Amy Robach Faced Major Consequences Because Of Her Affair With TJ Holmes

The Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes scandal rocked daytime television when it was discovered that the "GMA3" co-anchors were involved in a workplace affair. Their relationship was unveiled to the public in November 2022, and by January 2023, ABC had parted ways with the hosts. Since then, Holmes divorced his wife, Marilee Fiebig, while Robach has also split from her husband, Andrew Shue. Unfortunately, it seems that Robach has lost much more than her previous spouse because of her affair with Holmes.

Both have been vocal about the consequences that have stemmed from having an intimate relationship with a co-worker. Holmes admitted in January 2024 that he lost friendships once his affair came to light, sharing on the couple's  "Amy & T.J." podcast, "There are some friendships I lost in 2023 that will never come back. And I need to deal with that" (via Complex). Robach hasn't discussed those who departed post-affair, but she recognizes the voids created by the controversy.

Robach had to sell many of her possessions after her divorce

Months before Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes's relationship came to light, Robach and her ex-husband Andrew Shue sold their three-bedroom Manhattan apartment privately. While the listing price was $5 million, it's unknown what the final sale price was when the home sold in September 2022. While she may have gotten rid of her marital home, Robach was also forced to sell many other items.

During the January 2, 2024, episode of the "Amy & T.J." podcast, Robach opened up about how this affected her. "I've learned in 2023 that you can lose your job, you can lose your reputation, you can lose friends, and you can lose most of your worldly possessions and still be happy," she told Holmes before adding, "There was a lot of selling going on. A lot of giving away." Robach did not elaborate on what else she was forced to part with, though she previously revealed that she stopped wearing her wedding ring from Shue in August 2022, so it wouldn't be surprising if that were among her beloved items that needed to be sold in the divorce.

Robach and Holmes have not been on television since their affair became public

Despite their years of experience in journalism and broadcast media, neither T.J. Holmes nor Amy Robach have worked in television since their messy fling was discovered. While they host their popular podcast, "Amy & T.J.," through a partnership with iHeartMedia, their careers have certainly taken a hit due to their relationship. Robach, though having no regrets about staying with Holmes amid the controversy, is upset about losing what she worked years to achieve.

During their show's January 23, 2024, episode, Robach broke down in tears as she expressed missing her job at ABC. "I feel the pressure of our careers that I believe were unfairly taken from us, and I really wanna be able to do what I love, and I wanna be able to do it with you. So that's more the pressure I feel," Robach shared with her partner (via E! News). During that same episode, the pair also eluded to trouble brewing their relationship, as Robach urged Holmes to be more emotionally supportive. After the upsetting episode, the pair took to Instagram the same day to let fans know they were still together after airing their grievances on the podcast. While the pair is currently together, it's evident that they've each taken significant risks in the name of love.