Underrated Holiday Gems On Netflix You Need To Watch This Year

Netflix understands people's love of the holiday season. After all, there's just something about the temperature dropping, snow falling, and family and friends gathering around that warms the heart. And whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or nothing at all, the holiday season is still one of the best times of the year. With all the great food, gift exchanges, and time off work, the added bonus of Christmas and holiday movies is almost too good to be true.

But it is, and every year more and more holiday movies are added to Netflix, so those lazy days spent on the couch can get even cozier. The streaming company has plenty of holiday content, including TV shows and movie classics to keep you entertained all season long. So, whether you're in the mood for a romantic movie to watch during that special time of year, something funny, or something you can watch with the whole family, there's an option or two for you. There are a ton of underrated holiday gems you need to watch on Netflix.

If you want something kid-friendly on Netflix, Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas is perfect

If you're spending the holidays with family or if you have kids of your own and want something everyone can enjoy, then Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas is definitely for you. The sweet Disney classic tells three different holiday tales revolving around everyone's favorite cartoon characters. 

The first story in the sweet film is called "Donald Duck: Stuck on Christmas," and it follows the beloved animated duck as he relives Christmas day over and over again until he learns to appreciate the true meaning of the holiday. Then, there's "A Very Goofy Christmas," in which the titular character finds out he really does believe in Santa Claus. And last — but certainly not least — is "Mickey & Minnie's Gift of the Magi," another tale about the true meaning of Christmas. Hint: it's not about the gifts. 

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas is the perfect family holiday flick available on Netflix, and it will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit. Additionally, Netflix has the movie's sequel, Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas, which is just as adorable.

Netflix's holiday movie The Christmas Chronicles is seriously heartwarming

Just like Netflix has invested quite a bit in producing original content year-round, the company has also started to make their own original holiday movies. The Christmas Chronicles is one such movie. The flick stars Kurt Russell as an edgy Santa Claus who embarks on an adventure with two siblings who have recently lost their father. Although the movie has its sad moments, there are enough feel-good moments for it not to be too much of a downer. The movie has heart, humor, and a great cameo at the end. 

The Christmas Chronicles is great for any age, really. Since one of the siblings in the Netflix movie is younger, the film appeals to kids just as much as teenagers and adults. The Christmas Chronicles is safe for those who still believe, but there's also plenty of adult humor for parents to enjoy as well. 

Christmas with the Kranks is funny, sweet, and available on Netflix

While movies like Elf and Home Alone typically dominate the comedic holiday movie genre, there is one hidden gem on Netflix that you should definitely check out. Christmas with the Kranks, based on the book Skipping Christmas, is a seriously underrated masterpiece. The movie stars Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis as they attempt to avoid Christmas traditions and instead go on a cruise. However, they soon discover that skipping Christmas is easier said than done, and, with a Christmas-obsessed neighborhood watching their every move, the laughs don't really ever stop. 

Even though Christmas with the Kranks has a few adult jokes, it's still a film the whole family will enjoy watching on Netflix. And, without too many spoilers, you should know that there is a scene in which Allen wears a speedo, so be prepared. If you're looking to laugh this holiday season, then this is the movie for you. And since it is a Christmas movie, there are still plenty of heartwarming moments as well. 

Christmas Inheritance is perfectly cheesy and ready to stream on Netflix

Even though they might be a tad predictable, there's something super comforting about a cheesy, romantic holiday movie. Hallmark Channel typically dominates the sappy Christmas movie scene, but Netflix has started to throw their hat in the ring. By releasing a few original movies each year, the streaming company has really become the new place for Christmas movies. Such is the case with Christmas Inheritance, one of Netflix's first original Christmas movies that is equal parts mushy and inspiring. 

The film follows a rich heiress as she is challenged by her father to complete quite an unusual task. In order for her father to entrust the family company to her, Ellen must go to her dad's hometown and hand-deliver a letter to his former partner. The catch? She only has $100 and she must be "incognito." Oh, and the town is seriously charming, complete with a handsome stranger, as well. Christmas Inheritance has everything any Hallmark-loving film buff looks for in a holiday movie but on Netflix, and it should definitely be at the top of your must-watch list.

