Steve Burton's Days Of Our Lives Exit Could Be Great News For General Hospital Fans

In November 2021, "General Hospital" made a controversial move that drew the ire of plenty of fans: Firing Steve Burton because he refused to submit to the show's COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The actor felt it infringed on his freedoms and he swiftly made a lateral move over to the soapy spin-off "Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem," in 2022, where Burton reprised the role of Harris Michaels, a character he originated in 1988. In March 2023, he was brought on board the mothership show, and his action-oriented Navy SEAL-turned-police detective satiated at least some of his fans. 

But Harris was brainwashed by villains more than a few times and just seemed like the poor man's Jason Morgan — the stoic mafia enforcer that he played on "GH" for 30 years. Burton initially signed a one-year contract with "Days," but now that time is up and, on January 3, 2024, he took to the YouTube page for his podcast, "Daily Drama," which the actor co-hosts with "GH" star Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli), to announce his departure.

Incredulous that a year had already passed since joining, the soap stalwart stated that after taping his final scenes, "I just want to say, thank you so much to the cast, to the crew, to 'Days,' everybody." He also thanked the fans, remarking, "I'm always so full of gratitude." Excitingly, this now opens the door for Burton to make his long-awaited return to "GH," especially since the long-running show has lifted its vaccine requirement.

Several Port Charles residents need Jason right now

Steve Burton has a very good reason to once again play Jason Morgan on "General Hospital." His ex-wife, Sheree Gustin, took him to the cleaners after their messy divorce was finalized, resulting in the soap star having to pay her $12,500 a month in child support. He's going to need another stream of income to finance that hefty settlement and returning to "GH" is the obvious solution. It's tough to figure out why such strange casting decisions are occurring over at "Days of Our Lives," and the fact that the sudser didn't renew his contract illustrates that they ran out of ideas for Harris Michaels. 

Sure, Harris smiled a lot more than Jason, but fans prefer the lethal hitman who didn't need to emote much to convey his feelings and was loyal to his friends and family. Jason was presumably killed off when a cave collapsed on him after he heroically saved several lives. Despite working for the mob, Jason was an anti-hero, and the show needs him desperately. His former boss, Sonny Corinthos' (Maurice Benard), life is falling apart, as is his best friend, Carly Spencer's (Laura Wright), after she received the devastating news that her mom, Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman), had died in her sleep.

Jason's also got kids who need him, as do several other characters including his other good friend, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). While the show is currently firing on all cylinders with some great storylines, his return would be especially thrilling!