The Worst-Dressed Stars At The 2024 Golden Globes

The 2024 Golden Globes have officially arrived and kicked off what is sure to be a history-making award show season. As Elle Fanning said on this year's red carpet, "This is the fun one." The Golden Globes brings the greats from movies and television all together to honor the best of the best and unofficially start a season of celebration. As always, the stars shone brightly on this special night, but unfortunately, not everyone dressed to impress.

No matter how many great looks there are on any red carpet, there are always a few that fall short, and the 2024 Golden Globes proved that this awards season will be no different. From watching the celebs sport plenty of very oversized pieces of clothing to seeing red when we really wished we weren't, bad color choices and ill-fitting ensembles were prominent at this year's Golden Globes. We may love these stars, but their style choices? Not so much.

Cara Jade Myers goes funeral diso chic

"Murder on the Dance Floor" may be trending on TikTok, but that doesn't mean the song should've inspired any looks on the red carpet. Nevertheless, "Killers of the Flower Moon" star Cara Jade Myers went for it, and it was a flop. All over black, tons of sequins, and glistening shoulder pads are all risky elements, and combined, it was all way too much. There was really no way to style this gown that wouldn't have swallowed Myers up. However, the slicked-back bun only served to make her look even more overwhelmed. 

Tyler James Williams evoked a pinstripe paper bag

Putting a fun twist on a classic suit is a difficult task that has the capacity to really pay off. The unique fit of "Abbott Elementary" actor Tyler James Williams' Golden Globes suit actually worked. The print, on the other hand, did not. The light khaki color with black pinstripes managed to look both drab and costume-y. This may not have been enough to earn him a place on the Worst Dressed list, but his accessories put it over the edge. The oversized flower and tie clip just made this look even messier. 

Chris Perfetti went with a suit sans shirt

It must be Strange Pinstripe Suit Day at "Abbott Elementary," because Chris Perfetti graced the red carpet in a look that was oddly similar to that of costar Tyler James Williams. Still, Perfetti actually gave us an even worse version. The black flower draws even more attention to this unwelcome accessory than Williams' white version. And, while the lack of shirt seemed to be a trend on this red carpet, it rarely worked, and this look certainly isn't an exception. 

Selena Gomez in a dancing girl emoji-inspired dress

Selena Gomez dared to match the red carpet in hopes of taking home the award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy TV Series for "Only Murders in the Building." Her dress was close to being a favorite. A short red dress could've looked flirty and perfect for the occasion. This one, on the other hand, had about 50 more details than it could handle. The flower appliques, the cutouts, and the asymmetry all ensured that we didn't know where on this outfit to look. 

John Krasinski dons a bellhop costume

We respect actor and filmmaker John Krasinski's attempt at bringing a bit of color to his tux. His shiny red suit jacket, though, just didn't work. The material and color may have matched the red carpet, but they just weren't right for an occasion like this one, and it gave off some serious bellhop vibes. Perhaps with a less eye-catching fabric and some black pants or just an entirely different hue, this 'fit could have looked a little more appropriate.

Billie Eilish in an oversized school uniform

It's clear that singer Billie Eilish wasn't taking her style for this year's Golden Globes too seriously. The ensemble certainly has a sense of humor, and it was especially sustainable. She said she upcycled her necktie out of a ribbon from a gift she was given and even thrifted some pieces. Even so, this look was probably the biggest mess on the red carpet. The huge skirt and jacket pairing was confusing enough, but her red spiky bun just made things even more disjointed.

Jared Leto borrowed items from a giant's closet

There's nothing wrong with an oversized piece if it's done right. However, actor Jared Leto's entire outfit just looked too big with a too-long jacket and un-hemmed pants. The ill-fitting nature made his lack of shirt look like he simply forgot an important outfit piece on his way out the door. If all of that wasn't enough, Leto added one particularly odd accessory: a pair of black leather gloves. The best way to salvage this 'fit would've been to scrap everything and start over. 

Jason Sudeikis tossed a suit jacket on over his errand ensemble

We love it when a star tries out a color combination that we rarely see folks sporting. In the case of chocolate brown and purple, though, there's a reason no one wears this color combo, and "Ted Lasso" star Jason Sudeikis just proved it. With a crisp white collared shirt underneath, Sudeikis definitely could have pulled off this brown suit and pocket square. The purple sweater, on the other hand, just makes the look too casual, and the color palette falls flat. 

Natasha Lyonne left her dress on its invisible hanger

At first glance, "Poker Face" star Natasha Lyonne's gown looked simple and elegant. Seeing it from a different angle, though, the very unusual neckline becomes impossible to ignore. Rather than straps on Lyonne's shoulders, these straps are standing straight up all on their own. Maybe if they were shorter, this could have been cool and unique, but as it is, it's just plain weird, and it distracts from an otherwise pretty gown. 

Cailee Spaeny's tea party attire

After "Priscilla," Cailee Spaeny has hit it-girl status. But, in this floral dress, she just didn't look like it. Spaeny is petite at 5 feet, 1 inch tall, and this tea-length dress makes her look shorter and skews the appearance of her proportions. The floral print made this dress look better suited for a picnic than a major award ceremony, and pairing it with the visible corset portion made for a strange cocktail of vibes. The plain and simple hair and makeup and glitzy necklace made this problem even worse. 

Bella Ramsey's dull duds

"The Last of Us" fans know that Bella Ramsey's acting is out of this world, but that doesn't mean we want to see them dressed like the janitor on a spaceship. This blue shirt, grey pants, and chunky black boots made for an odd combination that just felt boring and underdressed. With a slightly different fit and modified color palette, this outfit could've looked interesting and fashion-forward, but this version just looked like a yawn-inspiring ensemble from the future.