Jennifer Lawrence's Funniest Interactions With A-List Celebs

Jennifer Lawrence is undeniably relatable, and perhaps it's this quality that makes the actor so likable. Whether it's her down-to-earth charm or her effortlessly funny personality, the "Hunger Games" star has become one of Hollywood's most beloved actors. However, despite her popularity, Lawrence took a two-year break from acting between 2019 and 2021. "I just think everybody had gotten sick of me. I'd gotten sick of me," she told Vanity Fair in 2021, explaining, "It had just gotten to a point where I couldn't do anything right. If I walked a red carpet, it was, 'Why didn't she run?'"

Fortunately, Lawrence made a triumphant return in 2022, taking on a lead role in "Causeway," a drama she also produced. The following year, she showcased her talent in the comedy "No Hard Feelings," earning herself a Golden Globe nomination.

Although Lawrence seems to be moving away from her fun-loving public persona (notably, she now rarely smiles on the red carpet), her past humorous encounters with A-list celebrities are unforgettable. Whether sharing laughs with Robert De Niro or Jack Nicholson, Lawrence's down-to-earth interactions with Hollywood stars over the years have provided a refreshing glimpse into her quirky persona, making us feel a little better about our own celebrity-related fascinations.

Jennifer Lawrence once interrupted an interview to meet Jeff Bridges

In 2013, Jennifer Lawrence was Jeff Bridges' biggest fan, and her fangirling moment was caught on camera. During Comic-Con, which Lawrence attended as a part of a press tour for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," she stopped to answer a few questions for Extra TV. "I found the biggest nerd at Comic-Con," said reporter Ben Lyons while pointing at Lawrence (and indeed, she lived up to the title). After discussing the "Hunger Games" installment and her 2013 Oscar win, Lawrence seemingly left the scene, but not for long.

During Lyons' interview with Bridges, who is known for roles in "The Big Lebowski" and "True Grit," Lawrence, determined to meet her idol, attempted to intercept the conversation but ended up running away. However, she mustered up the courage to approach Bridges after being motivated by bystanders. Out of breath from the running, she gave the star a hug and told him, "I'm such a huge fan," all the while apologizing profusely for interrupting the interview.

Notably, when asked if she wanted to continue the interview with Bridges herself, Lawrence seamlessly turned on her reporting skills. After discussing Bridges' favorite movie, the star still couldn't contain her fangirl excitement, exclaiming, "Oh my God. This is so cool." She truly is one of us.

Jennifer Lawrence's witty comebacks at a flirty Jack Nicholson

That same year, Jennifer Lawrence experienced yet another memorable fan moment with another Hollywood icon. Following her 2013 Oscar win for her role in "Silver Linings Playbook," Lawrence was in for another delightful surprise that evening. Fortunately for us, the humorous incident was also captured on camera.

During an interview with ABC News discussing Lawrence's big win, Hollywood veteran Jack Nicholson could be seen in the background, adjusting his hair and wiping his forehead with a tissue. After cleaning himself up, the "Batman" actor leaned over to Lawrence, catching her completely off guard. Nicholson proceeded to compliment the star on her success, prompting her, in her typical fashion, to respond with a humorous remark. The two engaged in a playful exchange, with Nicholson remarking, "You look like an old girlfriend of mine," and Lawrence cleverly retorting, "Really? Do I look like a new girlfriend?"

As Nicholson walked away, he quipped, "I've thought about it," causing Lawrence to bury her face in her hands. Before making his exit, the actor leaned in again, saying, "I'll be waiting," sending Lawrence into a fangirl frenzy. While some might argue that the entire interaction was somewhat inappropriate, given that Nicholson is over 50 years older than Lawrence, she appeared genuinely excited about the humorous encounter.

That time she accidentally kissed Natalie Dormer on the lips

While you won't see Jennifer Lawrence on social media, the star has a knack for generating viral moments in real life that inevitably flood your social feeds. A prime example occurred in 2015 during the premiere of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2," where Lawrence accidentally kissed a colleague of hers.

Actor Natalie Dormer, who plays Capitol rebel Cressida in the "Hunger Games" franchise, was in the middle of giving an interview to On Demand Entertainment, and Lawrence was right next to her, speaking to another reporter. As Lawrence was the first to wrap up, she leaned in to greet Dormer with a friendly peck on the cheek. However, Dormer turned her head at precisely that moment, resulting in an accidental kiss on the lips. Lawrence burst into laughter and apologized, quipping, "We just kissed on camera. And I liked it."

As Dormer's interview continued, the reporter, Victoria Nwosu-Hope, pointed out residual lipstick from Lawrence on Dormer's face. In jest, Dormer responded, "I'll get Jennifer Lawrence off my face." Despite its unintentional nature, the amusing encounter added another iconic moment to Lawrence's unforgettable repertoire of ridiculous run-ins with fellow celebrities.

The 'Hunger Games' star had an awkward crush on Seth Meyers

During her appearance on NBC's "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Jennifer Lawrence candidly opened up about her past awkward crush on the talk show host during their joint stint on "Saturday Night Live." In 2013, Lawrence hosted the sketch comedy show, while Meyers was a part of SNL's recurring cast at the time. Unprompted, Lawrence shared how she thought that Meyers would definitely ask her out at some point. However, when that didn't happen as she imagined, the actor took matters into her own hands and planned on asking Meyers out herself. "I created the romance in my head because I'm delusional," she quipped.

Lawrence proceeded to explain how she told a seamstress about her plan, only to be surprised by the news that Meyers was already engaged. Meyers, visibly stunned as she spoke, burst out laughing while Lawrence playfully mimicked running away in embarrassment.

Reflecting on the situation with good humor, Meyers raised a toast to the unexpected turn of events, acknowledging his marriage. Despite the bittersweet nature of the moment, Lawrence maintained a lighthearted approach, jokingly saying, "Cheers to my humiliation, I guess." The "Mother!" star later revealed Larry David as another celebrity crush, leading Meyers to quip, "I'm feeling a little bit less awesome about the crush." While it surely wasn't one of her favorite moments in life, Lawrence's humor can make any situation worthwhile in retrospect.

Jennifer Lawrence told Robert De Niro to leave her wedding rehearsal

During her acting hiatus, Jennifer Lawrence tied the knot with her partner, Cooke Maroney, in 2019. Expectedly, before the wedding ceremony, the couple hosted a rehearsal dinner. As celebrities do, Lawrence invited her celebrity friends to the dinner, including Robert De Niro, whom she shared the screen with in "American Hustle" and "Silver Linings Playbook." However, Lawrence actually told the "Goodfellas" star to go home after he showed up.

In an interview with E! News at the 2024 Golden Globes, Lawrence explained that her mother was concerned about the cold venue where the dinner was being held. While ensuring everyone was warm, Lawrence noticed De Niro, or Bob, as she refers to him, looking a bit out of place. "[He] doesn't know anybody, and he's kind of wandering around," she painted the scene. Feeling he might not be enjoying himself, Lawrence thought, "No, this isn't what he wants to be doing. I don't want him here."

So, she literally told him to leave. Yes, you read that right. However, De Niro didn't take it personally and likely wanted to head home in the first place if he didn't know many people at the event. Lawrence explained, "He was nice. He talked to my parents and was polite, but I was like, 'Go.'" As the encounter was unfortunately not caught on camera, we can only imagine Lawrence's horrified expression as she realized the Hollywood legend wasn't having fun and De Niro's relieved look when given permission to leave.