Andra Picincu

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Spiru Haret University
Women's Health, Nutrition, Fitness
  • Andra is passionate about everything food-related and enjoys helping others achieve their health goals through good nutrition.
  • She has an active lifestyle revolving around strength and conditioning training, yoga, Pilates, and horse riding.
  • Her passion for psychology and spirituality made her explore various areas of mental health, as well as alternative therapies like crystal healing, meditation, sound baths, and the law of assumption.


Andra started her writing career when she was in college. Over the next few years, she took the steps needed to become a nutritionist and personal trainer, which allowed her to focus on these areas in her work. Today, she is a regular contributor to health and lifestyle magazines, including The List, Health Digest, Livestrong, Aging in Place, Stack, and others. Her expertise revolves around sports nutrition, healthy eating, fitness, and mental health.


Andra holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and one in marketing and international business, plus certifications in nutrition, fitness, and PR. She describes herself as a lifelong learner who uses her knowledge to help people look and feel better.
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