Lizzie McGuire Reboot - Details We Know So Far

Lizzie McGuire first aired in 2001 on Disney Channel, running for two seasons and spawning a successful feature film, The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Now there's word that the franchise is going to continue on, by way of a Lizzie McGuire reboot, and we're desperate to find out more about the release date, cast, and plot. Heck, even music super star Lizzo wants to be a part of the show's return.

We do know that the Lizzie McGuire reboot will eventually be available on Disney+, Disney's upcoming streaming platform, which will cost $6.99 a month. Luckily for fans of the original series, all 65 episodes will also be available to watch on Disney+, which launches on November 12, 2019 (via ET Online).

Will Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo be reunited? Is Lizzie dating jock Ethan, or have her tastes matured? Here's everything we know so far about the Lizzie McGuire reboot, with updates as more information becomes available.

What is the Lizzie McGuire reboot's release date?

It was announced on the very first day of the D23 Expo (a Disney fan conference) that a Lizzie McGuire reboot would be streamed on the upcoming Disney+ platform, which launches on November 12, 2019. Hilary Duff stepped on stage to make the announcement, and was met by the gasps and screams of fans (via Disney). 

Disney+ made an announcement about the show's return on Twitter, saying only that the Lizzie McGuire reboot was "coming soon," but they didn't specify a release date for the show. However, the IMDB page for the reboot says the show will air in 2020.  

Duff also hasn't mentioned an official Lizzie McGuire reboot release date, but she has dropped a few clues. 

She mentioned that she's still going to be appearing on TV Land's Younger, which shoots in New York. Duff said that Lizzie McGuire will shoot in Los Angeles, after which she'll go to New York for Younger (via ET Online). There isn't a release date for Younger's seventh season yet, but new seasons usually debut in June (via Oprah Magazine). If shooting for the Lizzie McGuire reboot takes place before shooting for Younger, and if production goes well, we could see the Lizzie McGuire reboot streaming as soon as Spring 2020. Only time will tell.

What's the plot of the Lizzie McGuire reboot?

It's been 15 years since the last episode of Lizzie McGuire aired on Disney Channel, and it turns out, Lizzie has grown up. The new Lizzie McGuire reboot will feature Hilary Duff playing a Lizzie who is about to turn 30. The millennial living in New York City will have an apprenticeship for a top designer, a hunky boyfriend, and an animated sidekick narrating her deepest inner thoughts, just like in the original series (via ET Online).

What we don't know is what will happen after we're introduced to Lizzie's new life. We know that the show is shooting in Los Angeles, and Duff has said that Lizzie has "been living in New York and I'm not sure how long she's going to stay there." The star also said, "She's not going to stay in Brooklyn too long" (via Vulture). Apparently, Lizzie is fed up with her New York life and ends up booking it back to the West Coast. Could that mean a move back home to live with Mom and Dad, like so many millennials before her? Does she break up with her fiancé, who is apparently a SoHo restaurateur (via Glamour)? That would certainly give the show the perfect set-up to bring back all of the original characters, but for now it's all speculation.

Will Lizzie McGuire have a baby in the reboot?

Hilary Duff has two children in real life (via PopSugar), and that got us wondering — will Lizzie McGuire have kids in the reboot of the classic show on Disney+?

Duff spoke to the issue in an interview with E! News, and it turns out that no, Lizzie will not have kids in the reboot. At least, not when the show starts.

"Coming back when she's 30 and she's not in a marriage and she's not having a baby and she's not doing all the things that I have already done in my life, that story is really exciting for me," Duff said. 

But she didn't rule out the possibility of Lizzie having kids eventually. "Maybe at the end of the series we see her having a baby? You know, maybe it's hard for her to get pregnant?" Duff surmised. 

We'll just have to watch the show to find out!

Who is in the Lizzie McGuire reboot cast?

