The untold truth of Hannah B.

Thirty gorgeous women. One serious catch of a guy. When you look at it that way, the odds that you will be the one to snag The Bachelor's heart are decidedly not in your favor. But that didn't stop Hannah Brown, known on the show as Hannah B., from giving it her best and throwing in her all for a shot at true love. The Alabama-born-and-bred beauty queen was positively radiant on the show, putting her best and most authentic foot forward at all times. So it's a little bit surprising that there wasn't more chemistry between her and Colton Underwood, and we're a little cranky about it.

But how is it that she got on the show in the first place? What makes her tick? Does she really love Alabama that much? And what else is there to know about the charming southern belle? Here's everything we dug up about Hannah B., who could have made Underwood into an honest man.

Sweet home Alabama? You bet.

The first thing out of Brown's mouth on The Bachelor after her name was, of course, "Welcome to Alabama." The 23-year-old bombshell is obviously an Alabama native, born and raised in Tuscaloosa, according to her ABC profile. A self-described proud member of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Brown attended the University of Alabama, her parents' Alma mater. There, she received a bachelor of arts degree in communications studies with a minor in public relations, according to an article in The Tuscaloosa News. This gal clearly has both beauty and brains.

Additionally, she's a pretty traditional gal, which often comes with the territory with southern ladies. She appreciates it when guys open doors and pull out chairs for her, and likes listening to country music above all other genres. Brown also enjoys playing board games, and watches every single Alabama football games. It doesn't get much more pure Americana than that!

Cinching Miss Alabama USA in 2017

One of Brown's biggest accomplishments to date was winning the Miss Alabama USA pageant in 2017, rendering her Miss Alabama USA 2018. You know there was some serious competition in that room, but at the end of the day, the crown and sash were Brown's for the taking. Congrats, girl!

The beauty queen took to Instagram to celebrate her victory. "If you're shocked, I am too. If you are excited — sweet — I am too," she gushed. "The Lord is so faithful. I'm honored He has given me this opportunity to serve His people with this shiny hat." Of course, a good Christian girl never forgets to thank god for her brightest blessings.

Brown also set her intention straight away, letting people know that she had plans for her year as Alabama's most beautiful star. "That's my goal this year — to love and encourage people anyway I can," she continued. "Please follow me this year @missalusa on this incredible journey… it's going to be a fun one!" Clearly she's all about spreading the love, and we're here for it. Brown also competed in the 2018 Miss USA pageant, but did not win the title. Next time!

Pageants have been her thing for a while

Brown made her foray into the pageant world at the tender age of 15. Originally, she did it because of scholarship opportunities, but quickly realized that there were other advantages. Namely, she enjoyed sharing her talents, jazz dance moves, outreach skills, and public speaking abilities with the world. "My family has seen me grow significantly because of being in pageantry," she revealed in an interview with Alabama NewsCenter. "It has really amplified me as a person." So she was really able to achieve personal growth thanks to these events.

That aforementioned growth also helped her develop some real-world people skills, too. "I have been able to talk to really anybody from all aspects of life," she continued. "It has given me a lot of confidence in times when there is both positive and negative light shed on me." Now that she's starred on The Bachelor, those skills are more important than ever, as she'll be under a whole lot more scrutiny from the public. 

She lost a few pageants before winning

The road to being crowned Miss Alabama USA 2018 wasn't exactly a smooth one. When she started out, Brown was awarded first runner-up in the Miss Alabama Outstanding Teen pageant, then took home the honor of second runner-up in the Miss Alabama Teen USA competition. But when she aged into the Miss Alabama system, she wasn't able to break into the top 15 — four years in a row. "It was kind of discouraging," she admitted in an interview with Alabama NewsCenter. Well of course it would be — you're only human, and losing isn't easy.

But fortunately, Brown was able to make the most of those experiences. "I learned a lot and I think the Lord taught me how to lose graciously," she shared in an interview with The Tuscaloosa News. "It wasn't always fun or easy, but I think I had to go through all that to really be ready to be Miss Alabama USA." It sounds like she made the most of those tough moments, and became a better person for it.

