Jason Kelce Steps Up For Taylor Swift Fan While Stealing Spotlight At Chiefs Game

Taylor Swift was at the playoff game on January 21, 2024, between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills in upstate New York. During the game, she cheered and hugged Brittany Mahomes, wife of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, when Swift's paramour Travis Kelce, tight end for the Chiefs, made two touchdowns — the Chiefs won the game by three points and advanced to the AFC Championship.

However, it was Travis's brother, Jason Kelce, in the same private suite as Swift, who stole the show by ripping his shirt off and yelling in celebration of the first of Travis's touchdowns. The Chiefs posted a video of Jason's enthusiastic celebration to Instagram, calling him the "No. 1 hype man," where it's gone viral.

Then in a super sweet moment, Jason, still shirtless and wearing a Chiefs beanie, jumped out of the suite again and picked up a young Swiftie in the stands to give her the chance to see Swift and show her the sign she'd made for the singer. 

Fans loved the Jason moment too. Some thought it was definitely Jason showing his girl dad side — Jason has three daughters with his wife Kylie Kelce, who was also at the game. Jason posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, about his topless moment: "Buffalo is awesome, the energy is contagious. Such an incredible experience!!" He also included a pic of a hilarious text he got after the game cameras showed a shot of him shirtless: "Ellie said 'Dads boobs are showing'!" 

Jason Kelce seemed to have a fantastic time cheering on the Chiefs

Others think that Jason Kelce's picking up the Taylor Swift fan was a sweet gesture to Swift as well — Swift has gotten booed at some NFL games, including at the Bills game — "You know Jason did that not just for the little girl, but for Taylor too. He knows the negativity that's been thrown at her and he wanted to show her that sign specifically. He is awesome," one person posted.

After the Philadelphia Eagles lost their wildcard game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on January 15, Jason's NFL season was at an end. In a press conference for the Eagles at the end of the season, Jason was asked what his plans were now, and he said: "My brother's still in the playoffs. I don't get to watch him play very often, maybe I'll get an opportunity to go watch one of those games this week." Take that opportunity he did!

While Jason hasn't been able to see Travis play much, Swift has been showing up to Kansas City Chiefs games whenever she can this season to support her boyfriend. However, The Eras Tour starts back up in Japan on February 7, so if the Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl — which is on February 11 — Swift might have to miss it. But we're pretty sure that Jason will be there cheering on his brother — the shirt will probably still be optional!

The little girl shed tears of joy after the serendipitous encounter

Jason Kelce not only stole the spotlight at the Chiefs vs. Bills game by fulfilling a little girl's dream but also inadvertently catapulted her to online fame. Jessica Piazza, the mom of the Swiftie in question, spoke to Today about the surreal experience, admitting, "I had no idea how viral it was until I woke up [...] to a thousand texts from friends." Piazza added, "Ella worked so hard on that sign. And the week prior, she was telling all her friends at school that she was going to meet Taylor Swift at the game." 

It seems little Ella manifested her wish. Piazza also explained that, in a stroke of luck, her friend, who was initially seated near Swift, offered their seat to Ella at halftime, knowing she wanted to meet her. The little girl then made her way through the cheering crowds in hopes of catching a glimpse of the superstar. According to Piazza, when Kelce spotted Ella's efforts to reach Swift, he left the VIP suite and carried her himself. Swift, upon seeing Ella, waved back and smiled, making the little girl's evening.

Reflecting on the unforgettable moment with News 10, Ella shared that she cried upon returning to her seat. "Like, oh my goodness," she told the outlet, gushing, "I [felt] shocked and happy at the same time." Despite her newfound fame, Ella appears more focused on the joy of having had Swift wave at her than anything else.