Whatever Happened To The Most Memorable Married At First Sight Couples?

In many relationship reality shows, couples meet, hopefully fall in love, and if they're lucky, there might be a wedding at the end of the season. But on Lifetime's Married at First Sightcouples are paired up by relationship experts and meet on their wedding day. Throughout the following weeks, the couples work together, grow together, argue, and get to know each other — as an already married couple. Then, at the end of the season, each couple decides if they want to stay married or if they want to get divorced.

This dramatic show has gained a massive following over many seasons, inspiring spin-offs such as Married at First: Second Chances, Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After?, and even an Australian version of the show. And while the couples decide whether they want to stay together at the finale, the drama doesn't always end there. Here's what happened to some of the most memorable Married at First Sight couples since the end of their seasons.

Davina and Sean didn't make a love connection on Married at First Sight

Though Season 2 couple, Davina and Sean, seemed to have great chemistry at the beginning of their marriage, Davina revealed in an interview with New York Post that the two never made a real connection. So, it wasn't surprising when, on decision day, Davina and Sean wanted a divorce. Davina also said in the NY Post interview: "I don't think the real Sean, the genuine Sean ever really showed up."

Since the end of Season 2, the two have gone their separate ways. Sean said in a Twitter post from July 2016 that he doesn't have any connection to Married at First Sight anymore and, "I have no ill feelings but I have moved on in life." Since then, he doesn't seem willing to share his intimate details with the public, setting his Instagram to private and filling his Twitter filled with mostly posts about sports. Still, he seems to have a sense of humor about the whole experience. In June 2019 he retweeted a meme of a couple from Married at First Sight Season 9 with the caption "Yup, been there." Meanwhile, Davina found a new man and gave birth to her son, Hudson, in May 2019.

Jessica and Ryan's marriage ended in a restraining order

Season 2's Ryan and Jessica had a marriage filled with explosive arguments and silent treatments (via Bustle). Though it may have been surprising that they decided to stay married on decision day, when they came back for the reunion, Jessica announced that she caught him cheating on her and that they'd split (via InTouch).

But things got worse even after the season finale. In June 2015, ABC News reported that Ryan had threatened Jessica and her family. Later, Ryan posted a photo of the restraining order Jessica filed against him on Instagram (later deleted) saying that it "disgusted" him. 

Since then, Jessica has moved on — in June 2019 she posted a sweet photo on Instagram of her and a new beau, saying, "The best things in life happen unexpectedly." As for Ryan, while it doesn't look like he has anyone new in his life, he also doesn't seem keen to post about his personal life on social media. He mostly sticks to posting selfies on Instagram and talking about "polotics [sic] as usual" on Twitter. Hopefully they're both happier now.

Jaclyn and Ryan couldn't get on the same page

Jaclyn, a vodka sales rep, and Ryan, a real estate agent, had issues starting on their Season 2 wedding day when Jaclyn wasn't immediately attracted to Ryan. Still, as weeks passed, the couple grew closer and they decided to stay together come decision day. They became a season favorite, so fans were surprised when they came back for the reunion special admitting that they'd since split (via InTouch). 

With some prompting from the experts, the two agreed to give it another shot during the reunion. But their second chance didn't work out either, and Ryan reportedly told Jaclyn that he didn't have feelings for her anymore (via InTouch). Since then, Jaclyn found a new man and in June 2019 she announced on Instagram that the two are expecting a baby girl. Meanwhile, Ryan doesn't seem to have found his special someone yet — but that doesn't mean he's given up on marriage altogether. In October 2018 he posted a photo of himself officiating a friend's wedding. Beyond that, it seems he's keeping busy with his job as a real estate agent.

Sonia and Nick's marriage ended before a devastating accident

In the beginning of Season 4, Sonia and Nick seemed to care about each other, but after explosive arguments and Sonia walking out on Nick, it was perhaps surprising that they chose to stay married on decision day. They announced they were still together at the reunion special six months later, but in the end, they finally called it quits (via InTouch).

Sonia appears to be single as of Valentine's Day 2019, but is happily working on self-love and body image. In a post from June 2019, she said, "I'm more than my weight. I'm caring, beautiful, funny and a whole lot of adjectives which aren't tied to the number on the scale."

Meanwhile, Nick found a new girlfriend, Heather, and the two welcomed a set of adorable twins in December of 2017. But things took a turn when he was in a near-fatal accident in January 2019 and became paralyzed from the waist down. He told People, "[I've] had a lot of support from Heather and especially my mom... I don't know what I would have done without them." In July 2019, Nick shared a post on Instagram about his accident, his injuries, and his goal to get better.

