PR Expert Tells Us Barron Trump Will Continue On Melania's Path To Privacy In 2024

Barron Trump is the youngest child of Donald Trump and Melania Trump's only child. Barron, despite living in the White House for years and having the eyes of the world on his father, has kept a low profile, much like his mother Melania keeps to herself. Even though there may be some signs that 17-year-old Barron is ready to step into the public eye, following the lead of his older brothers and his father, it could be that instead, he continues to model his own life after his mother when it comes to public attention. At least that's what Eden Gillott, crisis management expert of Gillott Communications, thinks, and if he does so, it could come with a number of benefits.

The List exclusively spoke with Gillott to get her take on Barron's potential future in the spotlight, and it turns out he doesn't have much of one. "Barron will most likely opt for Melania's elegance of privacy rather than his father's love of the spotlight. This selective visibility could define his persona, underscoring the sophistication of leading a life of quiet dignity amidst a world that often confuses noise with influence."

Barron Trump has the opportunity to set his own boundaries

Donald Trump is hoping to be elected president again in 2024, so he's been spending time on the campaign trail. While his eldest sons have been making campaign appearances with and for him, Barron Trump, as well as Melania Trump, have stuck with their behind-the-scenes support. Admittedly, Barron is just 17 years old, but he'll be turning 18 by March 2024 — legally an adult — and the year is definitely going to bring more attention to the family and Barron by extension as the presidential campaign goes on.

Eden Gillott exclusively told The List how that extra attention could be something Barron uses to his advantage: "Barron has a unique opportunity to capitalize on this increased visibility to subtly shape his own narrative. While his father's potential presidency could heighten public interest, Barron could use this moment not for direct engagement, but as a chance to reinforce his personal brand of quiet distinction."

It would certainly be a different ballgame if Donald wins the presidency again; the first time, Barron was very much a child and there was more of an expectation that he be left to grow up in peace and privacy as much as he could. This time, he'd be an adult. Barron would have to set his own boundaries.

Barron Trump can always step into the spotlight later

Barron Trump will be graduating from Oxbridge Academy in Palm Beach, Florida in 2024, and he will likely be going to college in the fall, though we don't yet know where or what he'll study if or when he does go. Perhaps in that regard, he'll follow in his father Donald Trump's footsteps? Donald started at Fordham University in New York City and then transferred to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to finish his undergraduate degree in economics. This time of transition provides him with an opportunity. "By focusing on his education and personal interests," Eden Gillott explained in our exclusive interview, "he can navigate the heightened attention in a way that aligns with his preference for privacy, setting a precedent for engaging with the public on his own terms."

For Gillott, she thinks that even though Barron is a Trump, he can still make his own way. "Barron's choice of a quieter path could mark him as the bearer of a new legacy where he redefines what it looks like to carry the name," she explained. That quieter legacy could basically become "his signature trait that he carries well into whatever path he chooses, marking him as a figure of thoughtful consideration," Gillott added. It could also make things easier for him in the future "If, at a later point, he decides he wants to fully step into public life, it'll be much easier to navigate than trying to close Pandora's box," said Gillott.