Pete Davidson's Mom Had A Wild Experience With His Stalker

Comedian Pete Davidson, widely recognized for his work on "Saturday Night Live," has garnered considerable attention not only for his comedic talents but also for some of the drama surrounding his personal life. One of the most shocking moments was his run-in with a determined stalker who went above and beyond to get close to him.

The woman, identified as Michelle Mootreddy, made headlines in March 2021 when she first released a press release stating that she and Davidson had gotten hitched and launched a media company together. His team quickly shut down these allegations and insisted that he did not know Mootreddy. Instead, they claimed she'd begun stalking Davidson, even sending unwanted gifts and letters to him. 

Mootreddy also visited his home uninvited and entered through a side door after being told to leave the premises. This resulted in the star getting a restraining order against Michelle Mootreddy. Davidson hilariously expounded on this matter during his most recent Netflix special, "Turbo Fonzarelli," which debuted in January 2024. Shockingly, Davidson made another stunning revelation about a wild experience that his mother, Amy Davidson, had with his stalker: she apparently sat and watched TV with her for hours!

Davidson's mom watched Grey's Anatomy with his stalker for three hours

While addressing the crowd during his "Turbo Fonzarelli" special, Pete Davidson revealed that his mother allowed his stalker, Michelle Mootreddy, inside his home, believing she was a friend of his. According to the "Bodies Bodies Bodies" star, when his mom, Amy Davidson, answered the door, Mootreddy said she was a friend of Davidson's. After Amy heard this, Davidson says Amy reportedly told Mootreddy, "Well, come on in."

Once she was inside, Davidson claimed that Amy proceeded to watch "Grey's Anatomy" with her friend and her son's stalker for three hours. He told his crowd that after his mom called to check when he was coming home, he realized what was happening and instructed her to call 911, which she did. 

Now, Davidson did issue a disclaimer that much of what he said was exaggerated, but Mootreddy did enter his home under false pretenses at one point. In March 2021, the woman showed up at his Staten Island home, where she told the person answering the door that she was there for Davidson. When she was asked to leave, Mootreddy then went around the home to an unlocked side door and entered the kitchen. Once again, she was confronted by a woman who told her to leave, though she refused. She was arrested and charged with stalking, harassment, criminal trespass, and trespass. Davidson, his mother Amy, and sister Casey Davidson were issued restraining orders against Mootreddy.

The stalker was deemed unfit to stand trial after her antics

In April 2023, Pete Davidson learned that he would not receive justice for the stalking he endured. Instead, a court ruled that his harasser, Michelle Mootreddy, was mentally unfit to stand trial. The Staten Island District Attorney revealed this update in a statement to TMZ, writing, "Ms. [Michelle] Mootreddy is unfit to stand trial. She has been placed in the custody of a psychiatric facility where she will receive treatment and regular evaluations to determine whether or not she is able to return and participate in her defense."

Considering that she once told authorities that she and Davidson had a "telepathic love connection," per Page Six, it's apparent that she may not have been thinking clearly. Given that Davidson has been open about his own mental health struggles, specifically his borderline personality disorder diagnosis, Mootreddy's aggressive advances may have had a negative impact on him. It appears that she is still in the facility's custody, which is likely in the best interest of everyone involved.