No stranger to anxiety and depression

Brown has been candid about the fact that she's struggled with mental health issues, showing that it really can affect anyone. "It took me a while to really figure out what my passion was, and I think that was another reason that I struggled with anxiety and depression," she revealed in her Meet Miss Alabama USA interview. "If you don't know what your purpose is, and your passion is, then sometimes you don't know what life is for." Preach, girl, because those are some seriously wise words.

Fortunately, Brown is in a better place, and intends to help others who are experiencing what she has gone through in the past. "I am here to encourage people and to be like, hey, I've been there, but here I am today," she said in an interview with Alabama NewsCenter "I've been in a dark place, but there is light in the darkness." To that end, Brown started a program in schools centering around joy, where she shares her story about her experience with anxiety and depression. What a great way to help those who need it.

Interior design just wasn't the same

After college, Brown worked as an interior designer at Gracefully Done in Northport, AL, where she was able to utilize her education and people skills. "I love making my customers' dream homes a reality," she affirmed in an interview with The Tuscaloosa NewsDuring that time, she also stopped doing pageants so she could focus on her career.

But Brown didn't make it a full year when pageants started calling to her again, as she missed the excitement of the stage, and the confidence it gave her. "I've always loved being on stage, but could be shy at times," she continued. "Once I entered pageants, I found my voice to be [confident]." So just two weeks before the Miss Alabama USA tryout, Brown decided to throw her hat back into the ring. And it paid off because that year, she took home the grand prize. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart.

About that beef between her and Caelynn...

It wouldn't be The Bachelor without at least one feud between some of the contestants, and Season 23 didn't disappoint. We're referring specifically to the drama that went down between Brown and Caelynn Miller-Keyes, which bubbled up during the second episode when Miller-Keyes dished about their past. Specifically, Miller-Keyes said that they had been friends before competing at the Miss USA pageant in 2018, where she was Miss North Carolina and won first runner up — and Brown didn't make the top 15. Miller-Keyes went on to say that Brown was "mad that she didn't place for sure… she wasn't happy," and implied that she was jealous of her. The drama was afoot!

Of course Brown denied being jealous, and said that Miller-Keyes was lying. And, while we might never know the whole real story, some mutual acquaintances have sided with Brown, according to Vulture magazine. They believe that Miller-Keyes was the one with the attitude at the pageant, and said that Brown texted her afterwards to tell her so. They also believe that Miller-Keyes has a manipulative streak. Yikes!

Colton broke her heart

Brown was anything but shy about her feelings for Underwood on The Bachelor. "He had a lot of qualities that I look for in a partner, a spouse and what I want in a husband," she confessed in an interview with The Tuscaloosa News. "Overall, I was excited from the beginning to get to know him." They certainly seemed like they would be a great match!

Unfortunately, as we all know, Underwood didn't reciprocate those feelings, and sent her home after their date on the seventh episode. Of course, that was anything but easy for Brown. "It crushed me, but I think the relationships and things I've been through reminded me that even in that moment of hurt and sadness that ultimately, I want someone who loves me the same way I love them," she continued. "That's what I deserve, and that's what I want, and that's not what I was getting with Colton." It might have been super hard, and it might have taken some time to process, but Brown is doing the necessary work to move on. We feel you, girl.

She really believes in true love

One of the really sweet things about Brown is that she wears her heart on her sleeve. She really has faith that somewhere out there, the man of her dreams is waiting for her. "I believe 1000 percent that you can find your person and fall in love," she revealed in an interview with The Tuscaloosa News. "If that is something that can happen for me, I would love the opportunity, but I think you can fall in love anywhere." That is just so sweet

Before the official announcement that she is, in fact, the next bachelorette, Brown fueled speculation when she didn't rule out exactly where she will meet and fall for her Prince Charming. "I could fall in love at a coffee shop tomorrow or on national television," she continued. "Who knows?" Who knows indeed, but we now know it's likely that the latter — before millions of people — might be in the cards for Brown, if all goes well for her as the bachelorette. Fingers crossed, girl!

About that awkward date...

