Every Nod To Taylor Swift In The Chiefs' Hilarious Hallmark Parody

In case you've managed to miss the news, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have started dating. They're both at the top of their game — pun intended — when it comes to their respective careers, with Swift nailing it as a superstar singer-songwriter selling out stadiums around the world, and Kelce as a record-holding tight end with the Kansas City Chiefs and owner of two Super Bowl rings. 

With the intense fascination and media attention on the couple, a growing number of Swifties seem to have started following the team. Their follower numbers on their Instagram account had a significant spike in October 2023, according to Spike Blade, which would be the time when Swift was being spotted watching the games — similar spikes happened before, but only after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

With what seems like a nod to that jump in popularity with probable Swift fans and the attention that the Kelce and Swift relationship is getting, the Kansas City Chiefs Instagram page first teased an upcoming trailer with a pretend rom-com movie poster for "Falling for Football," and fans filled the comments with hopes and requests that it was a story about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. While the parody trailer they released the next day wasn't about Kelce and Swift, it does include several hidden nods to Swift along the way that we love to see — and we kind of wish it was a real movie!

Taylor Swift has become synonymous with friendship bracelets

The spoof trailer for "Falling for Football" leans in on poking some good-natured fun at the typical Hallmark rom-com tropes as well as sneaking in some references to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. In the clip, Janel Parrish of "Pretty Little Liars" fame plays Amber, a woman who once loved football. However, after a heartbreak, she's "lost the postseason spirit" thanks to her fiance getting playoff tickets. "How could you choose the Dawg Pound over me?" she asks. The Dawg Pound is a reference to a fan section for the Cleveland Browns. Who grew up in a suburb of Cleveland and once wanted to play for the Browns? Kelce.

As the trailer continues, Amber meets Ben, played by Hallmark fan favorite Tyler Hynes, who's full of the postseason spirit but tries to hide it from her to keep their relationship alive. Amber discovers that Ben really does love football when she sees him arranging friendship bracelets in a Chiefs-themed store — friendship bracelets are a clear nod to Swift. They became the thing to wear and exchange if you were going to watch the Eras Tour. In fact, Kelce has talked about how he made one with his number on it to try and give Swift when he went to her concert in July.

Donna Kelce shows up in the Kansas City Chiefs Hallmark spoof

In the "Falling for Football" trailer, after Amber is devastated to realize that Ben loves football and owns the Chiefs-themed store, she goes to a diner, where we get yet another clear reference to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. This is thanks to the appearance of football fan-favorite Donna "Mama" Kelce as the server who comforts a sad Amber. Then, a worker at the diner — played by Kansas City Chiefs center Creed Humphrey — calls out "order number 13." Of all the numbers in the world, they just happen to pick Swift's favorite number? We see what you're doing there, Chiefs. Well done! 

Tyler Hynes, star of the parody trailer, amped up the Swift connection when he commented on a Kansas City Chiefs Instagram post about the trailer by saying: "It's me. Hi. I'm the problem[,] it's me." That is, of course, the start of the chorus for Swift's popular song "Anti-Hero" from her "Midnights" album.

The Chiefs got an additional Swift reference in with another Chiefs postseason post. Kelce comes on the screen just as Mitch Holthus, Kansas City Chiefs Radio Network announcer, is saying, "Valentine's Day is jealous of the love story we have." "Love Story" is one of Swift's songs from her "Fearless" album. Considering how much Swift loves hiding little messages to fans in all kinds of ways — from her wardrobe to Instagram captions — we think she'd love the Easter eggs in the Chiefs' recent posts.