The Untold Truth Of Danielle Busby

Danielle Busby's hit show OutDaughtered has a lot to offer, as any fan of reality television knows. The hit TLC series, which has been on the air since 2016, is definitely heartwarming. While the Busby daughters certainly steal the spotlight, fans can't help but also be obsessed with the busy matriarch of the Busby clan. Danielle certainly fits the "wonder woman" description, as she is a wife to husband Adam Busby and a mother to six daughters, including the only all-female set of quintuplets in the United States

Danielle's life is definitely fascinating. And it's only natural to wonder how she got to the point in her life where she is successfully juggling six children, a husband, a household, a blog, and so much more. Danielle may share a lot of her life on social media, television but there is still so much more to her than meets the eye. 

OutDaughtered's Danielle Busby grew up in Louisana, but is a bonafide Texan now

As fans of TLC's OutDaughtered know to be true, Danielle Busby grew up in a small town in Louisiana, Lake Charles. As can be seen on several episodes of the show, the Busby family has traveled home to Louisiana many times. Although, with the quints in tow, it's never exactly an easy-breezy trip, as shown in the family's 2018 vlog of one of their trips back to the state of Louisiana to see their families on YouTube.

However, once Danielle married husband Adam Busby, she left her hometown of Lake Charles and moved to the great state of Texas. On her blog, It's A Buzz World, she wrote, "Shortly after we were married we moved off to the big city of Houston, Texas." Now, the mother of six is a bonafide Texan, and she has definitely felt state pride for her new home. After the devastating Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area in 2017, the Busbys were quick to get involved and volunteer in their community, according to Country Living. Clearly, Danielle has settled into Texas quite nicely. 

OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby met her husband in the cutest way

Anyone who has watched OutDaughtered knows that Danielle Busby and her husband, Adam Busby, have a super sweet relationship. While they've been through so much together, the Busbys started their relationship in a super adorable way. As she wrote on her blog, Danielle met her husband while the two were working at a local Target. Basically, the Busbys had a total millennial fairytale romance. Recalling how the start of their relationship, Danielle shared, "A few weeks go by where we started eating lunch and taking our Target 15 min breaks together...(so romantic). Adam finally asked me out on a date...wait I mean begged me."

After that, it wasn't that long until the two became an official couple, and two and a half years later, Adam proposed to Danielle on Christmas Eve. Now the two are happier than ever, and their sweet past is only part of their story. 

Before OutDaughtered, Danielle Busby struggled with infertility

Danielle Busby has always been honest about her life and her struggles, both on and off camera. When OutDaughtered started, she and husband Adam Busby were upfront with the fact that they had struggled getting pregnant with their first daughter, Blayke. Danielle explained on It's a Buzz World that they got pregnant with Blayke through intrauterine insemination, or IUI, but it wasn't a quick or easy process. "We went through 5 cycles (5 months) with me being on Clomid and doing IUI ... and no success," she wrote. It wasn't until their doctor switched them to a different drug that the procedure stuck, and Danielle became pregnant.

The next time they tried for a child, the Busbys used IUI again and got pregnant fairly quickly. "The IUI procedure went fine... then we waited the two weeks....prayed, prayed, prayed...and we actually received a positive pregnancy test!" Danielle shared. While the Busbys may have struggled to become parents, we'd say they believe it was all worth it in the end. "As challenging as our infertility journey had been and as challenging as our future will be...I would not change anything about it," she wrote. 

What OutDaughtered's Danielle Busby really thinks about being a working mom

To OutDaughtered fans, it's obvious that Danielle Busby spends most of her time looking after her six children and taking care of them, their home, and just about everything else. However, she is far from a stay-at-home mom. In fact, Danielle's job has caused conflict for her and husband Adam Busby, as seen on the show. "I think Adam's upset about me going back to work because it's just gonna change the dynamics of how stuff gets done at the house," Danielle said in one episode of OutDaughtered after she expressed that she wanted to work more at their cycling studio

Danielle has also been very honest on her blog, It's A Buzz World, about how she'd always worked until she gave birth to the quints. "My whole life I adored kids, babysat all the time and could not wait to be a stay at home mom one day," she explained. "Well when that time came and we actually had Blayke, 3 months into maternity leave...I wanted to go back to work." Danielle is dedicated, and she definitely enjoys working — both in the home and out of it. 

