Becca Kufrin Is Supporting Blake Horstmann In The Aftermath Of Bachelor In Paradise

Blake Horstmann is still dealing with the fallout from the secrets that were revealed on the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise. The reality star found himself reviled by fans after it came out that Horstmann hooked up with both his ex Kristina Schulmann as well as Caelynn Miller-Keyes last April on consecutive nights. Both Schulmann and Miller-Keyes also appeared on Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise with Horstmann. 

Horstmann is understandably going through a difficult time, but former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin has expressed her support for her one-time suitor. 

Becca Kufrin said that Bachelor in Paradise 'isn't for everyone'

"I think everyone learns something from the show whether they had a good time or not," Kufrin told E! News on September 28. "They always just learn something and take away from it so that's all you can ask for."

While a lot of people hate Horstmann right now, Kufrin isn't one of them. "I support him," she said. "I wish him the best and I want him to find love but, Paradise isn't for everyone."

Kufrin added that she watched Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise to support her friends who were on it, and even she was surprised at the show's events. "It was very dramatic," she said. "It was the first full season of Paradise that I've ever watched. It was interesting to see it from start to finish. Some of my girlfriends found love and happiness and that's all that matters."

Blake Horstmann has said that he's struggling

It's a good thing that Blake Horstmann has someone in his corner because things have been hard for him to deal with lately. Horstmann previously opened up about how he's handling the fallout from the Bachelor in Paradise season. On Sept. 18, 2019, Horstmann spoke on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast saying that he has experienced depression since leaving Bachelor in Paradise.

"Coming off of Becca [Kufrin]'s season, I didn't get too much hate," he said. "Then, to suddenly get as much as I did right away, it was really hard."