White Christmas is a total classic that you need to watch on Netflix

White Christmas might be an older film, but it's a total classic that not a lot of younger people have seen. The 1954 holiday film tells the tale of two singers — played by none other than Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye — who join forces with a sister act to perform a Christmas show at an idyllic Vermont inn. However, when the foursome learn that the owner of the inn, who just so happened to be the mens' commander while they fought in World War II, is struggling to keep his business afloat, they think up a plan to save the establishment. 

Complete with a number of jazzy holiday tunes, romance, patriotism, and, of course, snow, White Christmas has everything you could ever want in a Christmas movie. Sure, it might be older and lack the razzle-dazzle of modern Christmas movies, but White Christmas is a classic for a reason, and it's something the entire family will love. And the best part is it's on Netflix!

The Netflix film The Holiday Calendar will get you in the spirit of Christmas

What are the holidays without a little bit of magic? Honestly, it's kind of a requirement of all those Christmas movies to have at least a smidge of fantasy in them. Whether it's Santa Claus, some snow that just so happens to fall in Miami, or the ability to travel through time, holiday movies tend to have some magical elements to them, and Netflix's The Holiday Calendar is no exception. 

The film follows Abby, played by The Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham, as she inherits an antique advent calendar which seems to predict her future. Each day when Abby opens the calendar, the day's object always seems to anticipate what's in store for her. Of course, there are plenty of holiday vibes, as well as some romance, making The Holiday Calendar the ideal movie to watch on Netflix while curled up on the couch. Add in some hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, and popcorn, and you've got yourself the perfect yuletide celebration. 

Angels in the Snow is a great family holiday film to watch on Netflix

It's no secret that the holidays can be a pretty stressful time for a lot of people. While that special time of year is meant to bring people together, sometimes it can have the opposite effect, especially on families. All the stress of Christmas can sometimes take a toll on even the most prepared for the holiday season. The family film Angels in the Snow perfectly captures what it's like to be stressed to the max during the holidays and teaches a valuable lesson as well. 

The film follows the Montgomery family as they travel to a cabin to spend Christmas together, something no one seems all that thrilled about. The family is constantly fighting, with the parents' bickering causing tension among the kids and the entire clan wanting to scream. But when they meet another family, the Tuckers, they realize how good they have it and how much love they have to give. Angels in the Snow is definitely cheesy, but it's a great family film, especially if there's some fighting happening in real life, and it's available on Netflix!

Vanessa Hudgens' The Princess Switch is a corny but fun Netflix holiday movie

Former fans of the Disney Channel and all things High School Musical can celebrate as Disney star Vanessa Hudgens herself has her own original Netflix Christmas movie! The film, entitled The Princess Switch, is definitely corny, but it still gives off all the fun, holiday vibes you could hope for. 

In the movie, Hudgens actually plays two characters: cake baker Stacy and royal Lady Margaret. The film follows Stacy as she travels to the fictional country of Belgravia to enter a holiday baking competition and discovers that she has a doppelgänger, Lady Margaret, who just so happens to be the fiancée of a prince. The Princess Switch is silly, of course, but, with all the magic that a royal Christmas has to offer, it's a pretty perfect holiday movie. There's romance, cookies, and a case of mistaken identity — all set in a fictional, albeit seriously picturesque, country. Again, this is the perfect holiday movie, no matter what you're in the mood for. 

The Great British Baking Show: Holidays on Netflix will satisfy your sweet tooth

If sitting down to watch an entire cheesy holiday movie isn't your thing, don't worry. Netflix has you covered, as well! If you've watched all the Christmas episodes of your favorite shows like Friends and The Office already, then settle in and turn on The Great British Baking Show: Holidays. It might sound strange, but the show is oddly soothing and seriously entertaining.

On The Great British Baking Show: Holidays, past competitors from The Great British Baking Show join together to once again compete with chocolate, sugar, flour, and so much more to please the judges. The judges on the holiday version of the show are Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, and the fact that the competition is seasonally themed makes the show that much more exciting to watch. Additionally, Netflix even flagged the show as "Feel-Good," which means that it's suitable for the whole family and is great entertainment for the entire Christmas season. 