Having quints changed OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby's entire life

On her blog, It's a Buzz World, Danielle Busby explained how she and her husband, Adam Busby, are able to provide for six children, and she also opened up about her inner struggle between going back to work and staying at home. When she had daughter Blayke, Danielle returned to work after her maternity leave, and she and Adam were making a good amount of money. However, that didn't mean they were completely content with their lifestyle. "What my heart wanted (to be a stay at home mom) my mind saw 'more money' and this was clouding my heart's direction," she wrote. 

After she and Adam found out they were having quintuplets, she shared that they "immediately [thought] are we going to afford this?"  Danielle quit her job while she was pregnant, and, though the couple was worried about how they were going to afford everything, they were able to make it work. "I no longer have a full-time income coming in, but we are doing it!" she stated on her blog. Of course, the family does also presumably make money from OutDaughtered.

OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby always loved kids

Part of what makes OutDaughtered such a special show is that both Adam and Danielle Busby have such a clear love for their children. It's not easy to raise six daughters, especially when five of them are quints, but the Busbys make it happen in large part due to Danielle's affection for children. "My heart has always been drawn to kids and I know I have been given a special gift with children," she wrote on her blog, It's A Buzz World. "When I saw Adam had this same gift, I knew I would marry this man. We both knew we wanted to have kids but never imagined being faced with the challenges it would take to actually have kids." 

Of course, she and Adam did have some fertility struggles, and Danielle admitted it was shocking that they did, considering their shared love of children. "Adam and I both adore kids and we never ever imagined WE would have issues," she stated in a blog post. Still, they worked through their struggles and are now amazing parents to six daughters. No one deserves it more than these two! 

Will OutDaughtered's Danielle Busby have more children in the future?

While Danielle Busby has actually only been pregnant twice, she birthed six children, so it's totally understandable that she wouldn't exactly be too keen on going through pregnancy and child birth again. In fact, on an episode of OutDaughtered, Danielle and husband Adam Busby had an argument after Adam forgot to go in for a checkup after his vasectomy to ensure that the procedure took. Danielle was visibly frustrated and told her husband, "This is B.S. coming out of your mouth. Do you really want more kids?" 

However, the issue of whether or not they want more children is still kind of up in the air. In an interview with Us Weekly, Danielle revealed she won't be getting pregnant again, but they might still want to expand their family. "Shop's closed," she said. "It would be nice to have a little boy and carry on the Busby name here, but there won't be any more children unless one day God put it on our hearts to adopt."

OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby knows that being a wife isn't always easy

Danielle Busby and husband Adam Busby got married in 2006, so they've been together for quite some time. However, even with six children at home, the Busbys still manage to keep the spark alive, and Danielle's passion for date nights might be a big reason why. "Don't ever give up on your date nights," she told Us Weekly. "What we hear most from other couples is, 'We don't have time,' but we don't have time, we just make time. That's the advice is to find that day and make the time." 

While she enjoys having fun quality time with her husband, Danielle has also been honest about the struggles within her marriage. On OutDaughtered, Adam went through a rough patch when he was diagnosed with male postpartum depression, and, while Danielle tried to be supportive, she was having a hard time. "I just wish you would have been more open and said something to me instead of hiding it," she said in the episode, according to People. "You can't shut me out." Clearly, Danielle sees their relationship as a priority.

OutDaughtered's Danielle Busby values schedules and organization

As a mother of six, OutDaughtered's Danielle Busby might just have a trick or two up her sleeve when it comes to organization. Especially since she even opened up on her Instagram page that her biggest pet peeve is the lack of organization. "Pet Peeves: Messes and things not being organized," she informed her Instagram followers in a post of "fun facts." She is so passionate about organization that she even has an entire blog post dedicated to the subject in which she explains her daily schedule with her children.

"When you have FIVE two-year-olds running the house and in their terrible twos (loud and proud) our schedule lets me know exactly when it will (hopefully) be [quiet]....[quiet] is sanity in my a days," Busby wrote on her It's A Buzz World blog. "We are a very busy household and have tons going on constantly...but a schedule is STILL important." For Danielle, following a schedule and keeping things tidy and organized is how she manages her hectic life with husband Adam Busby and their kids. 

