Bindi Irwin Said 'Yes' To A Wedding Dress, And It Looks Stunning

Bindi Irwin isn't wasting any time in planning her wedding. Just two months after announcing her engagement, the young conservationist has announced that she has found the perfect wedding dress, and even teased a glimpse of it on Instagram on September 29. 

"I said yes to the dress," the 21-year-old wrote on Instagram on a picture of a delicate lace sleeve that comes down to her wrists. Given the full length-sleeve, it seems that Irwin's dress might be on the modest side, and from what we can see of it, she will look absolutely stunning on her big day.

She explained to Good Morning America that the all-important garment was actually a last-minute purchase. "I left my dress until the last minute but I'm really excited about it," Irwin said. "It's really special. I love it so much because it kind of mimics my mom's beautiful dress so I found something that paid tribute to her beautiful wedding dress and I'm thrilled."

Bindi Irwin also flaunted her engagement ring

Irwin tagged her fiancé, longtime boyfriend Chandler Powell, in the Instagram picture of her wedding dress. She also made sure to get her beautiful engagement ring in the edge of the shot. In a previous Instagram post, Irwin revealed some details about the gorgeous diamond sparkler in the comments. 

"My ring features a lab grown diamond and is made with rose gold recycled metal," she wrote. "Chandler was incredibly thoughtful when he chose it. The ring captures the essence of who I am (with its vintage flare) and our life together, with the twisted band and scattered diamonds."

Bindi Irwin will honor her dad at her wedding

While Bindi Irwin is famous in her own right, fans still remember her late father, Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin. The Crocodile Hunter won't be there to walk his daughter down the aisle when she ties the knot, but Irwin has said that she wants her younger brother, Robert, to stand in for him, telling ET Online in July that she thinks it's what her dad would have wanted.

"I think that for me, it'll be really important that Robert walks me down the aisle," said Irwin. "That's something that I really want to do."

Bindi Irwin said getting engaged was 'beautiful' and 'terrifying'

When Irwin and Powell got engaged, Irwin shared a snap of the lovely moment on Instagram. "The most beautiful surprise," she wrote on July 24 on a picture of Powell popping the question. "Chandler and [my brother] Robert worked together to capture the moment I said 'YES'. We were in the gardens of Australia Zoo and it was beyond perfect. I never even knew Robert was there photographing and I'll always be grateful to have these special memories of the most amazing day of my life."

While this description of their engagement is sweet, it doesn't capture the entire picture. On September 30, during her GMA appearance (via Daily Mail) with Powell as well as her mother, Terri, and her brother, Robert, Irwin explained further, saying, "Chandler had set it all up with Rob so he'd be there taking pictures, but I had no idea. So I'm there crying, hugging Chandler and all of a sudden Robert bursts through the bushes and I'm like a fainting goat, I just die. So it was the most beautiful and most terrifying moment of my life."

Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell aren't going to have a typical wedding

While Irwin's dress looks like it's going to be quite traditional, her wedding is going to be anything but. As she and Powell told GMA, the wedding will feature some of their favorite things. For starters, they're not getting married in a church or in a hall, but at a zoo. "It's where we met, it's where we got engaged, it only makes sense to have it at the Australia Zoo," said Powell. 

The day will be filled with animals who will be present during the ceremony, and Irwin plans to walk down the aisle while holding a koala. "We may be setting some new trends for weddings from here on out," she said.

Bindi Irwin can't wait to tie the knot

While a wedding date hasn't been announced yet, Irwin is definitely in the wedding mood and Powell says she's been on top of planning their special day. "Bindi is 100 percent Lesley Knope," he explained, referring to the hyper-organized Parks and Recreation character played by Amy Poehler. "She has colored-coded binders, she has itineraries for all of us, it makes my job easy."

The couple are excited for the upcoming nuptials, and say that they are "lucky" to have met their "person in life." "That's what makes a relationship so wonderful," Irwin gushed. "You have to marry your best friend."