Tiger Woods' Daughter Sam Has Grown Up To Be Gorgeous

Tiger Woods' daughter, Sam Alexis Woods, made headlines at the 2023 PNC Championship where she served as his caddie for the first time. Her brother, Charlie Axel Woods, played golf alongside their father. "Sam was fantastic," Tiger told Golf.com. "For me to have both my kids inside the rope like this and participating in them and playing and being part of the game of golf like this, it couldn't have been more special for me," he added.

Born in 2007, Sam is the first child of the American pro golfer and former model Elin Nordegren. Her sibling, Charlie, was born two years later. Tiger and his ex-wife parted ways in 2010 but agreed to share legal custody of their kids. Sam has her dad's eyes and smile, and she seems to love sports as much as he does. Her father actually handed her a golf club when she was just a baby, and she grew up following him on the golf course. However, she chose a different path in life — and her future looks promising.

Tiger Woods' daughter was showered with love by her parents

Sam Alexis Woods grew up in a loving family, despite her parents' divorce. Her mother, Elin Nordegren, decided to split with Tiger Woods because of his alleged affairs. The pro golfer didn't go into details about the reason behind their breakup, but he admitted it was his fault. "I have let my family down, and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart," he wrote on his website in 2009 (via CNN). The star added, "I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves." A few months later, Tiger admitted that he cheated on his wife.

But despite these problems, Sam and her brother, Charlie Axel Woods, were showered with love by their parents. Tiger and his former wife told the media that their children come first. They adore their kids, saying Sam's birth was a unique experience. "I think Elin and I talked about it on our first night, 'How can you love something so much that didn't exist the day before?'" Tiger confessed in a press conference, recalling the day they brought Sam home from the hospital where she was born (via People).

Even her name has a special meaning, according to the professional golfer, as Tiger Woods' father used to call him "Sam" in childhood. The athlete's daughter came into this world the day after Father's Day, so he decided to give her his former nickname.

Sam Alexis Woods is a passionate equestrian and soccer player

Just like their famous father, Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel Woods have sports in their blood. Charlie is passionate about golf, while Sam loves soccer and horseback riding. She, too, has a weak spot for golf, but she's more into soccer. As a student at the Benjamin School in Palm Beach, Florida, she's part of the Buccaneers team and has already made a name for herself on the field. The young girl also plays tennis in her spare time.

Tiger Woods couldn't be prouder of his daughter. "You know just, she's grown into a young woman — and to see her and her confidence in herself as she's grown up, this is a step for her to show her own identity," he confessed at the 2022 World Golf Hall of Fame ceremony. Sam introduced her father at his induction ceremony, showing her appreciation for his hard work. "We didn't know if you'd come home with two legs or not," she said in her speech. "This is why you deserve this, because you're a fighter."