Danielle Busby feels passionately about sharing her life with others with OutDaughtered

Danielle Busby knows a thing or two about what it's like to be on camera. Danielle and her husband, Adam Busby — and their entire family — live their lives on the small screen, and America is privy to much of their private lives with their show OutDaughtered. It can't be easy for Danielle, but she has said that she actually feels grateful and passionate about living her life in the public eye. While she didn't expect her life to turn out this way, Danielle is happy with how things are. "I never in a million years would have thought I would live a life with six beautiful girls and have a reality tv show," she wrote on the It's A Buzz World blog. 

However, despite all the negatives starring on a reality show can have, Danielle explained that she was confident she was doing what she was supposed to, based on her faith. "So we share... and we do share publicly, but that is because we feel God called us to do so," she shared. Danielle has embraced her life in the public eye and is doing what she feels called to do.

OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby has dealt with her fair share of mommy-shamers

While Danielle Busby might feel comfortable in her decision to star on a reality television show, that doesn't mean things have been easy for the OutDaughtered star and her family every step of the way. Though she has plenty of fans and viewers who send her well wishes, Danielle also has to deal with some trolls and mommy-shammers who question and criticize her parenting decisions. On a Season 5 episode of OutDaughtered, Danielle and her husband, Adam Busby, were faced with a tough decision when one of the quints excelled at school and her teachers suggested she move up a grade. In an interview with People, Danielle explained how she decided to let daughter Riley move up. "Riley's above and beyond with her intelligence," she said. "Knowing where she's at right now, this was our decision based on her. Of course we looked at the family and how this change affects everyone else."

Still, people were quick to shame her for focusing too much on Riley. Hopefully, Danielle never lets all the parent-shaming get to her. 

OutDaughtered's Danielle Busby has a great relationship with her sisters

On many episodes of OutDaughtered, Danielle Busby and her husband, Adam Busby, can be seen spending time with her sisters, Ashley and Crystal, who are actually twins. Danielle really enjoys getting to spend time with them, and she has said that she appreciates them being there for her. In a 2016 interview with Channel Guide Magazine, Danielle explained that her family was on their TLC show a lot, and she liked it that way. 

"Would I have done the show without them? Well, it's made it more exciting with them," she explained. "I love being able to capture moments with them. And I see them all the time — especially my sister that lives here close to me — so it would have been weird not having her involved, them involved, because we're always together." Truly, as time has gone on, viewers have seen how close Danielle is to her sisters, and it's pretty heartwarming that she gets to see them as often as she does. 

OutDaughtered's Danielle Busby is an entrepreneur

While Danielle Busby had to leave her office job in order to raise her kids, she is more than a mom. The OutDaughtered star is also somewhat of an entrepreneur, as she has launched more than one business since becoming a parent. First, Danielle and her sisters, Crystal and Ashley, started a workout clothes line called CADi fitness. According to the CADi Fitness website, "CADi Fitness is a Fitness Apparel Line created from our Strong and 'i'ndependent Women driven hearts." 

But that's not all she's done. Danielle, who's also run cycling studio Rush Cycle with partners, has started her own online children's clothing boutique, Graeson Bee, with husband Adam Busby. According to the Graeson Bee website, they were obsessed with the name Graeson for a boy, and, while they never had a son, they decided to keep the name for the store. "The name Graeson always stuck with us though, so when thinking about what we would name our Children's Boutique we knew we wanted to incorporate the name Graeson as a way of stepping out of our box of all things girl and making this shop our son!"

Danielle Busby loves to cook, but the OutDaughter star prefers to make easy meals

Being a parent to any number of children is a challenge in and of itself, but as Danielle Busby is a mother to six daughters, she has had to adjust a lot along the way. Before having six children, the OutDaughtered star loved to cook, and, while she still appreciates preparing a delicious meal, she explained on her blog that making food can be stressful nowadays. "Cooking for a family of eight, is no joke," she wrote on her It's A Buzz World blog. "I feel like I cook for a cafeteria at least three times a day. I used to love to cook new meals and try new foods but a lot has changed in my cooking skills, lol. I don't necessarily enjoy it as much any more because I feel like I never get out of the kitchen." 

Fortunately, Danielle has a lot of easy, nutritious meals (which she posts the recipes for on her blog) that her husband, Adam Busby, and their family love.