The Super Bowl 2024 Crowd Booed Taylor Swift After She Did This

After virtually an entire football season marked by people both loving and hating the fact that Taylor Swift has been a visible fixture at Kansas City Chiefs games due to her relationship with tight end Travis Kelce, it all seemed to come to a head at the biggest game of the year. During the 2024 Super Bowl, which pitted the Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers, Swift was spotted in her VIP suite at the Las Vegas Allegiant Stadium, which she shared with A-lister friends like Blake Lively and Ice Spice. 

While the cameras and the Jumbotron caught the pop star at several key moments during the evening, from her cuddling with Lively to cheering to gasping at dramatic plays, it was one particular glimpse into the pop star's behavior that resulted in a sea of boos from the stadium. At one point, the Grammy winner was shown on the Jumbotron chugging a can of beer until it was empty, and triumphantly slamming the empty vessel down in front of her when she was finished. 

Boos echoed throughout the stadium in response, and while it seemed most of the hate was coming from 49ers fans since Swift was obviously rooting for the Chiefs, the moment was just another example of how polarizing her every move has been this football season, with rumors even swirling at one point that Swift had been banned from attending the Super Bowl as a result. 

Social media booed the pop star too

The heavy criticism of Taylor Swift's big beer-chugging moment didn't stop at the boos in the stadium either; plenty of people took to social media to share their displeasure as well, much of which centered on whether or not the moment positioned the singer-songwriter as a good influence on her countless followers and fans — especially the young and impressionable ones. 

One person posted on X, formerly known as Twitter: "Taylor Swift was seen chugging down beer during the Super Bowl last night on live TV. This is y'all role model Swifties?? Ok." Another argued, "She's advertising drinking!! Not good for her Swifties!!!!" It's worth pointing out, of course, that beer has long been such a focal point of Super Bowl culture that every year folks look forward to watching the annual Budweiser Super Bowl ad. 

This year, the commercial featured the brand's familiar Clydesdale horses and an adorable dog. Also worth noting is that Swift herself has been open about abstaining from drinking while working on her globetrotting Eras Tour, to keep her both at peak performance and health levels during a stressful and grueling schedule. So was chugging a beer really so off-brand for the sporting event, and was she setting a bad example?

Swift's beer moment got some positive responses

While the people booing during Taylor Swift's Jumbotron moment may have been the most noticeable initial reaction, and while critics were quick to tweet their thoughts online too, not everyone responded negatively to her widely-broadcast moment of partying. In fact, plenty of people have been cheering her on via social media, with the NFL even calling Swift an "icon."

Fresh off a historic Grammy win and ready to celebrate, the pop star relishing in a moment of letting loose and having fun rang genuine with her fans. One person tweeted sarcastically in the face of all the criticism, "How dare she have a good time?!" Another Swift fan assessed the moment as: "She's a grown woman at a sporting event. Women chug beer too." Another agreed, asserting, "Yep a beautiful young woman enjoying life with her friends." 

Others pointed out what seemed to them to be a double standard, considering how many other people, both watching in the stands and from the sofa at home, were also drinking beer during the Super Bowl. One such tweet read, "Beer chugging at SuperBowls is as American as apple pie," and another shrugged, "Her largest demo is millennials, the youngest of whom are 28. I think their delicate sensibilities are safe."