Sweet Home Sextuplets: How The Waldrops Support Their Huge Family

Eric and Courtney Waldrop have plenty to contend with thanks to their nine children and the ever-present TV cameras capturing all the action for their TLC show Sweet Home Sextuplets. The busy parents were delighted when a routine course of IVF gave them not one additional child but six, adding to the three boys they already had — but also leading to the loss of Courtney's job. 

Sweet Home Sextuplets seems to showcase a happy, bustling family life, but they still have a lot of mouths to feed whichever way you look at it. How do the Waldrops really support their huge family on just one income?

What are the Waldrops' jobs?

Courtney Waldrop was forced to leave her teaching job in 2017 when she was put on bed rest while pregnant with the sextuplets. In the pilot episode of Sweet Home Sextuplets, Waldrop reminisced about teaching for 13 years, noting, "I was put on pretty strict bedrest, which was very, very sad, because I'm really missing what I do." 

Although Waldrop clearly misses teaching, being the caregiver of nine children just isn't conducive to her working outside of the house anymore, meaning her husband supports their family for the most part. In the first episode of Sweet Home Sextuplets, Eric Waldrop revealed he runs a landscape design and maintenance company. "On top of owning my own business, we live on top of 40 acres. Twenty acres of it is a working sheep farm. We have, like, close to 100 sheep right now," he explained. 

Distractify notes Waldrop studied landscape horticulture at Auburn University, graduating in 2004 alongside business partner Jeremy Robinson. Their Robinson & Waldrop Landscape Group has been running since 2005. 

Do the Waldrops get any other financial support?

TLC and the Waldrops' community help to cover some of their bills, too. Their church, the Solitude Baptist Church, raised around $5,000 in a gender reveal run to cover the costs of the sextuplets' birth. Likewise, as the show details, the busy parents rely on their friends and family to take care of the kids free of charge rather than expensive daycare.

Although their salary for Sweet Home Sextuplets isn't public, it's likely somewhere between $1,500 to $40,000 per episode. Romper reports that reality TV producer Terence Michael told E! News that families of these types of shows can expect to receive about 10 percent of the show's budget, and that budget likely increases based on popularity. OutDaughtered's Busby family, for instance, is estimated to pull in $25,000 to $40,000 per episode, a figure the Waldrops probably wouldn't mind seeing.