Julia Roberts' Marriage To Danny Moder Reportedly Began As A Messy Affair

Actor Julia Roberts and cinematographer Danny Moder's relationship is a notable Hollywood love story. The two first crossed paths on the set of the movie "The Mexican" in 2000, where Moder worked on the camera crew, and Roberts portrayed the role of Samantha Barzel. The pair would walk down the aisle in July 2002, but not before experiencing their fair share of drama.

Despite Moder and Roberts having a successful marriage, their relationship reportedly started as a messy affair. Roberts was dating Benjamin Bratt at the time, while Moder was married to celebrity makeup artist Vera Steimberg, who has worked on several films, including "Avengers: Endgame" and "Dolemite Is My Name." Roberts admitted in December 2003 to Oprah Winfrey that she was aware of Moder's marriage, stating "For a really long time. I could see how wonderful he was, but we were both in relationships at the time, so we were just friends." Later in that chat, Roberts would maintain that she had nothing to do with the Moders getting a divorce. Still, the perception of Roberts being a mistress at the beginning of the relationship took off and was fueled by several reports of Roberts allegedly displaying mean girl behavior. 

Roberts was accused of taunting Vera Steimberg with a T-shirt

After Julia Roberts and Danny Moder began dating seriously, it appears Vera Steimberg wasn't ready to split from Moder, who she'd been with since 1997. Steimberg even allegedly refused to sign divorce papers. As the rumor goes, Roberts was upset at Steimberg's refusal, which reportedly prompted her to conduct a public shaming of sorts. Roberts was spotted in West Hollywood rocking a DIY T-shirt that read, "A Low Vera." Many took this as a jab at Steimberg, though Roberts insisted it was not. 

During her 2003 talk with Oprah Winfrey, Robert maintained she didn't have any ill intent when she wore the shirt. "You know what that was about? It was private," Roberts told Winfrey. Even though she wasn't trying to be controversial, the film star doubled down on wearing the top, adding, "I stand by my T-shirt." Ultimately, Steimberg gave in, and the divorce was finalized in June 2002. The following month, Roberts and Moder married in an intimate ceremony at Roberts' Taos, New Mexico ranch. However, Steimberg had strong feelings for Roberts even after the dust settled. 

Vera Steimberg said she'll never forgive Roberts

Vera Steimberg believed that Julia Roberts was instrumental in causing her marriage to fail. In a July 2002 chat with The Sun [via the New York Post], Steimberg did not hold back about the Oscar Award winner, declaring, "I'll never be able to forgive Julia — she's a husband stealer." She further threw shade at her ex, Danny Moder, for allegedly being a cheater, adding, "It won't last with her anyway. She [Roberts] will be looking for a new husband within a year ... Danny has a roving eye ... and he won't change."

It seems the controversial couple has defied Steimberg's predictions. Roberts and Moder are still together and share three children: Twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter, who they welcomed on November 28, 2004, and Henry Daniel, who was born on June 18, 2007. Today, Roberts' love for Moder remains as strong as it was on their wedding day. The couple celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary in July 2023, and several months later, in December 2023, she spoke with Gayle King on CBS Mornings about her admiration for Moder, sharing, "He's just a really ... he's just my favorite human. He's so smart and kind and dynamic in the way that he looks at the world and admires people. He's just so strong and loving" [via Entertainment Tonight]. Even with their rocky beginning, it's clear the couple has stood the test of time and are continuing to thrive.