many people. With star power like that, it would be no surprise if Lail had settled down with a former costar or stuck to dating around in Hollywood. In reality, though, she went a very different route. Lail met and married her husband the way most of us do, and he's not as acquainted with the limelight as one might expect.

In 2021, Lail tied the knot with her pediatric dentist beau, Nieku Manshadi. Many folks who have watched Lail's career take off over the past few years have likely wondered where the star is headed and why we don't see her gracing blind items or internet gossip the way other talented stars of high-profile projects do. It's clear based on who Lail chose as her partner, as well as the life they lead, that this is one star who prefers to keep her private life private. Despite being out of the spotlight, though, Lail's love story is the stuff of modern-day fairytales. 

An old-fashioned meet cute brought the pair's different worlds together

It's easy to see that Elizabeth Lail and Nieku Manshadi are one down-to-earth duo in comparison to other Hollywood power couples. After all, Lail and Manshadi didn't meet on the red carpet, on set, or even on a dating app. She told Brides, "We met the good old-fashioned way — at a mutual friend's party in Williamsburg!" Despite their different backgrounds and very different career paths, it's clear that this pair still has plenty in common with each other. 

Like Lail, Manshadi's career has taken him to many new destinations. As a pediatric dentist, working with children daily and making them feel more at ease about the dentist's office is of the utmost importance to him. Manshadi also values his ability to bring dental care to those who need it and don't have access. This has taken him all over the world and given him a love of travel and exploring other cultures. He has provided much-needed dental care in places like the Philippines and Ecuador.

Their wedding was small and intimate

The couple got hitched just a few weeks after Nieku Manshadi's 39th birthday. Elizabeth Lail was 29 at the time. Like so many folks in 2021, Elizabeth Lail and Manshadi had a raging pandemic to consider when planning their wedding. Yet, the couple decided to forge ahead with their plans and get married in a small and safe ceremony. "We planned everything with COVID in mind," Lail told Brides of their intimate, 22-person springtime nuptials. She added, "I think we could have easily invited 200 people had it been another time. We decided not to wait, and just invite family to keep it safe for everyone. We were also the only guests on property, which gave us peace of mind to be in our own little bubble."

The small ceremony took place outside in Stone Ridge, New York. The I do's and reception were hosted at the Hasbrouck House: an 18th century mansion where the couple had gone on a getaway to celebrate their first anniversary. According to Lail, "it felt right returning to a place from our story and sharing it with those we love." It seems that, despite the roadblocks in their way, the couple ended up with a day that fit them perfectly. "Our wedding was so small and intimate we couldn't help but have every aspect reflect a part of us," Lail explained. And, that certainly sounds like the perfect way to kick off a happily ever after.