Did Jana Duggar Get A Job?

As Counting On fans know, the Duggar women don't work outside the home. Sometimes, rules are made to broken, though. John David's wife Abbie Duggar, for example, maintains an active nursing license although she isn't currently working. Now fans are wondering if it's possible that Jana Duggar is bucking tradition by being a working Duggar woman.

To be fair, it seems that the rule about working outside the home is one that only applies to the married Duggar women. Then again, considering that the Duggar women tend to get married very young, it's hard to know just what is expected of single Duggar women. Jana seems to be the exception to all sorts of rules considering that she's well into her 20s and still happily single. She also broke with Duggar tradition by getting an Instagram account before entering a serious courtship.

Jana Duggar got fans talking when she posted about a 'work trip'

It's because of this Instagram account that fans are wondering if we can add another item to the list of ways Jana has departed from the typical rules of the Duggar clan. "Enjoying some of the sights while on the East Coast," wrote Jana Duggar in a recent Instagram post that featured a picture of her and her father. "Even though it's a work trip, it's always fun getting to spend time with one of my best friends who I'm also honored to call my dad! Love you, Pops!"

Wait, what? Is Jana Duggar working? She didn't respond to any of the comments on the post and it's hard to be certain from the wording of her caption, but it sounds an awful lot like she has a job. While she could, of course, have meant that it was her father's work trip and she was just tagging along, this is still pretty confusing wording. It's also possible that the work trip is somehow connected to a mission trip, as the Duggar family makes many of those. 

For now, we'll just have to wait and see if Jana Duggar has decided to be a career woman.