The Biggest Unanswered Question A Million Little Things Season 2 Needs To Address

We've been busy. We've had a million little things happen so far. Our widowed friend is in the hospital, about to have a baby (gasp! Whose tho?). Another girlfriend, whose husband has cheated on her, says her husband (the scum!) wants to come back and make good. Then there's the friend who wants to have a baby even if his wife doesn't.

Welcome to A Million Little Things, season 2, where things are just beginning to make sense in the convoluted lives of our Boston-based buddies Delilah (widow of Jon), Eddie and Katherine, Rome and Regina, and Maggie and Gary — or are they? Because it's been a while since season 1, you might need a recap (via Entertainment Weekly): Delilah has gone into labor with a baby girl who turns out to be Eddie's (and not Jon's because, well, he's had a vasectomy). Eddie and Katherine have decided to give their marriage another go. Rome tells the guys seeing Delilah's new baby has gotten him all broody. Maggie and Gary have moved in together.

Where is A Million Little Things going?

Producer and creator DJ Nash told Good Housekeeping he originally planned for A Million Little Things to be a five-season show but no one truly knows how much longer it will run. So far, he's provided no clues to the finale, nor the burning question everyone wants an answer to: Who or what is Rutledge, and what does Rutledge have to do with Jon committing suicide? As Bustle points out, there are a few clues hinting at Rutledge's identity. You see, Rutledge is the name of the man who inspected the same elevator that Jon and the boys got stuck in — the event which began the group's friendship and it became a code between them, an inside joke to indicate that if anything happened to them, their families would be cared for. But Rutledge is also the name on a bank account which continued receiving payments after Jon died. So, as Bustle says, Rutledge could be "a code word, a combination, a call sign, (or even) a distress signal." It seems we'll have to wait until Jon's assistant Ashley, who seems to know who (or what) Rutledge is, opts to spill the beans.

In case you're wondering, Nash isn't just building the story out as he goes along; he says he's already got the rest of the series all mapped out. In fact, he told GH that he knew how it would end as soon as he wrote the pilot, however, he also admitted that he writes the episodes out of order, saying, "It's completely changeable, but I had a plan for where we're going. When it comes to the series, I know what I want the finale to be, and there's even some things that we've planted that our actors don't know that will set up that finale very, very well." Only Nash, it seems, can say when Rutledge will pop back up in the storyline.