Chrissy Metz Reveals How Growing Up 'Broke' Helped Her

It's hard to imagine Chrissy Metz as anything but the gorgeous and successful film and television star that she is today. Metz has reached superstar status thanks to her role in This Is Us, but things haven't always been smooth sailing for the talented actress and singer

In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance's "My Three Cents," Metz opened up about growing up "broke" and how her upbringing helped her develop the work ethic that has transformed her into a household name. 

Chrissy Metz didn't get an allowance growing up

Like many young people, Metz had to do chores around the house, but she didn't get any money for it. "I would have so many chores, but it really did sort of instill that work ethic... I hated [my stepfather] for it, but I'm glad that he did that."

When asked if she received an allowance, Metz laughed. "I was allowed to live there," she said. "Allowance? Absolutely not... When I hear kids go, 'Where's my $20?' I'm like '$20? For what?!'"

Metz added that her family went through some really rough times when she was growing up and that, after her parents divorced, there were times when there wasn't even enough food to go around. "It was tricky," she said of her mother's struggles to raise her kids on her own. Knowing what it was like not to have much money has made Metz appreciate what she has even more.

Chrissy Metz worked hard for her own money

Metz made spare cash babysitting when she was growing up, but her first "traditional" job was at McDonald's where she made $4.25 an hour. "I wanted to buy a pair of shoes," she explained. "My mom's like, 'We're not spending a hundred dollars on a pair of tennis shoes.' I'm like, 'Oh, you might not. But I will!'"

Metz didn't just earn enough money to buy the coveted shoes for herself, but also learned some important life lessons. "My manager was so awesome, and he was so helpful in the way that he would speak to me or speak to any of the employees, which made me want to work harder for him. I was like, 'Oh, wow. You do absolutely get more bees with honey.'"

The actress added that she learned a lot from working at McDonald's, although it was a difficult job. "I think it's such a great learning experience, and it really instilled a lot for me," she said.