There would be no Lizzie McGuire reboot without Hilary Duff, the actor who embodied the character for two seasons and a movie (via Variety), so it makes sense that it was Duff who announced the show's return at the D23 Expo (via Disney). Disney+ announced on Twitter that Duff would be reprising her role as the iconic Lizzie McGuire, while Duff herself also shared the news in an Instagram post that included a video montage of "animated Lizzie" and other moments from the show and movie. 

But so far, there's no word on what other cast members have signed on to appear in the reboot. While we'd love to see actor Lalaine reprise her role as Lizzie's bestie Miranda, and Adam Lamberg return as the friend-turned-maybe-more Gordo (more on that in a second...), neither one has acted much in recent years. 

There's also no word on if Lizzie's parents (played by Hallie Todd and Robert Carradine) or brother Matt (Jake Thomas) will appear in the Lizzie McGuire reboot, nor if McGuire's archnemesis Kate (played by Ashlie Brillault) or cool-guy crush Ethan (played by Clayton Snyder) will return. There's a glimmer of hope, though, as Duff says, "The chances are high" that original cast members will act on the show, and that "people are going to be very surprised and excited" (via ET Online).

Did Lizzie and Gordo end up together in the Lizzie McGuire reboot?

Lizzie and Gordo were part of a best friend trio with Miranda in the original Lizzie McGuire series, but sparks started to fly between her in Gordo in the last few episodes, culminating in an oh-so-memorable kiss in the Lizzie McGuire movie. Lizzie chooses Gordo over her jock crush Ethan and over Italian super star Paolo, so they had to be pretty serious, right? 

Well, not everything lasts forever. In the reboot, Lizzie will be engaged to someone — and it apparently isn't Gordo (via Cosmopolitan). But Hilary Duff isn't too sad about it. She said that the romantic tension between Lizzie and Gordo during their friendship is part of what made the original show interesting. "I feel like them not being together is what was so good," she said in an interview with Vulture. "It's that one person that you're like, Was he the one? Is it ever going to be? You're always kind of wondering." 

That doesn't necessarily mean that Gordo won't be in the show. Duff says that she hopes Adam Lambert, who played Gordo, will be involved, and said that "it's so important for him to be there" for parts of the reboot. 

When does the Lizzie McGuire reboot take place?

The Lizzie McGuire reboot isn't picking up where the show left off in its final episode in 2004. Instead, it takes place in the present-day, where Lizzie McGuire is all grown up and about to turn 30.

Hilary Duff said that there's a significance to McGuire returning to television just before her 30th birthday. "I think it's the right time to set back in and have her go along with you in your 30s," she told People. "I just thought that there was an opportunity there for her to be grown up and for her to be there for women again." 

It sounds like McGuire's life will have changed significantly in the reboot. We'll see the main character living in present-day New York City, likely with a modern wardrobe that hopefully still manages to capture the character's quirky fashion style while updating it from some of the questionable early-aughts looks (via Marie Claire Australia)

"I think [Lizzie] was so important to girls at an important time in their life," Duff told ET Online. "If she could be important to them again at this age, I think that would be amazing."

Is there a trailer for the Lizzie McGuire reboot yet?

If you've been frantically searching the internet for a Lizzie McGuire reboot trailer, you're not alone. But so far, no trailer for the Lizzie McGuire reboot has been released.

In Hilary Duff's Instagram post announcing the return of Lizzie McGuire she included a short video, but it was made up of clips and animated segments from the original television show and the Lizzie McGuire movie. So far, there isn't an official trailer for the Lizzie McGuire reboot on the Disney+ website or on any of their social media channels. 

Once the trailer does drop, though, it might give us a better idea about when the show is going to air (so we can plan our viewing party!). Most feature film trailers are released four months before the movie premieres (via Stephen Follows). The Lizzie McGuire reboot isn't a feature film, but it is being produced by Disney, so it might follow the same trailer schedule that they'd use for one of their movies. That means whenever the trailer does drop, it's likely that the show will be airing just a few months later.