What To Know About Jenna Dewan And Steve Kazee's Relationship

Actors Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum were separated in 2018 and officially divorced the year after. Following their split, they have both moved on to new loves. Dewan and her fiancé Steve Kazee met many years before People confirmed their relationship in October 2018, and during a 2021 interview with The Knot, Dewan explained her and Kazee's magical first meeting.

In 2012, Dewan and her mother saw the Broadway show "Once," and Kazee was the star. Dewan told the outlet, "We cried our eyes out and fell in love with the show — in particular, the lead actor, Steve Kazee. We thought he was just so talented." Her mother gushed about how great he was, so they went to the stage door to meet with Kazee after the show.

"I was pushing her forward to say hi, and Steve and I just had one of those eye-catching moments," Dewan said. "It was very quick, but it struck us both. It was a moment." She and her mother complimented Kazee for his performance and they went their separate ways. Dewan remembered that meeting. A few years after then when they both happened to be single, Kazee messaged Dewan, wondering if she remembered him. "And I was floored," Dewan said. "Of course I remembered him. And that moment in 2012. And it was just kind of fate — it was totally meant to be."

Kazee said messaging Dewan was 'the best decision of my life'

Jenna Dewan has one child from her first marriage to Channing Tatum — Everly Tatum, born in 2013. It was confirmed Dewan was pregnant with her and Steve Kazee's first child in September 2019. Afterward, Dewan spoke with People about their relationship. She said, "I wasn't looking for it. But it sort of took me by complete storm. It happened when I least expected it."

She said Kazee reached out to her when he discovered she and Tatum were separated. Although a new relationship wasn't initially on Dewan's mind at the time, " ... it was everything I needed, if that makes sense." When they met up after sharing phone calls, the duo immediately felt bonded. Dewan said, "So in my eyes it was truly, completely meant to be. There was like a lightning bolt behind it."

Kazee told his side of the story in a 2021 Instagram post for Dewan's birthday, describing what it was like meeting Jenna for the first time. "We barely even spoke outside of the stage door of the Jacobs Theatre but our brief meeting stayed with me forever," he wrote. "Six years and six months later I made the best decision of my life ... I slid right into your dms." Kazee spoke about how wonderful the life they share is, before sharing his love for Dewan and their family.

The couple are 'professionally engaged'

Jenna Dewan's proposal happened at her baby shower. In her interview with The Knot, Dewan said Steve Kazee sang his proposal. A month after in March 2020, their son Callum Kazee was born. The real meaning of his name is "Dove," according to The List's research. 

As of writing, Dewan and Steve have yet to get married. In a June 2023 interview with Us Weekly, Dewan explained that they're in the process, but it's slow going. In January 2024, they announced a second baby on the way with a joint Instagram post. In an interview with Romper discussing birth and motherhood, Dewan commented on her relationship with Kazee and quipped, "We're professionally engaged," since they have yet to officially tie the knot.

Dewan and Steve had an on-set relationship on her show "The Rookie." However, the fictionalized relationship between Dewan's character Bailey and Steve's character Jason was not a good one — Jason was Bailey's terrible, narcissistic former beau. Dewan spoke about working with Steve on "Live with Kelly and Ryan," saying it was enjoyable and "super intense" due to the subject matter. She added, "It was such a cool experience because you know you get to do that, come home, and you're like, 'Huh, well. I got to yell at you all day. Got that out of my system. And now, here we are.'"