Inside Hallmark Star Pascale Hutton's Relationship With Husband Danny Dorosh

Pascale Hutton is best known for her role as Rosemary LeVeaux Coulter on the Hallmark Channel's "When Calls the Heart."  Hutton has appeared in a number of Hallmark's films as well, including "Fourth Down and Love," "You Had Me at Aloha,"  and "My One and Only."  While Hutton has a close working relationship with her onscreen husband, Kavan Smith, who plays Leland Coulter on "WCTH," in real life, she's married to Danny Dorosh.

Hutton and Dorosh's romance began quickly. Even on their first date, Dorosh was said to have told her that he saw marriage in their future. The couple had a love of acting as common ground in their relationship. Hutton's acting career goes back to 2003, with her first role in the TV movie "Hollywood Wives: The New Generation."  Coincidently, she began working on this production right around the same time she experienced another big milestone in life: her 2002 wedding to Dorosh. For a few years after they got married, Dorosh was also a TV actor, and he appeared in the 2004 TV movie "It Must Be Love" as well as an episode of "The 4400." 

Hutton and Dorosh have two sons together, and Hutton has explained that his support is key to caring for their kids when she is working. "My husband is the most incredible man in the world, and my boys just love him to death. They think he is the best person who has ever walked the earth," Hutton informed My Devotional Thoughts in 2017.

Pascale Hutton and Danny Dorosh work together to create a harmonious household

As their careers have diverged, Pascale Hutton and her husband, Danny Dorosh, have prioritized putting their family first. While Dorosh hasn't appeared in anything since the 2007 short "Food for the Gods," Hutton's amassed an extensive list of acting credits in a variety of genres. After Dorosh retired from acting, he pursued a career in law enforcement. 

Even though she's a busy actor, Hutton noted that when their kids were small, she opted to take jobs that were closer to her home in Vancouver, Canada. In addition, she's noted that since "When Calls the Heart" has a shooting schedule for only half the year, she can spend the other half at home with Dorosh and they can focus on spending time with their kids. "They need YOU," Hutton explained to My Devotional Thoughts in 2017. "There's no substitute for your time, your presence, your love . . . Being home and being present with them is the most important thing."

In 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hutton reported that she and Dorosh were spending a lot of time together, while she was on a break from "When Calls the Heart." "They still love hanging out at home with me and with my husband ... they've been having a good time," Hutton told My Devotional Thoughts.

The pandemic led to even more closeness between the couple and their kids

During the height of quarantine restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pascale Hutton noted that because her husband, Danny Dorosh, works in law enforcement, he still went to work every day while she and her kids stayed home. Hutton admitted that, while the situation was stressful for them as a couple, they worked together to keep their kids' lives as stress-free as possible while she home-schooled them while schools were closed. "When [Dorosh is] home, it's really about connecting as a family, and making our family and the home life as calm and peaceful and joyful," Hutton explained to ET.

Hutton noted that her younger son was ecstatic about being able to spend lots of time at home with his older brother during the quarantine. In addition, this extra time together gave Hutton and Dorosh an opportunity to enjoy new activities. Hutton noted that, after two decades as a couple, she and Dorosh discovered a newfound love of jigsaw puzzles and the quiet conversation that this hobby provided.

The family also watched Hutton onscreen in "When Calls the Heart." Hutton was particularly pleased to see an episode that closely paralleled the COVID-19 outbreak, with the fictional characters dealing with an epidemic of chicken pox. "The message in it is about how a community can come together and support each other," Hutton informed My Devotional Thoughts in 2020. "Which I think is the message that everybody needs to hear right now."