Is Kate Walsh Returning To Grey's Anatomy?

It's the guessing game every Grey's Anatomy fan has been playing since August, when its lead producer, Krista Vernoff told TVLine she was working to bring someone back. But who... and when? Kate Walsh, who played the late, lamented Derek Shepherd's first wife Addison Montgomery, just powered up the gossip mill when she hinted that "anything is possible" in an interview with Pop Culture. A story arc with Addison in it would make sense, as Walsh (and Addison) made it to a Grey's Anatomy spinoff, Private Practice, for six seasons (via IMDb). She'd also appeared in several crossover episodes between the two shows.

"If it's the right time and the right storyline, yes. I always considered Shondaland my home, and particularly Grey's. That's where it was just a big important piece of my life, and I love everyone involved on the show. So, absolutely I would go back if it made sense to everybody involved — yes," Walsh says. But Pop Culture also says she won't confirm anything. "...I can't say anything. I couldn't. It's like Shondaland, it's serious business," Walsh said. "I am sworn to secrecy for real." We'll just have to see her if (when?) we see her!

There have been plenty of guessing games for Grey's Anatomy this season

It's been tough trying to work out where Grey's Anatomy season 16 might go, but that shouldn't be a surprise because executive producer Krista Vernoff hasn't quite figured out what the season's theme would be either.

Unlike season 15, which was branded "The Season of Love" (which she called "a lucky swing"), Vernoff told TVLine back in August that she didn't have a theme... perhaps because the show will be pursuing several storylines. "It's the season of family and it's the season of expansion, because we're expanding the world of Grey's Anatomy [through a spinoff]" Vernoff, who is the show's lead producer, said. "We're having so much fun. I kind of want to call it the 'Season of Fun.' We sat at the table read today [for episode 2] and we laughed until we cried. There is some really fun, funny stuff coming up," she continued. Well, we can't wait to see what your team has cooked up, Krista, and here's to hoping in involves Kate Walsh.