The cult-favorite Netflix holiday movie A Christmas Prince is beloved for a reason

Topping the list of Netflix's original holiday programming is A Christmas Prince, a fan-favorite for plenty of reasons. The movie pretty much exists in the same world as any and all Hallmark Christmas movies and is equal parts lovey-dovey and perfectly seasonal. The film tells the tale of an American reporter, Amber, who goes undercover as a nanny to get the inside scoop on the philandering prince of Aldovia, a fictional country. 

Naturally, Amber soon learns that there's more to the prince than what meets the eye, and there's more to his title, too. With the fate of Aldovia at stake, Amber and the prince, Richard, work together to save the crown and Christmas. A Christmas Prince is certainly corny, but it's still a great holiday Netflix flick. Fortunately, the movie was so popular that Netflix released a sequel, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, in 2018, and scheduled another, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, for December 2019. These movies have everything you could want in a cheesy Christmas film, and you should definitely check them out. 

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms puts a spin on the holiday classic and can easily be watched on Netflix

For many families, a beloved holiday tradition is getting all dressed up and going to see the Nutcracker ballet. It's certainly a Christmas classic, and, with a beloved musical track by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, the Nutcracker ballet is pretty nostalgic for a lot of people. However, the Disney take on the 1892 ballet, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, is definitely interesting, and it will bring all the holiday vibes into your household. 

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms tells the classic tale of young Clara, who gets transported to a magical world of mice soldiers, giant toys, gingerbread men, and, of course, a prince. The movie also boasts an impressive cast, including Keira Knightly, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, and Mackenzie Foy, who plays Clara herself. With so many fantastical elements, this movie is great for kids, and all the nostalgia of the Nutcracker ballet makes it fun for adults, too. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is a totally underrated holiday gem on Netflix that's sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. 

Watch Little Women on Netflix for all the homey, holiday feels

Even though it might not technically be a Christmas movie, the classic Little Women is great to watch around the holidays. Whether you watch it in October, November, or December, Little Women just has a wonderful, homey feel to it, and, with quite a few Christmas scenes in the movie, it totally passes as a holiday film. 

The 1994 film not only has a great cast — including Winona Ryder, Kirsten Dunst, Claire Danes, Christian Bale, and Susan Sarandon — but it also has a heartwarming plot that's perfect for around the holidays. The story follows the March family with sisters Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth, as they live and love in post-Civil War America. There's romance, heartbreak, and plenty of tender family moments gathered around the fire. In short, Little Women has everything a holiday movie should have, despite not technically being a holiday movie. This underrated flick — that you can stream on Netflix — should certainly be on your must-watch list during the holiday season, and really every holiday season. 

The Star is a great children's movie available on Netflix for all those Christmas vibes

If you're sick of your kid continuously rewatching The Grinch over and over again around the holidays, then perhaps The Star is for you. This animated children's movie tells the story of the first Christmas. Set in biblical times, The Star isn't about the humans involved in the first Christmas. On the contrary, the movie's main character is a donkey named Bo, who is sick and tired of his boring life. So, he sets out on a journey for something new and exciting. 

Along the way, Bo meets a sheep named Ruth and a dove named Dave, and the three end up becoming unlikely heroes in the first-ever Christmas. Not only is The Star adorable and full of all those feel-good holiday vibes, but the movie's cast is made up of some notable stars that even the adults will appreciate. With The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun, Key and Peele's Keegan-Michael Key and SNL's Aidy Bryant among the fold, among others, The Star, which is available on Netflix, truly does have something for everyone, and it's a little less annoying and overdone than The Grinch. 

Christmas Wedding Planner has everything for a perfect holiday film and is available on Netflix

If you want to feel all the feels over the holidays and revel in the joy that is true love, then Christmas Wedding Planner is perfect for you! The sappy, Hallmark-esque flick is, of course, set around Christmas time, but with the added romantic twist of there being a wedding as well! The movie is about a wedding planner, Kelsey, who is about to tackle the biggest event of her career: planning her cousin's lavish wedding. But, of course, things take a turn when the handsome (and single) investigator, Connor, shows up to throw a wrench in Kelsey's wedding plans. However, he doesn't do so before stealing her heart first.

It's just as cheesy as it sounds, but Christmas Wedding Planner is a great movie for when you just want to lay in bed, not stress about all the holiday plans you have coming up, and escape into a world of romance and a picture-perfect Christmas on Netflix.