Why Coming Clean About Liposuction Had Amy Schumer So Conflicted

Amy Schumer has a lot going on this year. She just had a successful hosting gig, working alongside fellow comedians Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall to keep the Academy Awards moving (via NPR). Hulu and ABC Entertainment's president Craig Erwich, was excited about the hosting trio, stating, "Imagine having one of the funniest women in comedy today hosting the Oscars ... Now, multiply that by three."

Aside from hosting the Oscars, Schumer also has a new show on Hulu called "Life & Beth," where she stars alongside Michael Cera (per The Hollywood Reporter). She came up with the idea while she was heavily pregnant, which brings us to another major change in Schumer's life, motherhood.

Schumer has never shied away from sharing her personal information for the public to see. She documented her entire pregnancy for an HBO Max special and has been open about her struggle to get pregnant with baby number two. That's why it's no surprise that she recently got open and honest about how she lost weight and gained confidence. However, she did feel conflicted about sharing the information for a specific reason.

Schumer realized her weight loss journey was a luxury many of her fans don't have available to them

Comedian Amy Schumer has been open and honest about many aspects of her life. She shared with fans that she suffered from a rare hair-pulling disorder called trichotillomania, a disease with no cure that causes those who have it to pull their hair out compulsively (via ET Canada). She chose to come forward with it because she hoped to help fans that were also dealing with the chronic condition.

Now, Schumer is opening up about another aspect of her life. During an appearance on "Making Space with Hoda Kotb," the actress and comedian shared that she struggled to lose weight and chose to get liposuction to increase her confidence. While Schumer rarely keeps personal matters to herself, she felt conflicted sharing this choice because of the privilege that comes with getting elective surgery.

"I wanted to share it with people, just because I can't lie about myself," she shared. "I just can't do it. I can't be like, 'Yeah, crunches. And I've just been eating smoked salmon,' you know? So I had to be real."

She continued, "And then I was feeling bad because it's, like, such a privilege thing," she continued. "And I'm like, 'Well, you know, people with money, they also drive nice cars' ... So, my 'nice car' is that I had, you know ... a liter of fat sucked out of my belly."

She got real about her weight loss in an Instagram post which was met mostly with support from fans.