The Major Way Sasha Obama's College Experience Differed From The Rest Of Her Family

Sasha Obama might have finished her education, but her college experience has certainly differed from that of her family. The younger daughter of former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama spent her formative years in the spotlight of the White House. Despite the extensive media attention on the Obamas, Barack and Michelle skillfully maintained a high level of privacy for Sasha and their eldest daughter, Malia Obama. Since their exit from the White House, the sisters have embarked on their college journeys away from Washington, D.C.

Michelle graduated from Harvard Law School in 1988, with her husband Barack graduating from the same institution in 1991. Malia was seemingly impressed with what Harvard University had to offer, though she did not attend the Law School. Instead, Malia graduated from the university with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies in 2021. Even with Sasha choosing a different path, it appears she enjoyed doing things her way. 

Sasha Obama didn't attend Harvard like the rest of her family

Unlike Barack, Michelle, and Malia Obama, Sasha did not attend Harvard. Instead, after graduating from Sidwell Friends School in June 2019, she enrolled at the University of Michigan. Sasha did not finish in Michigan. Instead, she transferred to the University of Southern California during her senior year. While her parents studied law and sister Malia decided to pursue a degree geared toward her media interests, Sasha graduated from USC with a degree in sociology in May 2023.

During her college years, Sasha was, unfortunately, the subject of backlash for her social life outside of her studies. While still at the University of Michigan, a December 2020 TikTok of her and friends dancing along to Popp Hunna's 2020 track, "Adderall (Corvette Corvette)," sparked outrage as the pals seemingly rapped the explicit lyrics in the clip. It was quickly deleted and didn't seem to have any impact on her schooling. Still, this moment highlighted the substantial public interest in Sasha's life, which has stayed relatively private since her departure from USC.

Michelle allegedly wants Sasha to begin working

Sasha Obama doesn't appear to be following the career paths of her family. After Barack Obama left Harvard Law School in 1991, he landed a position as the Illinois Executive Director of PROJECT VOTE! in 1992 before earning a job as an associate at the firm of Davis Miner Barnhill & Gallard in 1993. Michelle Obama soon landed a position after her Harvard Law education, joining the Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin. Malia has also been hard at work on her film career, landing a staff writer job on the Amazon Prime series "Swarm" in 2022. During a March 2023 episode of her "The New Light" podcast, Michelle shared, "I'm moving from mom-in-chief to advisor-in-chief," the mom of two said. "That's a lovely thing — to be able to watch my girls fly." However, that doesn't mean the author is not pushing Sasha to get a job. In June 2023, an insider told OK! Magazine, "She's telling Sasha she needs to get out there and start interviewing for positions. She's heard a lot of her friends' kids had jobs in line even before they graduated."

A degree in sociology can be used for a job in education, social work, counseling, and several other fields. Therefore, Sasha could explore many opportunities in her post-grad life. Though she has not revealed her plans publicly, Barack is sure his daughter won't pursue politics, which he is content with.