The Worst-Dressed Stars At The 2024 Emmys

For TV lovers, the Emmy Awards mark the biggest night of the year to root for our favorite shows and cheer for our most beloved stars. And, for fashion lovers, this is an evening for carefully scanning the folks walking the red carpet. We love a great red carpet ensemble, but sometimes, we love a bad one even more. If you agree, then boy did the 2024 Emmys give you what you were looking for. This year's ceremony was full of truly great looks, but there were more than a few downright bad ensembles too. 

Whether your favorite series was nominated or not, the lead actors may not have excelled when it came to award show fashion the way they did in their starring roles. There were multiple incongruous gowns, some very bad suit styling, and even outfits that would be better suited for Muppets than stars walking the red carpet. We've got all of the worst looks at this year's Emmy Awards, and if you love a bad outfit, these will not disappoint.

Issa Rae's yeti costume

The Emmy Awards are a winter event, but even so, we weren't quite sure about this ensemble that made this otherwise stunning star look more than ready to brave the cold. Issa Rae's gown was ideal for the chilly weather, but we wish she had the opportunity to wear what she wanted without braving the elements. Was she beautiful amidst a sea of white? Of course! But, Rae would have shone even brighter in something that enveloped her less.

Emma Brooks' optical illusion dress

Model Emma Brooks clearly took to the red carpet thinking she would make an extra bold statement. And, we'll admit, she looked stunning, but her ensemble also resembled an odd portrait of a semi-nude figure. Brooks was brave enough to show off how she hypothetically looked under her gown, but the outline was simply too much, and it took away from the elegance of the cut and the otherwise low-key styling of her hair, makeup, and jewelry. 

Aubrey Plaza's boxy look was confusing

Aubrey Plaza is the ultimate funny and out-of-the-box It girl of her generation. Unfortunately, at the 2024 Emmy Awards, she served her fans a very unique gown that caused the actor to stand out for all the wrong reasons. We love the sophisticated silhouette of her dress but the boxy top just doesn't work. For Plaza, it would have been better to either go simpler with her gown or opt for something that fit her fun personality a bit more.

Juliette Lewis dressed as a Christmas present

We've just wrapped up the holiday season, and for most of us, we've had our fill of gift wrapping. "Yellowjackets" star Juliette Lewis evidently wanted to wrap a few more presents because her red evening gown had big gift energy. The combination of pared-down hair and makeup with a festive-gift-style gown was all wrong for a momentous occasion that had nothing to do with Christmas. And, while we love the deep hue, a different ensemble would've let her shine more.

Sophie Thatcher's gown was green bean chic

Sophie Thatcher plays the younger version of Juliette Lewis' character in "Yellowjackets," so it's only fitting that this pair of undeniably talented actors landed on the worst-dressed list together. The color of Thatcher's dress recalls a steamed vegetable, and the cut doesn't make it any better. The wide scoop neck, long sleeves, and extra long length combined to create a sense of drabness, and the sheen of the fabric just drew more attention to each bizarre element.

Courtney Eaton's black dress was all over the place

"Yellowjackets" is a hugely popular show, but just because it involves a plane crash as a pivotal moment doesn't mean that we want to see the cast members crash and burn on the red carpet too. Sophie Thatcher was joined among the worst dressed of the night by her co-star Courtney Eaton, in a gown that just left us baffled. This neckline is way too complicated, the train looks unfinished, and the strange yet complex details just distract from the otherwise lovely print.

Liv Hewson chose to go bare under her suit

Say it ain't so! Another "Yellowjackets" star has joined the list of 'fits we wish didn't grace the red carpet in the first place. Maybe a new stylist for award shows would benefit these stars, who all bombed at the 2024 Emmys. Liv Hewson's suit was all around strange. Wide-legged pants and a straggly train made for a wonky silhouette, and the bare skin under her suit jacket didn't give off the elevated energy the actor clearly thought it did.

Caitlin Thompson repurposed her grandmother's couch

A loud print on the red carpet is surprisingly unusual, and we love it when a star dares to give us some visual interest with a patterned frock. Caitlin Thompson did just that, but unfortunately, not every print is created equal. There was a lot that the "This is Us" star got right on the night, with beautiful makeup, free-flowing hair, and a great, slinky cut. But, this dingy print looked like something we'd pass up at the thrift store without a second thought.

Heather McMahan channeled Dracula

Dracula is certainly a well-known character, but he's not exactly known for his fashion sense. In most cases, it's hard to go wrong with a simple black dress. But Heather McMahan's black gown was a surprisingly complicated strapless frock. When paired with her simple and sleek hair and makeup, this could have worked. Sadly, the extra long sleeves and high collar on the adjoining cape looked like something out of a scary movie. 

Alex Borstein sported the world's most complicated dress

If we had to pick a recipient for the worst of the worst dressed award, that honor would go to "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" star Alex Borstein, for this red and black monstrosity. As for why, well, this look speaks for itself. It's difficult to decide which is worse; the complicated red overlay or the black lace pieces that look like exposed lingerie. Luckily, we don't have to decide and can simply state, with some confidence, that it's all bad.