Sheila said Nate cheated on her for their whole marriage

Season 5's Nate and Sheila seemed to be a good match with great chemistry. Still, they had issues concerning Nate's competitiveness and drama with Sheila's male friend. At one point they even almost called it quits before decision day. Still, they chose to stay married.

That is, until November 2017, when Nate announced on Twitter that they'd filed for divorce, denying recent cheating rumors as the cause of the split (via Us Weekly). However, Sheila wanted to set the record straight. "I see that instead of finally operating in integrity, [Nate] chose to continue to lie," she said on Twitter. "There were women throughout our ENTIRE marriage." 

Soon after, Nate had a new lady in his life. In December 2018 he posted a photo on Instagram with the caption "I look amazing next to you." Sheila doesn't seem to have a new love yet but she keeps ties to the show, retweeting Season 4's Sonia's tweet in May 2019: "Sometimes you're the toxic person. Recognize it. Change it." It's not clear if she had Nate in mind when she retweeted this, but after that scandalous breakup, who knows?

Cody and Danielle are both still looking for love

Danielle (a dietitian) and Cody (a gym owner) seemed like a good match when they met in Season 5. But they had some communication issues and Danielle had trouble being intimate with Cody. "I push away more 'cause I just feel like it's — I'm not there and I'm not ready," Danielle said.

Because of these issues, Cody considered divorce, saying, "I just still don't know if we can get out of this, like, stagnation of not moving physically." But by decision day, they choose to stay married and they were even still together at the reunion show. However, in 2017, a year into their marriage, the two called it quits.

In an Instagram post, Danielle explained, "While this was a difficult decision and divorce is not something either of us hoped for, we decided we will be happiest separating," and said she had, "nothin' but love" for Cody. At the time of writing, Danielle appears to still be single, and still working as a dietitian and focusing on healthy living. Cody appears to still be living the single life as well and his social media focuses mostly on golf and spending time with his friends.

Once Jonathan and Molly split, Jonathan dated someone else from Married at First Sight

In Season 6, Molly was hesitant to be intimate with her husband Jonathan. "I like you as a person," she said, "I'm just not physically attracted right now."

But physical issues weren't the only problem. During a couples' session with one of the show's experts, Dr. Jessica, Jonathan played a video he recorded of Molly insulting him. Molly tried to defend herself, but Dr. Jessica shot back at her, saying, "I understand you don't like my honesty but I don't like your lies." By decision day, Molly and Jonathan decided to get a divorce.

While their split may not have been surprising, what happened next was definitely a Married at First Sight first. In August 2018, Jonathan started dating a new lady – none other than the show's own Dr. Jessica (via E! News). The two even got engaged in April 2019. Meanwhile, Molly hasn't shown any sign of finding a new man, instead, filling her Instagram with friends. Plus, it looks like she still keeps in touch with the show too. She showed off a picture of her and some other Married at First Sight ladies hanging out in November 2018.

Jaclyn and Ryan have moved on from Married at First Sight

Jaclyn and Ryan from Season 6 really clicked when they met at the alter and seemed to be genuinely attracted to each other. But they ran into troubles fast. There was some stress about Jaclyn's last boyfriend (who passed away unexpectedly) and drama about Ryan not being home enough. At one point, just days before decision day, the couple admitted they had been talking about divorce. "Ryan and I are not in a good place," Jaclyn said. On decision day, they decided to stay married, but later split after less than a year of marriage (via People).

Soon after, Jaclyn found someone new, and in May 2019, she announced her engagement with an Instagram post. "I have always just wanted to feel this loved by someone," she said. And while it doesn't seem like Ryan is as close to getting re-married, he has posted photos of him looking comfortable with a blonde woman, so maybe he's close to walking down the aisle again too.

Dave and Amber's marriage was a flub, but they wish nothing but the best for each other

Season 7's Amber and Dave never seemed to truly connect. Between her insecurities about being a bad wife and their uncertainties about their future, things didn't look great for Amber and Dave.

Though they decided to stay married at decision day, they returned for the reunion three months later on shaky ground. Amber explained that she had moved out of their home. While Amber wanted to try to make their relationship work, when asked, Dave said he didn't want to reconcile, explaining, "We both hoped that it would be in a different place right now but I think the reality is just that it's not." 