The consensus is in: clearly, the most uncomfortable moment of this season of The Bachelor was definitely Brown's date with Underwood in episode 2. Specifically, the amount of awkward silences that transpired in the space of those hours was… er, impressive. And who could forget the toast that had everyone cringing on their couches: "Let's make a toast to… OK! And I'll put a bunch of words that sound good, that are real, that are real, real words. OK." Then she laughed. "OK. Let's make a toast to — first, it's my birthday, so to this amazing day. And, um, yeah. Roll tide." Homegirl really threw a roll tide out there as a last-ditch effort to break up that awkwardness. Cringe!

But Brown explained what was going on in her head in an Instagram post. "Yep. this date was totally uncomfortable and awkward, because I was totally uncomfortable and awkward with everything surrounding me," she admitted. All things considered, it really could have been worse. But still, that one did not go well.

She and Demi are friends, for real

You might be tempted to think all of the contestants secretly hate each other, but that's actually not true at all. In fact, one of the notable friendships between contestants in Season 23 was that of Brown and Demi Burnett, a fellow interior designer. Though Burnett was sent home early as well, she and Brown didn't cut ties when the cameras stopped rolling. "I talk to my girl Demi on a daily basis," Brown revealed in an interview with Fansided. "We talked for an hour last night before we went to bed. We told each other 'sweet dreams.' So we are always calling each other up." It really is heartwarming to know that many of the friendships formed on The Bachelor really are the real deal, and aren't just for show.

Brown has nothing but gratitude in her heart for her newfound partner-in-crime. "I truly am so, so thankful that I had Demi on this experience to just encourage me to be okay with who I am," she continued. "Unleash the beast, you know!" We wonder what the two have planned for the future?

"I really got to know me"

For as much heartache and drama that Brown had to endure on The Bachelor, she testifies to the fact that the experience helped her grow immensely. Specifically, she was really able to get to know her authentic self — and share it with the entire world. "I finally started sitting in the front row of my own ride," she mused in a post on her Instagram page. 

"I got honest. I got raw and real with myself. And I really got to know me (the good me, the bad me, and the ugly me… also the weird, crazy-fun me) so I could let other people get to know the real Han too." That couldn't have been easy to do on national television, of all places, either.

But seeing her blossom on the show could be really fun at times, and it shows. "I feel like the beast has always been inside of me, in some way," she recalled in an interview with Fansided. "To me the beast has been more about being okay with who I am and opening up and not really caring what anybody thinks." That's how you do it, girl!

She likes that Colton was a virgin

Arguably one of the most talked-about aspects of Season 23 of The Bachelor was Colton Underwood's virginity, something he has been very open about. And while some people might think it's weird, or others might question his proverbial manhood, Underwood didn't hide who he was in the face of all that potential mockery. Nothing but respect for you for that, bud.

One person who was 100 percent into that fact was Brown, who has similar values when it comes to intimacy. "I'm not a virgin but sex is a big deal so… that he's a virgin is super appealing to me," she revealed in an interview with The Tuscaloosa News. That's a good indicator of compatibility, for sure.

Brown may have wondered why so many people were judgmental about the whole thing, but she, too, admits she was at least a bit surprised. "I honestly couldn't believe people were like, 'What?' I was like, 'Oh my God! That's so awesome,'" she continued. "It's so amazing, but then I'm like, 'How?'" You're not the only one wondering, sister!

The next Bachelorette

Underwood may have sent Brown home, but that doesn't mean that Miss Alabama USA 2018 is done with reality television. In fact, on the season finale of The Bachelor, Miss Hannah B. was confirmed as the next bachelorette.

Prior to the big announcement, Brown told Entertainment Tonight that being on The Bachelorette is an opportunity she'd "love to have. …I think I really believe in this process and I do think you can fall in love here and be in love and find your person," she shared. "So, if it could be me, that would be great. I'm really sincere about it."

After the big announcement, the Alabama native revealed to People: "I feel all the emotions, but honestly I'm just really grateful for this opportunity." People reported that Brown found out about her new reality TV opportunity three weeks prior to the announcement, with Brown revealing that her "family has been really supportive of me and is really happy. They have made me who I am and they trust me and love me and ultimately want me to have love too." As for finding love? It didn't work out with Colton, but Brown says that this time, "I'm hopeful for it."