Snoop Dogg's Feelings About Donald Trump Have Been A Rollercoaster

Snoop Dogg and Donald Trump's relationship has been marked by moments of both camaraderie and contention. Historically, Snoop and Trump had a relatively positive association in the business world. Snoop famously appeared on a 2007 episode of "The Apprentice," where Trump allowed the winners of a challenge to make a rap with the California artist. Snoop was also present during Trump's 2011 Comedy Central Roast, where the rapper joined others in making jokes about the mogul. However, their relationship took a turn when Snoop became more vocal in his criticisms of Trump's presidency, particularly about social and political issues.

This shift in tone was evident in Snoop's music and public statements. In his March 2017 music video "Lavender," he notoriously depicted Trump as a clown. The visual depicts Trump as a parody clown named Ronald Klump. The clip sparked outrage, showing Snoop pointing a weapon at the clown. In November of that same year, Snoop said, "F*** Donald Trump" in an Instagram video after Trump slammed Oakland Raiders' Marshawn Lynch for sitting during the National Anthem. Needless to say, Snoop's feelings about Trump have been a rollercoaster over the years, taking yet another turn in 2024.

Snoop Dogg once believed Trump was a racist

Snoop Dogg has never shied away from his disdain concerning Donald Trump. He even accused him of being a racist. Ahead of Joe Biden being named president of the United States, Snoop took to his Instagram in September 2020 to once again call out Trump — this time calling him out on his alleged bigotry. He said, "So, me and my homeboys sittin' up here talkin' about all the people that President Trump disrespected. Women, gays, transgenders, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, and now veterans. Seems like he's disrespecting every color in the world and everything that ain't what he is, which is a racist."

This was not the first time that racism has come up when Snoop spoke about Trump. Two years prior, the "Gin and Juice" rapper called out anyone who aligned themselves with the controversial figure. In a since-deleted interview with DJ Suss One on SiriusXM in September 2018, Snoop declared during the broadcast, "I don't give a f***. I tell 'em straight up, motherf***er. If you like that n****, you motherf***in' racist. F*** you and f*** him. Now what?" (via The Hill). With such strong words for Trump, it came as a surprise when Snoop began to have a change of heart as Trump's presidency came to a close.

Snoop praised Trump for his work in the White House

As Donald Trump was preparing to leave the White House following Joe Biden's victory, he pardoned and commuted the sentences of 143 people in January 2021. Among these people was Michael Harris, who had served 30 years at that point for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Harris happened to be an associate of Snoop Dogg, having co-founded Death Row Records, which Snoop was signed to in the early 1990s and ultimately purchased in 2022. Despite his past beef with Trump, Snoop praised this decision in an April 2021 chat with the New York Post, expressing, "That's great work for the president and his team on the way out. They did some great work while they was [sic] in there, and they did some great work on their way out. Let them know that I love what they did." This was not the last time Snoop would send Trump a few kind words.

When Snoop was asked his current thoughts on Trump during a January 28, 2024, exclusive with The Sunday Times, he gave much more grace to the 2024 presidential candidate. "Donald Trump? He ain't done nothing wrong to me. He has done only great things for me. He pardoned Michael Harris. So I have nothing but love and respect for Donald Trump." It's unknown if the men talked out their differences or if Harris's release simply softened Snoop's heart to Trump. Either way, Snoop is much happier with his former enemy.