Here's What First Lady Jill Biden Looks Like Makeup-Free

Polished and poised is usually the first thought that comes to mind when it comes to First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, but she also has another vibe: Sweaty and casual. The wife of President Joe Biden is a vocal fan of healthy living, and that includes Jill typically eating healthy every day and a workout ethic that puts most people to shame. Her regimen is clearly working for her, especially when it comes to the first lady's skin!

Jill has been known to jog up and down the White House driveway (less security involved if she stays on the grounds). She also regularly attends classes at SoulCycle, a chain of workout centers that focus on indoor cycling combined with weights. Of course, when she goes for the full-body stretch and strength training, she's not dressed in a pantsuit, but in the same type of athletic gear that most women would wear, like black leggings, T-shirts, and sweatshirts to cover up. 

And there's one other thing Jill's not wearing: A full face of makeup. With her hair pulled back and firmly out of the way, the first lady shows off a clear complexion with barely a hint of eyeliner. 

Biden lives healthy for a glowing, bare-faced complexion

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden is no stranger to being active and living a healthy lifestyle, which helps her maintain a beautiful complexion. She's been photographed wearing a minimal amount of makeup, and after turning 72 in 2023, her bare face still exudes a natural glow. Exercise is a must for Biden. In fact, in her introduction video at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, the first thing you see is Biden lacing up her running shoes to go for a jog. 

"I think that running creates a sense of balance in my life. And it really calms me down," she told Runner's World. Biden also attends SoulCycle classes whenever — and wherever — she can, including during a sojourn in London following the coronation of King Charles III. Eating well also helps her maintain healthy skin, and it's her preferred diet. 

"I like fresh food more than fried cafeteria food," the first lady shared with Women's Health, explaining why she packs her lunch in advance when Biden heads to Northern Virginia Community College to teach classes. Fish and vegetables are her favorites, both of which are among the best foods you can eat to maintain clear, healthy skin like Biden's.