Chyler Leigh's 90s Fave Is Just As Cool As She Is - Exclusive

The Hallmark Channel combines their telltale family drama with elements of science fiction in their show "The Way Home." The show stars Chyler Leigh as Kat Landry, Andie MacDowell as Kat's mother Del Landry, and Sadie Laflamme-Snow as Kat's daughter Alice Dhawan.

In Season 1, viewers learn Kat and Del were estranged for a long time. When they reunite and Alice visits Del's home, the power of time travel (plus a magic pond) sends Alice back to the '90s — and she meets her younger mother and grandmother, along with family members who are no longer around. Kat ends up in the past as well and tries to change things for her family.

The highly-anticipated second season of "The Way Home" premieres on January 21, 2024 — however, The List got early access a few days beforehand at a screening at The Garland hotel in Los Angeles, where we interviewed Leigh and Laflamme-Snow and attended a Q&A. Leigh spilled to us that she opened "The Way Home" Season 2 with an epic make out, and when The List asked about her "favorite trend" originating from the '90s (the series NAILS the nostalgia), Leigh touched on how Gwen Stefani's looks inspired her. 

Gwen Stefani was style inspiration for Chyler Leigh

Much like her time-traveling character, Chyler Leigh revisited the iconic fashions of the past when she opened up about '90s trends she liked. "I'd have to go grunge, you know what I mean? I fully had the JNCOs, the huge JNCO pants, and I had all of the Nirvana shirts," she told The List exclusively. "Anything from an alternative rock, that was me ... Soundgarden, all of it. That was kind of my vibe." Chances are, Leigh wouldn't need a guide to achieving a trendy grunge aesthetic if she had firsthand experience with the look. 

Leigh also mentioned the band No Doubt, since they rose to popularity in the '90s. Gwen Stefani became the front woman of the band, known for hits like "Spiderwebs" and "Just a Girl," following the death of former lead singer John Spence. Leigh seemed to give Stefani's iconic styles of the '90s a shoutout when she said, "So it's like the buns in the hair and the crazy kind of makeup and whatnot. And I over-tweezed my eyebrows." 

Season 1 of "The Way Home" saw Leigh's character Kat singing Alanis Morissette's "You Learn" at karaoke — and Leigh told People, "And hopefully I make Alanis proud and am invited to sing again on the show." Perhaps Kat singing a No Doubt track is in store for Season 2!