How General Hospital's Kate Mansi Handles On-Screen Love Scenes Like A Pro

Pretending to get busy under the sheets with a co-star isn't always easy in front of the daytime television cameras. But "General Hospital" star Kate Mansi, who plays Kristina Davis on the hit soap, handles them with ease. As the actor told Soap Opera Digest, "I'm just always a big advocate of communication. Have a moment with your co-star and say, 'Here's my comfort level between 'Action!' and 'Cut!'" She added, "I don't personally love when people touch my face, so I'm always like 'I totally get it, but please don't touch my face.'"

Mansi has had plenty of experience when it comes to soap opera love-making scenes. As her character Abigail Deveraux on "Days of Our Lives," fans will remember how Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) caught his partner in a passionate embrace with Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash). On "General Hospital," Mansi has recently been seen locking lips with her co-star, Jacqueline Grace Lopez, as part of Kristina's complicated romance with Blaze. But Mansi says there are some things you do and don't do before the cameras even start rolling.

The soap star believes in keeping the lines of communication open

As "General Hospital" star Kate Mansi explained to Soap Opera Digest, it's crucial to establish your boundaries before shooting a sex scene, "Because once you get up on set, it's so choreographed and so crazy." Likewise, the soap stalwart noted, "And just like life or marriage, you have to remember to walk in and find the romance and keep that passion throughout everything else going on." Communication might be key, but gossip isn't. Mansi informed Soap Central in 2018 that when it comes to the more intimate scenes, she doesn't like to dish all the gory details. 

Speaking about her "Days of Our Lives" tenure, Mansi explained, "It's like being an athlete: you just have to get there and work, and in your own personal life, maybe, you'll comment on it later. Like, 'Oh, yeah, I did this today. That was interesting.' But I feel like love scenes and on-screen partners are not something you talk about when you're working, at least from my perspective." Evidently, keeping things professional is what prevents Mansi and her scene partners alike from feeling too much awkwardness on set. Just as long as they don't touch her face, of course.