Who Is Restored By The Fords Star Leanne Ford's Husband?

Leanne Ford shot to stardom alongside brother Steve on HGTV home renovation show Restored by the Fords. The fact the two are siblings, rather than a married couple, differentiates the Fords from the likes of Chip and Joanna Gaines. But, at home, Leanne has just as romantic a life as the Fixer Upper stars.

The designer is married to Erik Allen Ford (he added her last name to his, according to House Beautiful), and the happy couple have a daughter together. Erik may not appear alongside his wife on Restored by the Fords, but their sweet relationship features frequently on her Instagram, where Leanne offers glimpses into their enviable love story. 

Leanne Ford's husband is a designer, too

Erik is a designer like his wife, albeit of menswear. He's the co-owner and co-CEO of clothing brand Buck Mason. In a GQ feature, Ford details his inspiration, noting, "We wanted to build the best modern version of each classic piece a man needs in his closet. We started with the perfect T-shirt. Initially, we simply made exactly what we wanted to wear." The designer continues, "I wanted the perfect, elemental American collection—nothing more."

In 2018, the Fords joined forces as designers to make his Los Angeles rental home super chic. The duo brainstormed over a busy weekend, with Ford admitting, "Leanne made it all work. She knew how to make the kitchen cool, which I thought was hopeless." 

Leanne and Erik Allen Ford are partners in every aspect of life

This wasn't the first time the couple collaborated on a project, either, as Leanne previously worked her magic on the Buck Mason stores. Erik told Curbed, "Although people might think it would be weird to work with a woman you'd been dating a year, to me it would have been weird if I'd hired anyone else." As for trusting her to revamp his home, Erik explained, "There is a lot of design synergy between us, and our tastes and aesthetics are perfectly in line."

The two married in November 2017, while staying in a New York City hotel for work. "Two years to decide it, four days to plan it and a lifetime to enjoy it. I guess you'd call this an #elopement?!" she wrote on Instagram. A picture-perfect honeymoon in Fiji followed. 

The Fords have a wall dedicated to their love story

Leanne gave birth to baby Ever in March 2019. In a spread for People, showcasing their chic nursery, the designer revealed a "love wall" behind the crib documenting the couple's love letters to each other over the years. She described the collection, calling it "just a bunch of sappy things that [we] send to each other." 

Included alongside the notes are concert tickets from shows the couple have attended together, family photos, cards and drawings for Ever, and various other mementos and keepsakes. "To look at it makes you happy. You realize what a nice life you have," Leanne said.