Amy Schumer's Spicy New Selfie Is Causing A Stir

The stunningly transformed Amy Schumer kicked off the 2024 New Year by posting a revealing–and self-deprecating–mirror selfie to her Instagram story. The controversial comedian's raunchy, candid style of humor has been on full display in her stand-up acts and television series, but she's not afraid to bare it all on social media, either.

The snapshot shows a makeup-less Schumer posing in nothing but a pair of black panties, with one of her legs propped up on a partially hidden chair while her arms are strategically thrown in the air to hide her exposed boobs from the camera. She's modeling in a wallpapered bathroom, with a glass shower stationed behind her while toiletries litter the foreground of the photo. "Still got it," the selfie jokingly reads, along with "(40 extra ibs)."

Like most things associated with Schumer, the selfie caused quite a stir on the internet, with many users making disparaging comments about the comedian or questioning why she felt the need to post something so revealing. However, similar to when she came clean about getting liposuction, this isn't the first time that the Manhattan native has been upfront about her relationship with her body.

Schumer hasn't been afraid of nudity in the past

While Amy Schumer's partially nude selfie might come as a surprise to some, long-time fans of the comedian know that she hasn't shied away from nudity before. This isn't even her first risque Instagram post, as she shared a video of her dancing in nothing but panties back in March of 2022. The clip is taken completely from behind, revealing a tribal-style tramp stamp above Schumer's black underwear.

The "Life & Beth" star also posed partially nude for the 43rd edition of the Pirelli Calendar, an annual publication known for featuring high-profile celebrities and glamorous spreads. Schumer, photographed by Annie Leibovitz, posed in nothing but a sequined pair of panties and high heels. While her arm was strategically placed to obscure her breasts from view, her slouching poster put her stomach rolls on full display. "I've never felt more beautiful or more like myself," Schumer said about the photoshoot, per the Daily Mail.

The comedy star even went full nipple in her 2017 comedy movie "Snatched," in which she stars alongside Goldie Hawn. In one scene, Schumer's breast is comedically exposed without her character realizing it, being revealed to her co-star Tom Bateman's character. While the scene might've intimidated some, it was something Schumer wrote in herself. "It felt good to shoot it. Like, it was kind of empowering," she revealed to Howard Stern. "Let's have them looked at before they're on the floor."

The comedian has talked about loving herself

Partial nudity isn't the only way that Amy Schumer has been vulnerable, as the comedian has shared some candid conversations about body image and public perception. This was a major theme in her 2018 movie "I Feel Pretty," which features Schumer's character as an everyday woman suffering from low self-esteem until a head injury comedically changes her perspective of herself. While the film is criticized for being tone-deaf and missing the mark with its messaging, its premise seems to reflect the real-life insecurity struggles of its creator.

In an interview with the LA Times, Schumer revealed that she began making jokes about her weight as a response to fatphobic comments she received growing up. However, her rise to notoriety only increased the amount of negative attention centered around her body. "I've been told I'm fat. I'm ugly. I've seen memes of me being the grossest woman in the world — me as Jabba the Hut. The fear is gone," Schumer shared.

Even so, the "Trainwreck" actor made efforts to heal her relationship with her body, revealing that she began going to therapy, made some healthy changes to her diet, and was thankful for her abled body. "I just decided to believe my own hype," she explained. "If you think of the things you would say to your friends when they're having a bad day — why don't you let yourself take care of yourself like that?" With this in mind, the comedian's spicy selfie is likely just another way she's choosing to love herself.