Is There Any Hope For Eddie And Katherine In A Million Little Things Season 2?

It was a long seven months for fans of A Million Little Things, but season 2 of the hit ABC show is finally here to (hopefully) answer all the burning questions we were left with at the end of season 1.

Though there is no shortage of drama and suspense in the multiple storylines of the show, it's Eddie and Katherine's journey in particular that has sparked viewers' interest. Season 1 saw the couple, played by David Giuntoli and Grace Park, separate as Katherine discovered that Eddie had been having an affair with mutual friend Delilah. Though it did seem that they were inching towards reconciliation as the season went on, the finale's cliffhanger had those hoping for a reunion on the edge of their seats as Eddie seemed ready to confess his biggest secret of all to Katherine.

Is there any hope for this troubled couple as season 2 of A Million Little Things gets underway? Executive producer DJ Nash has some insight into that question (along with spoilers for season 2, episode 1).

Where do Eddie and Katherine stand now?

Those on #TeamReconciliation were likely disappointed by the second season's first episode, as it is now clear that Eddie and Katherine's road to a happy reunion will be a bumpy one — if a reunion happens at all.

Viewers watched Eddie confess to Katherine that Delilah's baby was in fact his, not John's, as she had been led to believe, and it pushed Katherine to her breaking point. Though she insisted with a brave face that Eddie go to the hospital to support Delilah as she gave birth, Katherine's next moves were telling. The normally steadfast mother chose to pack her bags and walk out on not only her estranged husband, but their son Theo, too. It was an uncharacteristic move, to be sure, and as Katherine did not return home by the show's end, viewers were left wondering if she would ever be back.

A Million Little Things EP explains why Katherine's story is difficult

A Million Little Things executive producer DJ Nash told TVLine that he grappled with how to shape Katherine's story, so as not to be insensitive to those who might be against a reconciliation. 

"Over the break, I struggled with being true to the women who would never want Katherine to take Eddie back and being true to the fans that would love to see them reconcile," Nash says. "After the journey of bringing them closer and closer together all last season, it seemed even too heartbreaking for me to have that end there. So the question was: How do we keep Katherine's authenticity?"

He admits that Katherine jumping ship is a "controversial move," but says "...that was built around us wanting to make sure Eddie suffers. There was a feeling that he hadn't paid the price for what he did last season." 

Will A Million Little Things' Katherine come home soon?

Nash further explained to TV Guide that he sees Katherine's move as a desperate one, saying, "...Katherine's in a very desperate place. She is leaving not out of anger towards Eddie or the situation, [but] because she doesn't want her son to see her like this. Before she leaves, she makes sure that Eddie's on his way home. [...] For me, the challenge as a writer and for us as a writing team, was to both honor people who identify with Katherine. And also be true to those who are invested in Katherine and Eddie and their reconciliation. As we were looking at what would be a move that Katherine could make that would be real, be authentic and continue to tell her story, this felt like the that she'd reached her breaking point."

While Katherine might not know how she feels about Eddie at the moment, it's clear that the well-being of Theo is always top of mind. Would someone in her shoes, though hurt, really abandon her son, or would she decide to forgive and forget for the sake of her family? If Nash's hint that Katherine isn't angry is any indication, viewers might just see a reconciliation after she's had time to process and heal. 

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