The Untold Truth Of The Bachelorette's Tyler C.

Season 15 of ABC's The Bachelorette kicked off on May 13, 2019, with former Miss Alabama USA Hannah Brown in the titular role. A fan favorite on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, Brown's run as Bachelorette was highly anticipated — and viewers couldn't wait to meet the men who would be vying for her heart. While fans got to meet five of Brown's contestants when she was officially announced as the Bachelorette, the man who would eventually become arguably the most beloved contestant didn't get much airtime until the season's fourth episode.

Tyler Cameron — better known as Tyler C. to Bachelorette fans — has taken the reality dating show by storm with his quippy one-liners, salmon jacket, and Patrick Swayze-esque dance moves. According to Gold Derby, 57 percent of Bachelorette viewers are hoping Brown will give her final rose (and heart) to Cameron. However, there's more to this Jupiter, Fla. native than what fans see on TV. Here's the untold truth of The Bachelorette's Tyler Cameron.

The Bachelorette's Tyler C. is a dancer at heart

Tyler Cameron is the perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover. Just by looking at the general contractor, you'd probably never guess that he's quite the talented dancer — but, as he's proven throughout his time on The Bachelorette, this guy's got moves. 

In Cameron's intro video, shown on the first episode of the season, the 26-year-old general contractor showcased both his day job and dance floor skills. "I'm not your average contractor," Cameron revealed. "I love to dance. I was, like, two classes away from being a dance minor at Wake Forest. ... It's just what I love to do."

Expressing his excitement over Hannah Brown being the Bachelorette, Cameron continued, "I'm definitely going to get the first dance with her, so I'm looking forward to that." While drama on the first night prevented Cameron and Brown from even getting to know one another outside of their initial introduction that night, the Florida native finally got his chance to dance with the Bachelorette during their first one-on-one date — which featured a surprise live performance of Jake Owen's "Made For You." Now that's how you do a first dance.

The Bachelorette's Tyler C. is the best kind of tour guide

According to WTVD in Raleigh, N.C., Tyler Cameron has been busy using his Bachelorette spotlight to bring attention to ABC Food Tours, a health and wellness-focused organization founded by his friend and former college teammate Matt James. As WTVD reported, ABC Food Tours aims to teach New York City students about the importance of a meal by taking them "to restaurants in Alphabet City in New York ... and helping them realize their futures lie in their own hands and they can be successful despite where they come from." The majority of students they work with are directly affected by homelessness.

As a founding member of the organization, Cameron works as a tour leader for the groups of students, walking with them around the city and teaching them the importance of exercise and healthy meals through hands-on experiences. While the Bachelor franchise has certainly seen contestants use sudden popularity simply to further their own interests, this Bachelorette favorite is definitely living up to his good guy reputation by using his newfound fame for good.

Tyler C. became a runaway hit with The Bachelorette fans

Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants are known for building post-show careers as Instagram influencers, but Tyler Cameron has taken a different approach to leveraging his popularity. Along with his friend (and ABC Food Tours founder) Matt James, Cameron has filled his time since Bachelorette filming wrapped by organizing weekly group dates in New York City. However, these aren't your average group dates — they're group date runs. So, if you plan on stealing Cameron away for a second, you're going to have to catch him first!

According to the New York Post, Cameron's group date runs spawned in late June 2019 with the Bachelorette contestant writing on Instagram, "Meet us at Central Park at Tavern on the Green ... Whether you're running or walking, it's an easy way to keep each other accountable and get healthy together." As the paper reported, around 60 people showed up for the first run with Cameron. The next week, however, over 100 fans participated.

In addition to the runs in New York City, Cameron and James also reportedly organized a group date run in Atlanta on June 30, 2019. Here's hoping for a nationwide tour!

