All The Signs J.Lo And Ben Affleck Are Headed For A Second Split

The Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck saga is a captivating tale of romance, separation, and a stunning reunion in a love story that has spanned two decades. The Hollywood A-listers initially stole the spotlight in the early 2000s when they goot engaged, only to part ways in 2003. Fast forward to the present, and Bennifer 2.0 has taken the entertainment world by storm. The couple's unexpected reunion in 2021 and wedding in July 2022 sparked a renewed fascination among fans, with the pair's public appearances and social media posts becoming a hot topic of conversation. The scrutiny has resulted in several rumors that Lopez and Affleck may be splitting for a second time.

The blogosphere is abuzz with speculation about Bennifer 2.0's potential divorce, with Lopez's first husband, Ojani Noa, even expressing doubts about the marriage. The same month that Lopez and Affleck tied the night, Noa shared with the Daily Mail, "I wish her and Ben the best, but I'm not convinced it will last. Jen loves being in love, but she's been engaged six times. Ben is husband number four. I was husband number one, and she told me I was the love of her life. When we lay in bed on our wedding night, she said we would be together forever." Noa's words aren't the only signal that there may be trouble in paradise.

The pair have had several tense moments in public

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have raised concerns after sharing what many believe to be some very tense moments in public. One video that swept the internet in May 2023 shows the "Flash" actor opening the door for Lopez before abruptly slamming it and getting into the car. Affleck appeared slightly agitated by something, though it's unclear what was troubling him at the moment. Another instance that same month came in the form of a viral Beverly Hills car incident. A bystander caught Affleck and Lopez inside their vehicle while at a red light, embroiled in what seemed to be a heated argument. While Lopez sat mostly still, Affleck could be seen waving his hands around.

As December 2023 came to a close, the couple took a holiday trip to St. Barts. However, it seems things were less than harmonious, at least according to one incident captured by paparazzi. Affleck and Lopez were looking at high-end jewelry together, but Affleck appeared tense and annoyed in some shots, throwing his hands up and rubbing his head at one point. In the end, the pair shared a kiss in the store, so it seems whatever issue they had passed. Still, moments like these have only added to internet theories that Bennifer 2.0 is doomed.

Jennifer Lopez has reportedly readied her legal team for a possible divorce

While arguments are to be expected in marriages, there may be more serious disagreements behind the scenes between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. In fact, it's been alleged that J. Lo is getting her legal team to prepare a post-nuptial agreement ahead of a possible split. "Both of them are realists who have been through divorce and don't want to be dealing with a nightmare money battle if they don't make it out of this rough patch. Jen's got a lot more to lose than Ben, and while she trusts in her gut that he wouldn't try to take her to the cleaners, there's a 'better safe than sorry' vibe, especially with so much on the line," an insider told Heat World in July 2023. By "more to lose," the source is referring to Lopez's $400 million net worth. However, Affleck is also wealthy, with a reported $150 million net worth of his own. The source also shared that Affleck is growing tired of their supposed arguments, which could mean Lopez is preparing for the end.

Lopez and Affleck are still holding on to their relationship. When the "Love Don't Cost A Thing" singer sat down with Zane Lowe for Apple Music in November 2022, she called their first split "the biggest heartbreak." Even if Lopez and Affleck are considering parting ways, they both seem willing to put up a good fight to save their union.