Here's What Happened To Mimi From OutDaughtered

OutDaughtered stars Adam and Danielle Busby are some of the busiest parents around, raising six little girls (8-year-old Blakye, and her 4-year-old quintuplet siblings: Hazel, Ava, Olivia, Parker, and Riley) while holding down jobs and starring on their hit TLC show. Thankfully, Danielle's mom, Michelle Theriot, aka Mimi, is always eager to help — a little too eager, at times. 

As fans will know, Mimi moved from Louisiana to Texas to be closer to her grandchildren shortly after the quintuplets were born. Although she was originally living with Adam and Danielle, as OutDaughtered detailed, eventually their home was a bit too packed and Mimi reluctantly moved out to her own place (with a little help from Danielle and a strategically planned surprise party). 

Mimi lost everything in Hurricane Harvey

Danielle told Channel Guide Magazine that she couldn't imagine doing OutDaughtered without her twin sisters and mother, noting, "It's made it more exciting with­ them. I love being able to capture moments with them. And I see them all the time — especially my sister that lives here close to me — so it would have been weird not having her involved, them involved, because we're always together."

Although it seemed like Mimi had finally settled happily into her new place, sadly she lost her home in Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The house was completely destroyed, which led Mimi to move back in with family again.

"My mom, Mimi, as well as tons of other close friends of ours have lost everything. We were not able to get into Mimi's house for about 4 days after the storm due to the high water. We had to throw away pretty much EVERYTHING.  It has been very emotional...having to throw away family heirlooms, photos from when we were all kids...just... all around our memories," Danielle wrote on their family blog at the time.

The tragedy made Mimi incredibly grateful

Although surrounded by family in her difficult time, Mimi did admit on OutDaughtered to not being completely comfortable staying with her daughter and son-in-law again. "It's sad. I'm surrounded by so many people that love me but, actually, I've never felt more alone," she explained (via Distractify). 

The tragedy made Mimi incredibly grateful for all the blessings in her life, particularly the outpouring of fan support during the ordeal. Posting a photo to Instagram, the proud grandmother thanked those who supported her. "I could never say THANK YOU enough to so many that GATHERED around me during the tragic event of Harvey. ...This tragic event brought so many lives together for GOOD. So my memories of hurts have been overcome with all the LOVE and SUPPORT from SO MANY. THANK YOU AGAIN," she wrote.  

Mimi is moving on to bigger and better things

Things appear to be looking up for Mimi these days, as according to Distractify, she has earned her real estate license. Theriot seems to be doing just fine as a realtor, as Facebook reviews generally describe her as a "hard working" and a "sweet lady," which chimes well with fans' perception of Mimi from OutDaughteredHer Facebook profile indicates that she is currently working for Keller Williams. 

The "very excited" businesswoman's bio notes that Mimi was a teacher for 25 years but always had an interest in real estate thanks to her father, who worked on developing properties as she was growing up. "I would go with him to check on and watch the development of his properties. Real estate struck an interest in me at a very young age. I loved looking and seeking properties of all kinds. As an adult I would spend most of my free time after school and weekends driving around looking at properties and subdivision developments," she details.  

For Mimi, family still comes first

Mimi also notes in her bio that she helped loved ones locate the best properties for them over the years. Her new vocation definitely came in handy when Adam and Danielle needed a place to stay while their home underwent mold remediation. The Busbys discovered their home was riddled with mold when Ava, who was having difficulty breathing, had to be taken to the doctor (via Good Housekeeping). Danielle subsequently went looking for a rental home to suit their needs, with Mimi acting as her real estate agent and ultimately finding them the perfect home.

Mimi continues to be a remarkably positive influence on her grandchildren, too, as a feature in Romper earlier this year attested. The piece details how Mimi kept the kids entertained and focused during a busy photo-shoot, enthusiastically directing, via a purple megaphone no less, "One, two, three! Smile for me!" She even found some downtime for a duet of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' hit "Uptown Funk" with little Riley.