Travis Kelce Sends Love To Taylor Swift During NFL Playoff Game With Cutest Gesture Yet

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship has taken the world by storm, and it was front and center at the Kansas City Chiefs playoff game against the Buffalo Bills when Travis scored his first of two touchdowns. After his second-quarter touchdown, Travis made Swift's signature heart sign with his hands, and he seemed to be aiming that gesture of love toward the suite that she was sitting in.

Swifties absolutely lost it online at Travis using the heart hands sign that Swift is so well-known for using, particularly when she sings "Fearless" in concert. On the Chiefs' Instagram post of a pic of Travis making the symbol, one person commented, "Kelce Swift is the real deal. Another said, "That was for Taylor and we all know it." However, some teased that Travis wasn't sending love to Swift, but instead to his brother Jason Kelce who was in the same suite.

There was another Swift connection that people noticed with Travis' touchdown. It was noted that, with that touchdown by Kelce and the extra point after, the score was 13 — none other than Swift's favorite number. Coincidence? Well yes, but it's still fun!

Travis Kelce's heart hands was followed by Jason Kelce taking off his shirt

Travis Kelce's hand gesture was certainly a big moment in the game for Swifties and Kansas City Chiefs fans alike. But another big moment was from his brother Jason Kelce, who really got caught up in all of the excitement. In case you missed the game, the heart-hands moment was followed shortly by a shot of Swift hugging others in the suite where she was watching, and then a viral shot of Jason, shirtless, yelling in celebration. "This is the SWEETEST thing I have ever seen in the NFL... then right after seeing Jason with his shirt off yelling is probably the best min of tv ever," one person wrote

Swift has referenced Travis Kelce when she's at work too. She changed the lyrics in "Karma" during one of the Eras Tour shows in Argentina — the same one that Travis attended — to "Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me."

Swift has been to several Chiefs games this season since she started dating Travis, and she talked about the attention she's gotten while there. The singer has gotten booed at some of the Chiefs' away games, including at the playoff game with the Buffalo Bills. For her, it's just about being a good girlfriend, and she's not bothered by the haters. "I'm just there to support Travis," she told Time in her 2023 Person of the Year profile. From his signal from the field, it looks like Travis appreciates the support.