HGTV's Ben Napier Has An Adorable Bromance With This Is Us Star Chris Sullivan

Ben Napier might be known for his heartwarming romance with fellow HGTV host Erin Napier, but the Mississippi native also has an adorable bromance with actor Chris Sullivan. While Ben is known for hosting the renovation show "Home Town," along with spin-offs like "Home Town Takeover" and "Home Town Kickstart," Sullivan is known for starring as Toby Damon in the NBC drama "This Is Us."

Though it's unclear how Sullivan and Ben originally met, the charming duo have shared glimpses into their long-lasting friendship via social media. For example, to commemorate their 2021 Fourth of July celebrations, both stars shared snapshots of their matching, patriotic outfits. Ben even paired his photos with a pun-filled caption that referenced their matching star-spangled shorts and exposed legs. "Happy 4th of Ju-thigh!! Enjoy the thigh-er works," the HGTV star wrote.

Fans of both "This Is Us" and the HGTV hosts were living for the collaboration, with one commentor even declaring, "This is the BEST Bromance that has ever existed!!"

Sullivan appeared with Napier on his HGTV show

Fans of the Napiers got a special glimpse into Ben's friendship with Chris Sullivan when the "This Is Us" star appeared on the HGTV show "Home Town: Ben's Workshop." As a guest star, Sullivan collaborated with Napier to build a 26-foot table designed specially for community events around Laurel, Mississippi. The duo even installed a built-in trailer hook-up to make it easily transported.

"Chris and I both love community, and we want to build something that will bring the people of Laurel together," Napier said on the episode (per Laurel Mercantile). Once their project was completed, the extra-large table was transported to Laurel Mercantile Front Yard in preparation for the town's Fourth of July celebration.

The HGTV star also took to Instagram to express his appreciation for his friend, sharing snapshots of the two working together in the shop. "[Sullivan] spent a big chunk of his vacation filming with me in a brutally hot woodshop," Napier shared. "We laughed so much that our faces were hurting by noon of day one. Dad jokes were flying, seltzer waters were flowing, and saw dust was falling."

The Napiers have special connections to This Is Us

While Chris Sullivan collaborated with Ben Napier on an episode of "Home Town: Ben's Workshop," the HGTV family also has special connections to "This Is Us." In an Instagram video from August 2022, Sullivan and his wife Rachel talked about how they bought the 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer owned by the Pearson family in "This Is Us." However, they revealed that the program used two vehicles for filming, cutting to a clip of Erin and Ben Napier to reveal that their good friends actually purchased the second Jeep.

"Rachel, Chris, thank you for telling us about this Jeep," Ben said before Erin asked what they should name the car. As the video returned to the Sullivans, Chris put in his two cents. "One of [the cars] is Jack and one of them is Rebecca," he said, referencing the fictional former owners. "So, which is which?" With these connections in mind, we think it's pretty fitting that Ben Napier and Chris Sullivan celebrate their bromance through woodworking and cars. What else says brotherly love like these traditionally macho hobbies?