Inside Hallmark Star Hunter King's Relationship With Her Lookalike Sister Joey King

Sister duo Hunter and Joey King are some of the most talented siblings in Hollywood. Both actors have been active in the entertainment industry since they were children; Joey gained recognition at a young age after starring in "Ramona and Beezus" in 2010 and going on to lead the acclaimed "Kissing Booth" Netflix movies in 2018. Hunter came up in the world of soap operas, stunning fans as Summer Newman on "The Young and the Restless" from 2012 to 2022 before crossing over to Hallmark, starring in movies like "The Santa Summit," "A Royal Corgi Christmas," and "The Professional Bridesmaid."

Both women have seen great success in their professional lives and share a close relationship in their personal lives. Despite the six-year age gap between the sisters, they share a close bond made even stronger by their shared love of acting. Hunter and Joey love spending time together, even on set, when they get the rare chance to work on the same projects.

Joey and Hunter King love working with each other

With all of the hit projects that Hunter and Joey King have been in, it's a given that they've crossed paths at work before. In 2019, the sisters got the chance to work together on CBS's "Life In Pieces," a sitcom following the Hughes family as they struggle to connect to one another. Hunter played Clementine in the series for all four seasons, but Joey joined for a few episodes in season four, turning the show into a collaboration that both sisters loved doing with each other.

"Hunter and I, we get along really well," Joey told Entertainment Weekly. "We're like best friends. We don't really fight ever. So, the idea of both of us getting to do what we love and getting to hang out together was almost too much for us. We just had the best time — we had so much fun together, and we were thinking of the most absurd and crazy things for our characters to say and do to one another."

Hunter echoed the sentiment, revealing that acting together on the same project had been something the siblings wanted to do for a while. She floated the idea to her boss on "Life In Pieces," and when the opportunity came up, Joey was cast. At the end of the interview, Joey had a message for any prospective casting agents: "Anyone reading this who has any pull, Hunter and I want to work together more, so put us in your s***!"

Hunter and Joey King share a close sisterly bond

Along with wanting to work with each other more in the future, Hunter and Joey King also enjoy a close relationship off-set. Despite their age difference, the sisters share a mutual appreciation for each other — something very apparent as Hunter gushed over Joey's 2023 wedding. She shared her thoughts in a sweet Instagram post.

"My lil sis is married. For the last couple of days, I've been trying to think of a way to put last weekend into words... and to be honest, nothing I write out quite encapsulates what a beautiful, magical wedding it was. Truly the most incredible wedding for the most incredible people."

Joey also shared the love for her sister on Instagram, penning a message to Hunter on her 30th birthday in October 2023 with a throwback photo of the two. "You were my best friend, and you always will be," Joey wrote in the caption of a childhood picture of her and Hunter. "We may not look like this anymore, but my excitement for every time we hang out is just the same as when I was nine. I love you, happy happy birthday."