Cristo Fernández looked like Tommy Wiseau

Is that Tommy Wiseau from the cult classic movie, "The Room?" Nope, it's "Ted Lasso" star Cristo Fernández in a truly ghastly ensemble. Although we can appreciate that he matched the Emmy backdrop, the praise for this look ends there. The gold velvet jacket, the bowtie, the sunglasses... any one of these elements would have looked downright wrong on its own, but when mixed together, they create an outfit that's more fit for a costume party.

Nick Mohammed wore a jersey under his suit

Another "Ted Lasso" star made a major fashion faux pas on the 2024 Emmys red carpet. Nick Mohammed sported a suit with an AFC Richmond Soccer jersey underneath it. To be fair, we can see why the actor might have thought this look would be cool; after all, we're always in favor of an interesting and unique twist on an otherwise boring suit. Unfortunately, this just looks silly, and while it may have paid tribute to the soccer-centric series for which Mohammed is most famous, it just doesn't look right. 

Katherine Heigl recycled her old prom dress

We love seeing Katherine Heigl back in the spotlight these days, but ugh, this dress! The actor looked like she was running for prom queen instead of attending one of the most glamorous awards shows in Hollywood. From the color to the silhouette and that glitzy appliqué, everything about this dress feels dated, overdone, and not right for the Emmy Awards. With her beautiful hair and makeup, we would have loved to see Heigl donning something a bit more sophisticated. 

Riley Keough's dress was a hodgepodge of strange styles

We all wanted to steal Riley Keough's style in "Daisy Jones & the Six," but on the Emmys red carpet, we almost didn't recognize her. This is certainly an ensemble we wouldn't want to replicate either. It's difficult to know what to make of this gown; it almost looks like one dress with a printed mini skirt layered over the top. The look just doesn't work, and it's made even worse by the slicked-back hair, which doesn't pair well with an already confusing gown.

Selena Gomez wore a bad dress with worse accessories

Selena Gomez always looks stunning, but lately, her award-show ensembles haven't been the best, and this look was no exception. Gomez has had some unforgettable red carpet moments over the years, but this one will stick in our brains for all the wrong reasons. This gown had major potential, but the neckline is too low and doesn't sit quite right, and where the sheer lining begins just looks off. That's all bad enough, but the chunky necklace and black shoes look like they're meant to go with an entirely different outfit.

Ali Wong wore a Frankenstein's monster of a gown

"Beef" star Ali Wong left the 2024 Emmys a winner, but her dress was a loser. The comedian's ensemble fit with one of this year's unfortunate trends: Dresses that looked like multiple gowns haphazardly stitched together. The skirt's colorful print is beautiful, and a gown made entirely of that fabric could have been a best-dressed candidate. By the same token, had the silvery fabric of the top part been elongated into the skirt, it could have been another winning look. As it is, though, this looks like the Frankenstein's monster of gowns.

Calista Flockhart's dress had way too many details

We're not sure what possessed TV legend Calista Flockhart to choose this dress, but unfortunately, it was her pick and now we all have to live with it. From the glittery blue collared top to the strange skirt and awkward length, this is one gown that we're fairly certain no one could pull off. At the next awards show, we would love to see Flockhart in something simpler and more chic. 

Francesca Zocchi was inspired by the Flying Purple People Eater

This dress doesn't belong anywhere other than a costume party. The color and cut are peculiar enough on their own, but the full sequin finish is even stranger. And, if all of that wasn't bad enough, it also has huge feathery cuffs on the sleeves. We're not sure why this gown was even made in the first place or why Francesca Zocchi chose to wear it on the red carpet, but we bet she's begging for a redo.

Natasha Lyonne's look was unavoidably messy

Natasha Lyonne is under arrest for a fashion crime. This semi-sheer silver gown is just downright odd with its sheen and visible bra. Interestingly, though, the dress isn't actually the worst part of this look. Lyonne's unruly hair is her signature, but it wasn't the right style to pair with this otherwise sleek gown. With a high ponytail and a statement lip or some eye-catching makeup, this dress may have worked. With the way it's styled, though, it did the stunning actor no favors. 

Tyler James Williams wore a weird leather suit

Just a week ago, Tyler James Williams graced our list of worst-dressed stars at the 2024 Golden Globes. And, while very different, this red carpet ensemble was somehow even more horrifying than the last. A leather suit isn't an easy ensemble for anyone to pull off, but this one gave it an even less appealing twist. The wrapped waist style and lack of shirt underneath were attempts at spicing up a suit that, instead, left us scratching our heads.

Lisa Ann Walter's styling was all wrong

Tyler James Williams is joined on the worst-dressed list by his "Abbott Elementary" co-star, Lisa Ann Walter. Walter's portrayal of Chessy in "The Parent Trap" forever lives on in our hearts but, unfortunately, her 2024 Emmy Awards look will live on in our nightmares. Okay, this ensemble could be worse, but why does it look like it could be split into four entirely different parts? The voluminous red hemline, form-fitting waist and hips, and satin top seem like three different looks, and her hairstyle doesn't go with any one of them.