Zootopia 2 - Details We Know So Far

Could Zootopia 2 be in the works? After all, when Disney does something right, they really knock it out of the park, and that was definitely the case with Zootopia, which smashed box office records and introduced the world to the lovable Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. With a colorful cast of diverse animal characters, witty dialogue, and a plot that encourages racial tolerance and acceptance of diversity, the film was a hit with young and old people alike. More movies like this please, Disney!

With such a successful debut, you would think that Disney would jump on the Zootopia 2 train right away and make sure that it gets to the big screen as soon as possible. But so far, they have remained mum on the subject, leaving fans of the furry and fuzzy characters wondering what on earth is going on. 

To that end, we've combed the Internet, looking for every detail that's out there about the long-awaited sequel. Here's everything that we found about the second installment in the Zootopia franchise.

This star says Zootopia 2 is happening

Mark "Rhino" Smith makes for an unlikely rags-to-riches Hollywood story. The former Gladiators (think American Ninja Warrior, but '90s style) competitor-turned-actor never thought that he would be hobnobbing with the Los Angeles elite. "I came from a single parent background," he shared in a 2017 interview with The Sun. "My life was nothing... I never thought I could get on a plane much less live in LA or be in films alongside these stars." How wrong he was!

Smith played the intimidating Officer McHorn in the first Zootopia film, which is only fitting due to his well-deserved nickname. And in the interview he did with The Sun, he also told them that he would be reprising his role in the next installment of the franchise, which bodes well for those hoping to see Zootopia 2 within the next few years. We just hope Smith isn't yanking our chains!

Could there be more than one sequel to Zootopia in the works?

Mark "Rhino" Smith isn't the only member of the Zootopia cast that's leaked out a bit of intel on the possible sequel. Tommy "Tiny" Lister, who was the voice of Finnick in Zootopia, apparently shared some dirt at a meet and greet at a Dave and Busters restaurant. "I can tell you for sure I'm doing another Zootopia with Disney," he was quoted as saying in a Blog Mickey article. "We're doing three of them... [it's] the biggest film that Disney is producing." Well, that's some exciting news if true!

In addition to revealing that there will be multiple sequels, Lister also got candid about what the Zootopia 2 budget might look like. "The last one was 240 million," he continued. "This one I'm hearing will be 300 million. That's what they spent on the budget, not the advertising." Again, if that's really the case, we're totally stoked about what that might mean for the potential sequels.

What will Zootopia 2's release date be?

The years 2019, 2020, and 2021 are shaping up to be banner ones for Disney movies, as the House of Mouse has a wide variety of blockbuster films both in theaters and in the pipeline during this period. For example, in 2019, Disney released live-action remakes of classics like Dumbo and Aladdin, as well as a remake of The Lion King. In 2020, there will be a live-action remake of Mulan and the live-action prequel to 101 Dalmatians, Cruella. Then in 2021, there will be a new installment in the Indiana Jones franchise. That doesn't even factor in all of the films that will be released in the wildly popular Marvel Cinematic Universe either. 

As for Zootopia 2's release date, that's anyone's guess. There's plenty of buzz and speculation all over the Internet, but any solid and reliable information doesn't appear to be anywhere. We hope it's soon though! It would make a great addition to the already impressive roster of movies that Disney has in the works.

The directors are open to Zootopia 2

Zootopia directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore have had the pleasure of watching their treasured creation become a box office juggernaut. "It's interesting to see, especially with Disney, once you finish one of these films, if it does land in a big way, it becomes so much bigger than us," Howard explained in a 2016 interview with Collider. "It takes on a life of its own." 

The directors also shared that they are open to the possibility of a sequel, something that fans are hungry for. "They really care, and that just means that they embraced it so much that they want to know everything they can about it," Moore shared. "They just love the world. So, it would be nice to revisit it again." We wholeheartedly agree.

Given that Howard and Moore couldn't fit everything that they talked about into the first film, there are so many ideas that they could develop in Zootopia 2. Maybe we'll finally find out if it snows in Zootopia or where all the birds and reptiles are.