Hannah Brown's biggest fan is Tyler C.'s dad

Every season of The Bachelorette sees at least one contestant who is painted as not being on the show for the "right reasons," as noted by Newsweek. Early in Hannah Brown's season, contestant Jed Wyatt admitted to coming on the show to advance his career as a musician — though he claimed his intentions shifted upon meeting the Bachelorette. However, Tyler Cameron made it clear on his very first one-on-one date with Brown that she was the only reason he even applied for the show. 

"Me and my dad would sit around and watch The Bachelorette, and he kind of, like, became a huge fan of you," Cameron revealed to Brown. "And he was like, 'Tyler, this is your girl. You've got to go and make the most of this opportunity.'"

According to Cameron, while he was initially hesitant about the process, his apprehension faded as soon as he stepped out of the limo on night one and saw Brown. "I got this feeling that I've never had before," Cameron told Brown, adding, "That confirmed a lot for me, right there. I'm not here for The Bachelorette. I'm here for Hannah."

The Bachelorette's Tyler C. has received hometown support

Since becoming somewhat of a television sensation, Tyler Cameron has been spending significantly more time in New York City. However, there's no question that his hometown of Jupiter, Fla. still has the Bachelorette contestant's back.

In July 2019, The Palm Beach Post visited with Cameron's mother, Andrea Hermann Cameron, as she attended a Bachelorette watch party at Miller's Ale House in Jupiter. "I am overwhelmed by the support of my friends," Hermann Cameron told the publication, admitting that she's trying to "be really chill" about watching her son's love life play out on national television. 

Jupiter resident David Benjamin revealed that he's a bit skeptical of the whole finding-love-on-TV thing, but he ultimately thinks Cameron is doing what's best for him. "He's such a nice man," Benjamin told the Post. "I admit that I'm a little old school. I think people are supposed to meet differently, in person. But you've got to make the right choice for you, and they're making that choice."

However, one family friend admitted she doesn't want Cameron to end up with Brown, telling the Post, "I would love Tyler not to win, because I'm rooting for him to be the next Bachelor!"

Tyler C. was almost a football pro before The Bachelorette

While he never completed a dance minor at Wake Forest, Tyler Cameron did graduate from the esteemed university with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, including a minor in Entrepreneurship and Sociology, as noted by his LinkedIn page. According to the university's athletics website, Cameron also played football while enrolled at Wake Forest — though he missed all of spring practice in 2012 "after undergoing shoulder surgery," and only played in three games off the bench the following year. Considering he was once ranked as the "ninth-best dual-threat quarterback" in the nation, it's safe to say Cameron's shoulder injury significantly impacted his Wake Forest football career.

The Florida native later transferred to Florida Atlantic University to pursue his MBA, and he played as a tight end for the Owls. He was even honored as FAU's Student-Athlete of the Year in 2016 — but it wasn't long before his shoulder troubles once again kept Cameron from reaching his full potential as a football player. According to his contestant bio for The Bachelorette, while he was drafted to play professionally for the Baltimore Ravens, Cameron ultimately "had to leave football because of a bad shoulder injury." 

Tyler C. has had beef with Bachelor Nation

On June 24, 2019, former Bachelorette contestant James Taylor took to Twitter to voice a rather controversial opinion regarding Hannah Brown and her interactions with the men on her season. "I'm a Hannah fan, but girl, you can't have it both ways," Taylor tweeted. "Make choices your future husband will be proud of after watching you do what you do on TV. You don't have to dry hump em all." 

Taylor's words were seemingly in reference to Brown's make-out sessions with certain contestants, as well as her naked bungee jumping date with Garrett Powell. Many a fan rushed to Brown's defense, including Tyler C. 

"The things some people do to stay relevant," Cameron tweeted in response to Taylor's harsh words. "Let our Queen live and let's embrace her on this journey. Very few have a clue what it's like to be in the lead's shoes. Our Queen is imperfectly perfect like us all."

