This Is How Much Annie LeBlanc Is Really Worth

Annie LeBlanc, born Julianna Grace LeBlanc, may have only come into the world in 2004, but she's already accomplished a lot. Seriously, a lot. By the age of 14, LeBlanc had already amassed a YouTube following of nearly four million people. Not to mention, she also established an acting career and even became a singer. Before all of that though, she was a very talented gymnast. Yeah, we're exhausted for her.

Evan Britton, the founder of, told Business Insider in late 2018 that LeBlanc is one of the "biggest female Gen Z stars right now." He explained further, saying, "We're able to see in real-time, based on our user activity, which stars have the most excitement right now." Being a young superstar means LeBlanc is not just living a fun and full life, but she's also pulling in a ton of money during the process. Based on industry estimates, this is how much Annie LeBlanc is really worth.

Did competing in gymnastics do anything for Annie LeBlanc's bottom line?

Annie LeBlanc revealed in an interview with You're So Beautiful Now that she started gymnastics when she was just 2 years old at a Mommy and Me class. "I always did it for fun, and just kept going and going," she revealed. "If I couldn't make my cartwheel on the beam, I would stay until I made one. I was always really determined."

LeBlanc persisted until she became a Level 9 gymnast. "If you aren't familiar with the world of gymnastics, this would be the same rank reached by Olympic gold medalists Simone Biles and Laurie Hernandez when they were Annie's age," the publication explained.

LeBlanc's parents uploaded her gymnastics routines to YouTube for their family members to watch, but they were quickly noticed by others. Her parents' intention was never for her to "get famous," LeBlanc noted. Had the young gymnast gone on to participate in the Olympics like Simone Biles, it wouldn't have been a stretch for her to have earned a similar income — reportedly $2 million — from endorsements and prizes. Because LeBlanc never went pro, though, she likely did not earn any substantial income from gymnastics itself.

Annie LeBlanc's vlogs pull in a lot of money

Although Annie LeBlanc didn't make money directly from gymnastics, the views generated by her gymnastics routines on YouTube quickly started earning an income. Essentially, she started making a living at just 6 years old. Although her channel began with gymnastics, she added a variety of other content over the years. "For seven to eight years, I considered myself a full-time vlogger," LeBlanc revealed in an interview with CNBC. Dedicating a lot of her time to YouTube certainly paid off.

CNBC crunched the numbers and revealed that LeBlanc's videos in July 2019 averaged over 800,000 views each, and, with an output of nine videos that month, that means she likely made around $80,000. That's not $80,000 in a year but in just one month. And, according to CNBC, "that's on the low end." Some of her videos have brought in well over a million views — and that means thousands upon thousands of dollars more in revenue. In addition to her personal YouTube channel, LeBlanc also shares an account with her sister — which has even more subscribers and likely brings, of course, more revenue.

Annie LeBlanc forged a new career

Annie LeBlanc had been a gymnast for almost ten years when she decided to give it up. "It just kind of became too much stress," she admitted in an interview with You're So Beautiful Now. LeBlanc decided to try her hand at acting instead. "My first role ever was in Chicken Girls," she explained. By her third day on set, she realized how much fun it was. "Once I got used to everything happening, it was just amazing and I wanted to go every day," LeBlanc revealed to the publication. "I told the director, even if I'm not needed, call me in and I'll just sit here and watch!"

The web series Chicken Girls went on to become the first big hit for digital media company Brat and resulted in several subsequent movies. Despite the first Chicken Girls movie garnering millions of views, it wasn't enough to turn a profit. "We do these films more to drive audience than revenue," Brat cofounder Rob Fishman explained to Business Insider

It's unknown how much LeBlanc took home, but "top dollar" YouTuber rates can start around "$5,000 per episode for a web series," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Annie LeBlanc is the hostess with the mostest

In May 2018, digital media company Brat announced a new web series, A Girl Named Jo, starring Annie LeBlanc at the helm. "This is our most ambitious offering to date and another reason for our fast-growing audience to tune in every day," Brat cofounder Rob Fishman told Variety.

LeBlanc has also taken on roles not produced by Brat. After the series We Are Savvy aired on Canada's Family Channel, YouTube acquired the rights for a second season on YouTube Red. Variety reported that LeBlanc was then brought on to host the series, which is produced by Canada's B Minors Productions.

"Bottom dollar" hosts, like some of the not-very-well-known hosts on the Travel Channel, earn about $40,000 per episode, according to an entertainment industry survey conducted by The Hollywood Reporter. Although LeBlanc hasn't personally spilled the tea on her income from A Girl Named Jo and We Are Savvy, she's no doubt pulling in thousands of dollars for both her hosting and acting gigs.