What characters would star in Zootopia 2?

Part of the reason people loved Zootopia so much was the wide variety of characters, both primary and secondary. Of course, people love Judy and Nick, who were central to the story, so chances are they would have major roles in Zootopia 2. But who would the directors like to see reprise their roles among the more minor characters? "I'm particularly fond of Clawhauser," director Byron Howard revealed in an interview with Collider in 2016, adding, "We have so many hours of him being hilarious and fun. If it was affordable to do a TV show that was the same quality as the movie, I would watch The Clawhauser Show, every week." Hey, Netflix — take notice!

Director Rich Moore added, "You could do an Orange is the New Black for Bellwether." He went on, "It would be great, if there was another story where Judy has to go to Bellwether like Hannibal Lecter. There's just so much you could do." The possibilities really are endless. So, no matter who gets top billing next time around, the cast and their characters will be just as funny, if not more so, than before.

Will Judy and Nick ever get together?

Although Nick and Judy are a fox and a rabbit, respectively, it's very clear that the two of them have human-like emotions. To that end, some fans of Zootopia want to see the two of them take their relationship to the next level. "I found immediately that there's one camp [of fans] that want Judy and Nick to be in love," director Rich Moore explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "They want them to get married and show us drawings of their wedding." That has to be some sweet fan mail to receive.

On the other hand, there are some fans who feel the exact opposite way. "And then there's the other side that says, 'No, they cannot get married," he continued. "'Why do every male and female couple in a movie have to fall in love? There doesn't have to be a romance! Why can't they just be best friends?'" It's fascinating that people are so deeply emotionally invested in the lives of these characters.

Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman weighed in on a sequel

The directors of Zootopia aren't the only people who weighed in on what they'd like to see in Zootopia 2. Once Upon a Time star Ginnifer Goodwin and Arrested Development's Jason Bateman, who played Judy and Nick, respectively, in the first film, also had some opinions on what should go down. "You and I know what happens at the end of the movie, and I would like them to [continue] along on this adventure in their new roles," Goodwin said in an interview with Cinema Blend. "But because they are playing new roles, I would also like to see Nick have to be the one to convince Judy that the world is worth fighting for." Aw, we are here for this!

Jason Bateman also weighed in on what he'd like to see in the sequel, which is a little more punchy and a little less morally-oriented. "The two of us, kicking ass out there," he proclaimed. "Cleaning up the streets. We're a couple of new cops out there. So, bad guys, be warned." That could be really fun too.

Zootopia 2 could be a real money maker

Disney has been on a roll in recent years, releasing a whole host of both live-action and animated films that are killing it at the box office. For example, the live-action version of Aladdin, which dropped in May of 2019, has grossed over $990 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo. And Avengers: Endgame, which was released the month before, clobbered records and grossed more than $2.79 billion, as noted by Box Office Mojo. That is some serious cash that Disney is pulling in, showing that they really know what they're doing when it comes to turning a profit.

Judging by the success of Zootopia in 2016, which grossed over $1 billion, according to Box Office Mojo, Zootopia 2 could also be quite the money maker. So it would be wise for Disney to get a sequel or two out into the world, as there's a lot of additional green they could put into their pockets.

A Zootopia theme park is coming

While Disney has yet to give Zootopia fans any clues about the next installment in the film franchise, there has been news on another front. In January of 2019, the entertainment juggernaut announced that it will be building a Zootopia-themed land at the Disney park in Shanghai. "Guests will be invited to experience the mammalian metropolis of Zootopia 'where anyone can be anything,' with a new major attraction," Disney said in a statement (via CNN). Time to book a vacation to China!

The fact that Disney picked the location it did isn't surprising at all, as Zootopia managed to smash box office records and become the No. 1 animated film in the country's history. That shows just how universal the appeal of the film is and how well the message of the film translates in different cultures.

Zootopia land will be the eighth addition to Shanghai Disney Resort, and will include themed food, merch, and entertainment for people to enjoy. Sounds like a blast! And who knows what a potential Zootopia 2 could bring to the park!