The Bachelorette's Tyler C. is a family man

During his first one-on-one date with Hannah Brown, Tyler Cameron revealed that he almost didn't do on the show due to a major medical emergency involving his father. "My Pops almost died two months before I came out here," a visibly emotional Cameron told Brown. "He got really sick. He was in the hospital for 25 days ... he was in a coma for ten days. It was tough."

Fortunately, Papa Cameron made a full recovery — and viewers got to witness the special bond the Bachelorette contestant shares with his entire family during the show's hometown dates episode. As his brothers explained to Brown, Tyler was the glue that held the family together throughout his father's illness. "With my dad being in the hospital, Tyler was really able to run my dad's business," one brother revealed to Brown. "He was able to help my mom with all she was going through. ... He really stepped in there and became, like, everyone's person to lean on."

Is Tyler C. The Bachelorette's most feminist contestant ever?

While there are likely more than a few reasons why Tyler Cameron has struck a positive chord with Bachelor Nation, it seems that fans are most excited about his overall seemingly feminist remarks and attitude on The Bachelorette. When controversial contestant Luke Parker got angry over Hannah Brown's naked bungee jumping date with Garrett Powell, Cameron was quick to point out the double standard to which Parker was holding the Bachelorette, asking him, "Do you not think it's a double standard the fact that you're able to parade around in a Speedo in front of everybody and show your big, bravado self, but [Hannah] can't go ... do bungee jumping?"

In response to Cameron confronting Parker, one Twitter user posted a hilarious photo of James Corden in a wedding gown, captioning it, "When Tyler C. calls out traits of toxic masculinity and the hypocrisy of sl*t-shaming, in a room of all men." Another fan tweeted that the moment showed Cameron "support a woman's sexual autonomy" and "call out and put a stop to sl*t shaming & toxic masculinity." The Twitter user added, "Raise more boys like this."

The Bachelorette's Tyler C. is a model contestant

Perhaps the most exciting part of watching The Bachelorette is witnessing contestants plucked from near-obscurity becoming household names in only a few weeks' time. Tyler Cameron's rise to fame has been particularly remarkable. According to data collected by a Bachelorette superfan, the Florida native had a modest 4,472 Instagram followers on the night of The Bachelorette's Season 15 premiere. However, by the time his hometown date aired on July 8, 2019, Cameron's follower count had skyrocketed to 815,586 — and it just keeps growing.

So, what kind of content should new followers expect to see? While Cameron's Instagram is filled with photos from his dates with Hannah Brown, adventures with ABC Food Tours, and those group runs — many of his pre-Bachelorette posts are various shots from his modeling portfolio. That's right — this former football player/general contractor/reality TV star/amateur dancer is also a professional model. According to his Instagram bio, Cameron is signed to Soul Artist Management in New York City, as well as Next Model Management in Miami, Fla. He might not be a pilot like fellow contestant Peter, but this guy would probably be pretty comfortable on a runway.

Tyler C. has stayed pals with fellow Bachelorette contestants

Ahead of The Bachelorette's Season 15 premiere, Chris Harrison told The Hollywood Reporter, "There is more drama this season than we've ever had on any show, The Bachelor or The Bachelorette — the man drama is intense. It gets physical. [The men] were just on fire." 

It's clear now that Harrison was referring to the drama surrounding contestant Luke Parker — because, aside from Parker's antics, the rest of the guys in Brown's group of contestants seemed to really enjoy each other's company. Tyler Cameron has been especially vocal on social media about the love he has for his Bachelorette buddies. Retweeting a clip of himself breaking into a maniacal dance as contestants Dustin Kendrick and Mike Johnson clap and cheer, Cameron wrote, "Always gotta have a great hype man, and I got some of the best here in [Johnson] and [Kendrick]."

Cameron also appears to have stayed close friends with Dylan Barbour, who was eliminated in the seventh episode of Season 15. After Barbour returned from a social media hiatus, Cameron tweeted, "Everyone needs more Dyl in their life."