By December 2018, Amber announced that they had filed for divorce in an Instagram post that read, "In the end we just weren't a good match, but I learned a lot through the experience and can now say I'm thankful for it." Since then, she's been spending time with some of the other ladies from the show and seems to be all smiles. Likewise, Dave hasn't shown any sign of a new love after the show, but he seemed hopeful when explaining the divorce on Instagram and wished Amber, "Nothing but the best!"

Mia and Tristan divorced, and Tristan found a new love ASAP

Season 7's Tristan and Mia may have had one of the most dramatic beginnings in Married at First Sight history. Though the wedding went smoothly, Mia was shockingly arrested at the airport when they were headed for their honeymoon. Mia was released almost immediately, but Tristan had a hard time trusting her after that and they ended up having problems with communication. Still, by the end of the experiment, the two decided to try to continue to stay married and work on their relationship.

However, at the reunion special they had already split up. "I cannot bet my future on an unstable woman," Tristan told the experts. By November 2018 the two were officially divorced (via Radar Online). Post divorce, Mia seems to be searching for love, saying in an Instagram post from July 2019, "I love down to earth people that don't have huge egos and don't seek praise." Meanwhile, Tristan found a new lady and is ready to jump back into marriage. He announced his engagement in June 2019 with a post on Instagram that read, "You are a Queen. There's no one else like you."

Kate and Luke seem much happier after ending their marriage

Though the show is called Married at First Sight, when Luke saw Kate walking down the isle, he knew he'd met her before. "I have a speed dating business," he explained, "and she came out to one of the events with one of her friends. 

But things got worse. The couple didn't seem to have a lot of chemistry and had troubles with physical intimacy and attraction. Luke even said he felt repulsed when he kissed her and "dead inside" (via Newsweek). "It came out that no, I'm not his type." Kate said when explaining a conversation she had with her new husband. By the end of the season, the two chose to get a divorce.

Since the end of the show, Kate has been updating her followers with plenty of Instagram posts and stories. While she did say she had a new boyfriend on the reunion special (via New York Post), by April 2019 she posted on Instagram saying she was single again, writing, "I'm all about 'me' time after a break-up." According to Luke's social media, he's still doing speed dating and is spending his time traveling.

Stephanie and AJ are still going strong after Married at First Sight

While quite a few couples in Married at First Sight history decided to stay married at the end of the experiment, fewer have stayed married long enough to show up to the reunion episode together, and even fewer were still going strong even after that. But it looks like Season 8's AJ and Stephanie are one of the few couples who could go the distance. 

This couple seemed meant-to-be from the wedding day. They had great chemistry and they really seemed to like each other. There were some small issues they ran into during their season, like AJ having a temper when he was hungry and when he got upset when he realized he had to spend the weekend in a house with the other Married at First Sight couples from that season. But they worked through it and by decision day, the two wanted to stay together. These days, Stephanie and AJ are going strong, Stephanie posting a photo in July 2019 of her and AJ on vacation, saying, "This man is my heart."

Kristine and Keith are a Married at First Sight success story

Kristine and Keith got married in Season 8, and their connection was strong from the beginning. "I got butterflies as soon as she smiled at me," Keith said about watching his new wife walk down the isle towards him. Of course, their marriage wasn't without some conflict. They argued over Keith having a photo of an ex-girlfriend on his phone and about Kristine's desire for more equally split household responsibilities (via Newsweek). 

But still, the couple seemed to really love each other. Kristine was supportive of Keith with his family issues and the two had plenty of romantic moments together. In the end, the two chose to stay together on decision day and announced they were still together at the reunion (via International Business Times). In June 2019, Kristine posted a photo of them from their wedding with the caption saying, "The magic of this moment has never left."

Things got dramatic for Jasmine and Will on social media

Jasmine and Will had their fair share of relationship struggles in Season 8. They had issues when it came to financial goals and who would pay the bills, but they did share a connection. By decision day, Jasmine was willing to stay married, but surprisingly, Will said he wanted a divorce, saying, "I guess my biggest concern or issue is just the communication" (via New York Post).

"I'm disappointed because I think you're missing out on a lot, because what she can contribute to your life would be stratospheric," Pastor Cal, one of the experts on the show, said when Will revealed his decision.

Later, Will made a statement on social media announcing that they had split, starting the post with what seemed to be a dig at Jasmine: "They say you can truly see a person when you're not looking at them, and those actions define their true character" (via Newsweek). Jasmine apparently didn't approve of his post because she responded with: "You didn't sign up honestly, you weren't honest during the process and I called you out on it!"