The Real Winner Of The 2024 Emmys Was Someone No One Predicted

It seems like it wasn't that long ago that Kieran Culkin got into acting as a kid with small roles in movies like "Home Alone" and "Father of the Bride." Now, as an adult, he's been nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards for playing Roman Roy in "Succession." Quite the career arc! 

Culkin had been nominated for Emmys two times previously for playing the youngest Roy son on the HBO hit show. The day before the Emmys, he picked up the win at the Critics Choice Award; the week before, he won the Golden Globe. He's also been stealing the show as he collects his awards — for example, in his Golden Globes acceptance speech, he teased fellow nominee Pedro Pascal by telling him to "suck it."

Pascal laughed it off, and the duo continued their mock feud at the Emmys. When Pascal took the stage to present the award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, he explained why his arm was in a sling, "Kieran Culkin beat the s*** out of me." They cut to Culkin, and he tried to keep a stern face with a look destined to become a meme, but eventually, the "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" actor couldn't hold in his laughter.

Pascal's joke was muted on-air for many watching at home, but fans still figured out what he said and they're loving the banter between the two, with some wishing they would join forces and host an awards show next. 

Kieran Culkin kissed two women on the red carpet

Kieran Culkin also caught people's eye as he walked the red carpet before the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards. He certainly cut a dashing figure on the red carpet with his wife Jazz Charton; they were both dressed in black with silver accessories. What people loved was how the two seemed like newlyweds with their sweet PDA in front of the cameras even though they were married more than 10 years ago.

But his wife wasn't the only one that Cullkin kissed on the red carpet. While J. Smith-Cameron — who played Gerri on "Succession" — was being interviewed by Variety, Culkin snuck up behind her and gave her a quick kiss after a bit of teasing. In "Succession," Gerri and Roman had an at-times flirtatious relationship, though the two never ended up escalating the relationship to anything physical.

With this being the last year that "Succession" will be up for any awards, it will be the last time we see Culkin up for awards for his role in the show. We can't wait to see what he gets up to next, if nothing else to keep seeing him shine during awards season.