Annie LeBlanc is an executive producer

In addition to acting and hosting in Chicken Girls and A Girl Named Jo, respectively, Annie LeBlanc was also listed as an executive producer on both projects, The Hollywood Reporter noted. The financial site Sapling explained that an executive producer generally "handles matters of business related to financing a project, negotiating contracts, securing rights, hiring personnel and deciding when a project is completed to satisfaction and ready for release to the public." That's a pretty impressive job for a teenager, no? Much of an executive producer's salary depends on how much, if any, of their own money was invested, what contracts they secure, and how much money the project earns.

"In the motion picture industry, an executive producer secures at least 25 percent of the film's budget," Sapling explained. Television executive producers, on the other hand, take home an average of $87,000 per year but, with web series being far less profitable than most shows and films, it's likely LeBlanc's producing career is not yet a huge source of income.

Annie LeBlanc went from YouTube to the tube

Annie LeBlanc took a step back from full-time YouTubing, in part, because she was hired by Nickelodeon, the star told CNBC. In March 2019, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Nickelodeon had secured both Annie LeBlanc and her younger sister, Hayley LeBlanc, for lead roles in a new digital series. In the four-episode miniseries called Annie vs. Hayley: LeBake Off!, the girls compete against each other and the clock to whip up the best dish. 

Like Chicken Girls, A Girl Named Jo, and We Are Savvy, the Nickelodeon miniseries was confined to the web — specifically, Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. However, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the network also tapped Annie LeBlanc to star on its television series Cousins for Life. In a single-episode guest role, which aired in March 2019, LeBlanc played herself at a social media event. Not much of a stretch there, but it's still a big deal to be on TV.

According to Deadline, "major role" actors — that is, performers who receive a "guest star," "special guest star," "special appearance by," or "starring" screen credit — generally earn a minimum of just under $5,000 per week for a half-hour show.

Annie LeBlanc has a profitable singing career

At 13 years old, Annie LeBlanc released a compilation album titled Lollipop. The album included some of LeBlanc's original songs like "Photograph," as well as additional songs by country artists. The following year, in July 2019, Annie LeBlanc teamed up with Sky Katz and released the catchy single "Who You Are." Two months later, LeBlanc announced another new song — this time a solo single, "Utopia." But these are just highlights of LeBlanc's ever-expanding music career.

One of her biggest hits, however, was back in 2017 when she collaborated with Hayden Summerall for a cover of Alex & Sierra's "Little Do You Know." The duo's music video alone has pulled in nearly 51 million views on LeBlanc's YouTube channel as of October 2019. According to Sellfy, a tool that estimates YouTube earnings, LeBlanc could've earned anywhere from $12,750 to $204,000 just from ads on that one video alone.

All about Annie LeBlanc's merch

Like other popular YouTubers, Annie LeBlanc has made sure to diversify her income through merchandising. Not only can you buy standard YouTuber merch — including t-shirts, sweatshirts, and socks — but you can also shop her jewelry line, cleverly named Annie LeBling

"I created this awesome Annie LeBling collection because I love to express my personal style and I wanted to share it with all of you," she wrote on her site. "Get ready to mix and match, trade with friends, and celebrate life every day with this amazing jewelry!" Fans can purchase rings ranging in price from $20 to $30 and bracelets for $15 a piece. 

After analyzing data from thousands of YouTube-linked stores, Sellfy (via TubeFilter) found that YouTubers who sell merchandise stand to make up to ten times as much revenue as a YouTuber who relies solely on ads. Suffice it to say, LeBlanc is drawing from quite a few income streams.

Annie LeBlanc's income is probably only going to grow

The older Annie LeBlanc gets, the bigger her career grows. In 2019, she secured another spot on a Nickelodeon mini-series Camp Nick and reprised her role as Rhyme in several Chicken Girls spinoffs. Her Instagram boasts over eight million followers, and, although she isn't a "full-time" YouTuber anymore, she still manages to upload vlogs to her channel regularly. It seems no matter what LeBlanc endeavors to do, she does it — and she does it well.

LeBlanc's boyfriend, Asher Angel, teased that he and his girlfriend have something in the works. "We do have some stuff coming up, so it's exciting," he revealed to Entertainment Tonight (via Just Jared Jr.) in September 2019. "I'm not able to share yet, but stay tuned." When pressed for more details, he revealed, "Maybe an acting project ... who knows, music, could be acting." Whatever it is, it'll probably be profitable. Reports have estimated LeBlanc's net worth to be anywhere from $600,000 to $800,000 thanks, in large part, to her YouTube channel. Will Annie LeBlanc hit millionaire status soon? Only time can tell.