What We Know About HGTV Star Mike Pyle's Romance With Wife Lizzy

HGTV's "Inside Out" has been a hit since its release in 2021. What sets it apart is the charisma and talent of its two hosts, Mike Pyle and Carmine Sabatella. Pyle is a landscape designer and entrepreneur, while his co-host is a realtor and interior designer. Their chemistry on screen led fans to believe that Sabatella and Pyle are a couple in real life, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Both of them are happily married to other people and have a beautiful family life.

Sabatella tied the knot with real estate agent Ryan Delair in 2018. He's a proud member of the LGBTQ community, but he was married to a woman at some point in the past. They have a teenage daughter together, and she's the light of his eyes.

Landscape designer Pyle walked down the aisle with his fiancée Lizzy Farag in 2021. They have two daughters, Stevie and Elle Pyle, and a cute French bulldog. Pyle's wife is a registered nurse who has recently switched careers to become a realtor. She and her husband love nature, animals, and outdoor activities, especially horseback riding and beach walks.

Mike Pyle and Lizzy Farag share a love of beautiful homes

"Inside Out" co-host Mike Pyle reportedly met his future wife, Lizzy Farag, in 2018 and the pair been together ever since. Back then, Farag was working as a nurse at the Saddleback Memorial Medical Center and the Newport Beach Surgery Center in California. The two adopted a dog soon after they started dating, and their family continued to grow. In 2019, they welcomed their first child, Stevie Pearl Pyle, and got engaged. Their second child, Elle Miriam Pyle, came into this world three years later.

Farag comes from a family of real estate investors. She was born in Washington, D.C., and moved to California after graduating from college. The young woman pursued a healthcare career and worked two jobs at the same time, joining the Saddleback Memorial Medical Center in 2013 and the Newport Beach Surgery Center in 2015. Inspired by her father, she later decided to start a career as a real estate agent.

"Real estate is in my blood! I have the fondest and most vivid memories of touring open houses on the weekend with my dad — it's often something we did just for fun," Farag shared on Instagram. "Through this business, I have gained incredible knowledge about buying, selling, investing, building, and hospitality," she added. She and her husband share a love of beautiful homes, which might be one of the things that brought them together. 

Mike Pyle and his wife seem like a perfect match

Mike Pyle hosts one of the best shows on HGTV, but this doesn't keep him from spending time with his family. His Instagram page revolves around work and family life, featuring hundreds of photos of his beloved wife and their two daughters. Fans can see them hiking in breathtaking scenery, cuddling their French bulldog, cooking healthy meals, and chilling in their backyard.

The landscape designer has a weak spot for golf, cooking, and gardening, while his wife loves sunbathing. She's also a certified yoga teacher, but these days she is more focused on horseback riding. Both of them have instilled in their daughters a love of the outdoors, and they really seem to complement each other. "Happy, Happy Birthday to the most amazing dad and partner who always keeps life interesting with his crazy ideas and never stops working tirelessly for his family," Farag wrote on her Instagram page in 2022.